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November 26, 2014
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Canon Patent for Contact Cleaning Body Cap


Canon Patent

Egami (translated) spotted a patent filed by Canon for a body cap that automatically cleans the contacts on the lens mount.

  • Patent Publication No. 2014-219568
    • Published 2014.11.20
    • Filing date 2013.5.8
  • Canon patent
    • Body cap with a cleaning member for rubbing the contact
November 18, 2014
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Canon Patent for 11-24mm f/3.5-4.5 Lens


Egami (translated) spotted a patent filed by Canon for an 11-24mm f/3.5-4.5 lens.

Machine translated patent description:

  • Patent publication number
    • Release date
    • Filing date
  • Example 3
    • Zoom ratio 2.07
    • Focal length 11.61-15.50-24.07mm
    • Fno. 3.63-3.96-4.69
    • Half angle ω = 49.64-41.38-29.58 °
    • Image height Y = 13.66mm
    • Overall length of the lens 133.0-129.1-133.3mm
    • BF 3.26mm
    • Negative positive and negative positive 4-group zoom
    • Inner focus (Lf part of the first group)
  • [0016]According to the present invention has a high optical performance over the entire object distance range, yet fast focusing easy zoom lens and optical system is obtained.
  • [0035]And at the same time using a low dispersion material in the material of the focus lens in the present invention, the lateral magnification of the focusing lens unit that corresponds to the drive amount during focusing, by appropriately setting the refractive index and Abbe number of the material and the like of the focus lens, and focus I have to reduce the aberration fluctuations of the time.
November 12, 2014
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Canon Patent for 70-300mm f/4-5.6 Lens

Canon Patent

Egami (translated) spotted another patent filed by Canon.

The patent refers to a 70-300mm f/4-5.6 lens. As Egami notes, it’s a bit early for a replacement of the EF 70-300mm F4-5.6L IS.

Patent description (machine translated):

  • Patent Publication No. 2014-186098
    • Published 2014.10.2
    • Filing date 2013.3.22
  • Example 4
    • Zoom ratio 4.02
    • Focal length f = 72.20-135.09-289.98mm
    • Fno. 4.19-4.63-5.86
    • Half angle ω = 16.68-9.10-4.27 °
    • Image height Y = 21.64mm
    • Overall length of the lens 183.25-214.28-237.12mm
    • BF 43.12-49.21-66.05mm

Canon Patent

November 10, 2014
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Canon Patent For Translucent Mirror (?)

Canon Patent 2014_202780_fig05

Edit: it’s not the first time Canon uses a translucent mirror technology (thanks JOKJOK).

Egami (translated) spotted an interesting patent filed by Canon.

Looks like a patent for a technology similar to Sony’s translucent mirror. The aim is to use the on-sensor auto-focus (think Dual Pixel AF) while using the optical view-finder. Intriguing. Canon is always doing research and I like it.

Patent description (machine translated):

  • Patent Publication No. 2014-202780
    • Published 2014.10.27
    • Filing date 2013.4.1
  • Canon patent of
    • Half mirror transmittance of the variable for each region
    • The center of the screen AF
      • Phase difference AF
      • Half mirror center only transmission of
      • Half mirror around is reflected, and guided to the OVF
    • Screen around the AF
      • Contrast AF
      • Selected regions of the half-mirror that portion of the transmittance, reflection otherwise

What do you think, did I get the patent right?

[via Egami ]


November 4, 2014
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Canon Patent To Reduce Ghosting Artefacts


Egami (translated) spotted a patent filed by Canon to reduce ghosting artefacts by a new engineering of the micro-lenses (that stay above of the pixel sensors). If I got the patent right, a reverse-phase layer is applied on the micro-lens.

Machine translated patent description:

  • Patent Publication No. 2014-207253
    • Published 2014.10.30
    • Filing date 2012.4.17
  • Challenge
    • Micro-lens is a positive phase structure are aligned periodically
    • Periodic phase structure, the incident light is reflected and diffracted
    • Angle of incidence of the reflected diffracted light is unexpected, UV IRCF is reflected in ghost to generate and produce a red regular pattern
  • Canon patent of
    • Another of the members on top of the micro-lens
    • Phase structure of the member
      • Reverse of the phase structure of the micro-lens
      • Negative refractive power
      • It does not have a refractive power
      • Short form and trapezoidal cross-sectional shape
    • And reflected and diffracted light of the sensor surface (concave), offset by the reflected and diffracted light of the micro-lens (convex)

[via Egami]

November 3, 2014
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Canon Patent for a 2mm f/1.4 Weather-Sealed Lens (action camera coming?)

Canon Patent

I totally missed this patent. Found it on Action Camera Rumors while surfing the web.

The patent was spotted by Egami (translated). The patent is for a 2mm f/1.4, weather-sealed lens. Such a lens could be used in surveillance cameras, or, as Action Camera Rumors suggests, for an upcoming action camera made by Canon. I think the lens in the patent will go on some surveillance camera (since Canon is already active in this domain). However, not all patents make into a market product.

Given all the hype around action cameras, who can say Canon is not planning one? Egami also mentions the possibility that such a lens would fit well on an action camera.

Machine translated patent description:

  • Patent Publication No. 2014-197128
    • Published 2014.10.16
    • Filing date 2013.3.29
  • Example
    • Focal length f = 2.03mm
    • Fno. 1.44mm
    • Half angle ω = 59.18 °
    • Image height 3.00mm
    • Overall length of the lens 32.17mm
    • BF 0.51mm
  • Canon patent of
    • Focus position of the periphery of the screen is displaced When mounting the dome cover
    • And suppress the deviation of the focus by changing the air space of the lens, depending on the presence or absence of the dome cover

[Egami via Action Camera Rumors]

October 29, 2014
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Canon Patent for 35mm f/1.4 Lens


Egami (translated) spotted a Canon patent for a 35mm f/1.4 lens.

  • Patent Publication No. 2014-202952
    • Published 2014.10.27
    • Filing date 2013.4.5
  • Example 1
    • Focal length f = 34.20mm
    • Fno. 1.45
    • Half angle ω = 32.32 °
    • Image height Y = 21.64mm
    • Lens length 129.16mm
    • BF 39.35mm