Canon EOS 6D Review By Photofocus (Highly Recommended)

Canon' amazing entry level full-frame DSLR, the Canon EOS 6D (price & specs), got reviewed by Richard Harrington at photofocus, additional comments by Scott Bourne. Some the cool features of the EOS 6D include WiFi connectivity and GPS. Unfortunately it does not have the awesome AF of the EOS 5D Mark III (price & specs), but the reviewers found it to be very accurate even in low light. Sample images are provided. The DSLR gets a “highly recommended”. Quoting Scott Bourne's conclusion:

The camera doesn’t feel cheap. I like the button layout much better than on some older Canon models. Everything you need is accessible. The image quality is a close match to that of the 5D MK III and the price is right if you want affordable full-frame. If you match this camera with Canon’s high-end “L” glass you’re going to get amazing image quality. This camera (in my opinion) makes the 7D obsolete. It lacks the high-speed, highly-adjustable AF of the 5D MK III so it’s not able to compete there. But everywhere else, it bumps up closely enough to the MK III that if you don’t need the high-end AF the 6D should be your pick. One last complaint. Who names these things? Whoever is in charge of naming cameras at Canon should be lashed – 50 times in fact. In what world does it make sense to name your cameras in two different ways? We had the Canon 30D and the Canon D30. We had the 5D with all the MKs i.e., MK II, MK III but we added the 7D – which isn’t as much camera as the five and filled in with the 6D!)

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[via photofocus]


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