This 14 minutes video helps you choose your next Canon lens

This 14 Minutes Video Helps You Choose Your Next Canon Lens

Photographer Peter McKinnon posted a neat 14 minute video that goes through the ins and outs of different Canon lenses. The focal length, the aperture, and the intended use of the lens are the discerning factors of a lens, and are discussed in thr video. Basically, in order to help you the right lens for you, your needs are broken down to three aspects:

  • Will this be for photo or video?
  • What’s my subject?
  • How big is my budget?

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These Canon cameras and lenses reached end of life cycle

canonCanon Professional Network lets members know that a list of Canon gear is no longer serviced (at least in Europe). The listed products have reached the end of their service period. As Canon Europe puts it:

As a product reaches the end of its serviceable lifetime, Canon Europe can no longer guarantee that repairs will be possible due to the supply of spare parts.

These Canon products are no longer serviced:
  • Canon EOS 50D
  • Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM
  • Canon EF 400mm f/2.8L IS USM
  • Canon Extender EF1.4x II
  • Canon Extender EF2x II
  • Canon Battery Grip BG-E2

Is Canon mirrorless taken seriously by the company?

Is Canon Mirrorless Taken Seriously By The Company?

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After reading Imaging Resource’s Dave Etchells interviewing Canon executives Go Tokura, Yoshiyuki Mizoguchi and Goshi Nakamura, I really wonder if Canon mirrorless will ever be a serious thing.

Canon’s answers to Dave Etchells questions about Canon mirrorless cameras and especially about Canon’s plans with the system and the technologoy, well, these answers are elusive and vague at best (as they were in another interview with Canon execs).

Some excerpts:

IR […] How do you see mirrorless fitting into Canon’s overall strategy generally? And are we likely to see more emphasis going forward, or do you view mirrorless as continuing to be more of a niche market rather than DSLR sales?

Yoshiyuki Mizoguchi: So in terms of how we look at the mirrorless market, I think there’s a regional variance that we can actually point out at the moment. Different regions have different penetrations in mirrorless market share.

[…] Canon offers both mirrorless and SLR products, and we will continue to do this. We will position those categories in that regard, and we would like to look at the ILC market as a whole to respond to the wide range of demands that are coming in with these two prongs.

IR: As you mentioned the mirrorless market is broadening, and with the EOS M5 Canon is now finally offering a true enthusiast-level mirrorless camera […] We’re wondering whether you see higher-end — if not professional — more enthusiast-level lenses on the roadmap for the EOS M family?

YM: I won’t be able to disclose any sort of future products, so there’s not much details that I can provide at the moment, but obviously there’s a growing demand for the enthusiast-level cameras. That’s why we’re seeing this progression of our camera series, and in a similar way we will start to see the strong demand for the lenses as well, for the enthusiast. We are looking at the market demand and seeing what sort of levels that we’re seeing, and we will probably be introducing products along with that.

Doesn’t sound exactly like “we cant wait to flood the market with high end EF-M lenses” nor it doesn’t sound as if Canon was fully committed to mirrorless (and their own EOS M system).

The interview touches more points (Dual Pixel AF, for instance) so be shure to head over to Imaging Resource to get the whole story.

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Another mention of Canon’s 2/3″ global shutter sensor with wide dynamic range

canon rumors

I reported previously about a global shutter sensor Canon is researching and developing. This sensor made it into the news again. Nikkei Technology reports about the Canon 2/3″ sensor with global shutter and wide dynamic range, which was first presented at ISSCC 2017.

From the ISSCC 2017 lecture, Nikkei reports:

The size, pixel count, pixel pitch and power consumption of the sensor are 2/3 inches, 2,592 x 2,054, 3.4μm and 450mW, respectively. In a demonstration after the lecture, the company used the sensor to take a picture of an electric fan whose blades are turning […]

Through […] improvements, Canon doubled the saturated amount of electric charge and widened dynamic range. Specifically, it increased the saturated amount of electric charge from 8,100 electrons with a frame rate of 120fps to 16,200 electrons with a frame rate of 60fps.

The dark temporal noise of the new sensor is 1.8 electronsrms. As a result, its dynamic range is 79dB with a frame rate of 60fps and reaches 111dB when HDR is applied.

Well let’s hope we see such a sensor in a Canon DSLR soon. Besides this utopian wishes, this is another report that shows Canon’s commitment to develop innovative sensor technology.

The slides below are from the ISSCC 2017 presentation.

[via Nikkei Technology]

Canon executives interview at CP+


After the interview with Sigma‘s CEO, DPReview posted another interview taken at CP+ in Japan. They poke with Go Tokura, Executive Officer and Chief Executive for Image Communication Business Operation and Yoshiyuki Mizoguchi, Group Executive of ICB Products Group, Image Communication Business Operation.

Some excerpts from the interview:

Where do you see most demand for 4K, and are you beginning to see beginners ask for 4K video?

Whether you’re a professional or at the entry-level, you likely want high-quality video. And we think there is potential for the entry-level to grow. So we will obviously be looking at introducing our 4K technologies down to the entry-levels at some point.

But introducing 4K to the entry-level is linked to the 4K TV market. How quickly that takes off and penetrates will tell us how and when we should introduce 4K to more affordable cameras.

The EOS M series continues to expand. What is the long term goal of the M series in terms of market share?

That is a difficult question to respond to with a simple answer because we don’t have a particular number set in terms of getting the market share for the mirrorless market. This is because we are a company that produces [both mirrorless and DSLR], as a total package.

Our intention is to become number one in the overall ILC market: mirrorless and SLR. Different regions would have different penetration and different market share of mirrorless products.

Read the interview at DPReview.