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September 4, 2014

Will RED Kill The Canon (and Nikon) Predominance?


According to this fstoppers’ article RED’s next cameras might be the Canon (and Nikon) killer in the near future.

They start the article with…:

[...] After making a huge splashes in the motion-capture industry since 2005, Red has big plans to be the only camera system you use on set for both your motion AND still photography needs, and it’s closer to being a reality than you would think. Prepare to have your minds blown.

Imagine a still camera that can shoot 16.5 stops dynamic range at 19 megapixels. It’s also modular, which means it’s infinitely customizable via proprietary and third party accessories. It can also use lenses by Canon, Nikon, and an huge library of PL mount cinema lenses. In addition, it can also shoot up to 6K RAW video files at the frame rates of 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 47.96, 48, 50, and 59.94. It would also have a similar form factor and size to popular digital medium format still camera systems. Sounds amazing right? When does it come out you say? It’s out NOW.

Fstoppers puts 2 basic questions:

  • Can a 5k video camera at 24fps produce an image equal to or better than [a] 22 megapixel still camera?
  • Will Video Kill The Photographer?

Curious? Head over to fstoppers and read the whole story. And if you like let me know what you think in the comments. My 2 cents: Nikon will die before Canon, if ever Canon should encounter such a inauspicious destiny ;-)

May 17, 2014

New Canon EF Lenses 101 – Telephoto Lenses

CanonUSA on YouTube posted a new video of their ongoing series Canon EF Lenses 101: Telephoto lenses

Telephoto lenses let you get close in on a subject. Photographer and educator Matt Kloskowski shows you how to get the most out of your Canon telephoto Lenses.

June 1, 2013

Weekend Deal #2: Canon EOS 5D Mark III Body Only – $2992

eos 5d mark iii

Rakuten has the Canon EOS 5D Mark III body only for $2,991.99 (click here). Good price when compared to he official $3299. Need a lens for the EOS 5D Mark III? See this hot deal for the EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM lens. I found the deal on

Product description:

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November 29, 2012
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Magic Lantern Alpha 3 For EOS 5D Mark III Available

Next release of Magic Lantern for Canon EOS 5D Mark III available for download (here). New tweaks:

  • Histogram and waveform moved to bottom
  • New experimental display for focus peaking (extreme sharpness)
  • 16:9 bars for anamorphic preview
  • Focus box moves faster (not yet customizable)
  • After taking a picture and pressing Zoom In right away, you can scroll through pictures
  • Saturation boost when adjusting white balance
  • Warnings for bad settings (e.g. if you set picture quality to JPEG instead of RAW by mistake)
  • Dim the red LED while recording (make it less distracting)

Magic Lantern's homepage provides more information.

[via CR]


October 23, 2012

New Firmware For Canon EOS 5D Mark III Announced

Uh, this is funny. I reported earlier about the new Magic Lantern firmware releases (for EOS 5D Mark III [cool deal here] and EOS 7D), which bring amenities like uncompressed HDMI output to your beloved EOS DSLR. And now Canon announces a firmware update for the EOS 5D Mark III (to be released in April 2013) that brings, among other things, uncompressed HDMI output. What a coincidence! ‘:-) I guess Canon got a little under pressure by the fine work of the Magic Lantern hackers. The other big new feature that will be made available with the firmware upgrade is Auto-Focus using the highly sensitive central cross-type points with a maximum aperture of f/8  (actually it works with max f/5.6). This was implemented in a recently published firmware update for the Canon EOS-1D X.

Canon EOS 5D Mark III price check: Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Canon USA, Digitalrev, eBay

Canon press release:

LAKE SUCCESS, N.Y., October 23, 2012 – Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, today announced a new firmware update for the EOS 5D Mark III Digital SLR camera that significantly improves the camera’s performance and usability. In response to requests from professionals working in the fields of cinema and television production, the firmware update enables the use of uncompressed HDMI Output support, making possible more efficient video editing and monitoring procedures. Additionally, the upgrade supports the advanced needs of photographers through improved AF performance when capturing still images.

