Another roundup of G1 X sample pics & SD card write speed

As I wrote in a previous post, I like to see sample pics taken by non professionals. It is helpful to judge a camera’s performance. Let’s say it is a way to see what a cam can do in a “real world” setting.

So, let’s start with a series of pics shot during a concert in low light conditions, all with ISO 6400 (click here). The camera setting are Tv mode @ 1/100 shutter speed, all pics are RAW.

Next, have a look at these ISO 3200 pics (click here).

Finally, some curios user measured the write performance on SD memory cards:

SanDisk Extreme Pro (95MB/s): 21 seconds.
SanDisk Extreme III (30MB/s): 21 seconds.
SanDisk: Ultra II (15MB/s): 22 seconds.

Click here to see the forum post.

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[via dpreview Canon forum]

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