Canon Rumors Round-Up (T4i/650D, new AF, entry level FF, 7D Mark II)

canonrumors once more is saying that the Rebel T4i/EOS 650D will be announced by Canon very soon. Nothing new on the specs front, but a new auto-focus system is named. Could this be in relation with the Canon AF patent I reported about?? I was the only one to report about this patent. Now rumors say that the T4i/650D will sport a new AF system for video. However, based on what I understood from the patent, it would make perfectly sense for video recording. The T4i/650D is also said to have a touchscreen. I am very curious. Read more after the break.

Next rumor is coming from petapixel [via CR], and it is about an entry-level full-frame camera by Canon. Nikon is rumored to be working on an entry-level FF DSLR (could be named D600), so it is plausible Canon has a similar project in work.

Nothing new on the mirrorless front. Canon just released the PowerShot G1 X, and I guess we have to wait for Photokina to see a true mirrorless ILC (Interchangeable Lens Camera) by Canon. And while we are talking about Photokina, it is common opinion that there will also be a new 7D announcement (7D Mark II). The next 7D could have the following core specs:

  • 26MP APS-C CMOS sensor
  • 12 fps continuous shooting
  • 3.2 inch OLED screen
  • Wireless flash control E-TTL III
  • Environmental sealing
  • 19-point AF system (all cross-type)

In the meantime it is a good idea to check for Rebel T3i/EOS 600D and EOS 5D Mark II deals. I provide two eBay live-tickers below. Both cameras are getting cheaper, the former because of the possible (and probable) announcement of the T4i/650D, the latter because the 5D Mark III was released. These are still very good DSLRs. The live-tickers get automatically updated, so check back if couldn’t find what you were looking for. Click here to see the latest 5D2 pics uploaded to Flickr.


EOS 5D Mark II