Canon PowerShot G15 vs G12 vs S110 Comparison (and some reviews)

Canon PowerShot G15 vs G12 vs S110 Comparison

Image credit: Ron Martinsen

Ron Martinsen compares three Canon Powershot cameras: PowerShot G15 ($499) vs Powershot G12 ($379) vs PowerShot S110 ($449). The last one features built-in WiFi. Some excerpts from Martinsen’s review:

  • Functionality-wise [he] found the G12 and G15 to be mostly the same with the biggest feature difference being the Full HD (1920×1080) support added to the G15 and the max ISO jumping from 3200 to 12,800
  • The big WOW feature of the s110 has to be its touch screen which really helps it to overcome its lack of buttons.
  • The addition of integrated Wi-Fi support on s110 was pretty exciting when I first started to review it. Once setup […] it became even more obvious how this is so much more than Eye-Fi. What you end up with is a device on your network that you can pair with your phone, printer, computer and more for an integrated wireless experience

From the conclusion:

[…] For starters, the s110 is much improved over the s95 that I reviewed back when the G12 came out. The touch screen helps it to overcome some of my past gripes, and the Wi-Fi support plus big rear display really up its value beyond just being compact. As a result, I feel a lot more comfortable recommending the s110 as a nice pocketable point and shoot.

The G15 on the other hand has made good progress getting smaller, but I honestly think it’s lost some of the things that made the G12 so great in the process. While it is smaller and lighter, I still don’t think people will consider it any more pocketable (and truth be told if you can fit a G15 in your pocket, you most likely can a G12 too – both fit in my back jeans pocket). It’s also disappointing to not see some of the s110’s features on the G15 which make it feel a bit dated by comparison.

There are also sample pics shot which each camera. More links for you to check:

  • Photographyblog has another batch of PowerShot G15 sample shots (studio shots inclusive) to check.
  • c|net has a PowerShot S110 review, they write: Nice photo quality, improved autofocus performance, and a very compact design make the Canon PowerShot S110 a solid option if you’re looking for something between a point-and-shoot and an enthusiast compact.

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