Canon Powershot G15 Among DPreview’s Recommended Top 5 Compact Cameras

The Canon PowerShot G15 is among DPreview’s top 5 recommended compact cameras. Among other things they say that:

In our testing, we found that the G15’s long but impressively bright lens is a real selling point compared to both its predecessor, and indeed most of its competitors. Having a maximum aperture of F1.8-2.8 combined with a useful 28-140mm (equivalent) zoom means that you’ve got a lot more flexibility in poor light, allowing you to set either a lower ISO sensitivity for cleaner images, or a faster shutter speed to avoid camera-shake or blurring due to subject movement.

They particularly liked:

Excellent ‘hands-on’ ergonomics in a small, relatively portable body, optical viewfinder can be handy on occasion, very nice image quality, good, responsive operation.

Btw, the G15 predecessor, the Powershot G12 is a B&H Black Friday deal, sold for just $299 (click here).

Canon Powershot G15 price check: Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Canon USA, Digitalrev, eBay


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