Uncompressed HDMI Output Support
When shooting video, HDMI Output makes possible the recording of high-definition uncompressed video data (YCbCr 4:2:2, 8 bit) from the EOS 5D Mark III to an external recorder via the camera’s HDMI terminal. This, in turn, facilitates the editing of video data with minimal image degradation for greater on-site workflow efficiency during motion picture and video productions. Additionally, video being captured can be displayed on an external monitor, enabling real-time, on-site monitoring of high-definition video during shooting.

Improved AF Functionality
Even when the EOS 5D Mark III is equipped with an extender and lens making possible a maximum aperture of f/8, the firmware update supports AF employing the camera’s central cross-type points (currently compatible with maximum apertures up to f/5.6). Accordingly, the update will allow users to take advantage of AF when shooting distant subjects, benefitting sports and nature photographers, particularly when using telephoto lenses.

The new firmware update will be available, at no charge, in April 2013 from the Canon U.S.A. website and can be downloaded by end users or through Canon Factory Service Centers.

[via The Digital Picture]

October 5, 2012
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Canon EF 50mm f/1L – A Rare Lens With An Amazing Bokeh

Canon’s EF 50mm f/1L

Before Canon made the EF 50mm f 1.2L, the Canon EF 50mm f/1L, now a discontinued lens, was the fastest in the company’s line-up. It might be difficult to find one nowadays, and if you do expect to pay it up to three times the price it had. Citing from Wikipedia:

The discontinued Canon EF 50mm f/1L USM is a professional L series autofocus lens. On the used market sells for as much as double the original retail value. It was the fastest SLR lens in production during its lifetime. This lens has a metal body and mount, and plastic extremities. It also features a wide rubber focus ring that is damped, a distance window with infrared index, and the ability to set the focus range from 0.6m to infinity, or 1m to infinity. In common with the EF 85mm f/1.2L USM it uses an electronic “focus by wire” system and requires power from the camera in order to manual focus. The 8-blade diaphragm and maximum aperture of f/1.0 give this lens the ability to create extremely shallow depth of field effects and to support low light situations. The optical construction of this lens contains 11 lens elements, including two ground and polished aspherical lens elements. This lens uses a floating front extension focusing system, powered by a ring-type USM motor. The front of the lens does not rotate, but does extend when focusing.

Despite its price and large maximum aperture, the 1.0L was not a particularly sharp lens at any aperture, and the two cheaper 50mm options offered far better sharpness when stopped down beyond about f/2.8. This, combined with the high production cost and low sales volume, led to it being discontinued in 2000 and eventually superseded by the f/1.2 edition.

Bryan Soderlind has a Canon EF 50mm f/1L (he payed more than $3000) and shares images and thoughts with us.

In an attempt to really get excited about switching to digital, I went “all the way” on my 50mm lens purchase. I bought the most expensive and rare 50mm Canon lens, the Canon EF 50mm f/1L. Previously I had used the 50mm 1.4 and 1.2 and couldn’t really differentiate between the two, they both were really amazing lenses.

Interviewed by PetaPixel, he said:

The Canon EF 50mm f/1L lens is a rare, discontinued, and expensive lens Canon only made for a few years. The lens is made to shine at lower apertures and the look you get at 1.0 is like no other lens made. There is somewhat of a frustrating learning curve when using the lens at 1.0, getting anything in focus takes practice.

Strong backlighting tends to give a very wild unique flare and certain light sources produce a rainbow effect I haven’t seen produced by any other lenses. The lens really isn’t any better than other 50mm Canon lenses I’ve used once you stop down past 2.8, this lens was made for the wider apertures.

There is also a heavy vignette at wide open apertures, this could be seen as a positive or negative depending on your preference. The price and the ability to find the lens is a definite deterrent, but for me it was well worth it.

On Bryan’s page there are lots of sample pics shot using an EOS 5D Mark II and EOS 5D Mark III with the Canon EF 50mm f/1L.

Available Canon 50mm lenses:

EF 50mm f 1.2L USM price check: Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Canon USA, Digitalrev, eBay
EF 50mm f 1.4 USM price check: Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Canon USA, Digitalrev, eBay
EF 50mm f/1.8 price check: Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Canon USA, Digitalrev, eBay

[Bryan Soderling via PetaPixel]