Canon Rumor: Canon Working on a 75MP DSLR?

Canon Rumor

New Canon big megapixel rumor. While in the past 45-50MP were rumored, now word is Canon has a 75MP DSLR out in the wild undergoing testing. The camera should have the same form factor as the EOS-1D X. No much specs have leaked, except that the camera will have a higher frame rate than the EOS-1D X, that the rear LCD is very high resolution. The camera may be announced in 2013, but will be released not before 2014.

Although this is the first time I hear about this, it is not implausible. Canon tested (and had) high res sensors in the past. The question is if such a sensor, i.e. a 75MP sensor, will go into production and be featured in a camera. I take the possibility of the announcement with a grain of salt.

[via PB]