Canon EF-S 35mm f/2.8 M IS STM to be announced in April

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New tidbits about the prime lens for APS-C DSLRs Canon is rumored to announce on April 5. It may be the Canon EF-S 35mm f/2.8 M IS STM.

As you can see it’s not the wide angle lens that was suggested until a few days ago. And there is this “M” in the moniker. Most likely the M stays for macro but we do not know for sure so far.

It’s a pity it’s not a wide angle lens. Hopefully it’s really a macro, possibly with built-in LED lights like on the EF-M 28mm f/3.5 Macro IS STM.

New Canon EF-S prime lens coming in April 2017?

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It’s since a while that rumour are suggesting Canon will release a prime lens for EF-S mount (APS-C).

Well, the waiting may be over soon. Unconfirmed sources suggest Canon may announce this EF-S prime lens on April 5th. And they say it will be a wide angle prime lens.

Sounds good. Unfortunately the sources couldn’t disclose the final length of the upcoming lens. Someone hopes for an ultra wide angle prime lens.

Stay tuned…

Canon EOS 5Ds (R) replacement rumors going wild

Canon EOS 5Ds (R) Replacement Rumors Going Wild

While we always told you that there will be no Canon EOS 5Ds or EOS 5Ds R replacement in 2017, others suggested there will be a such a replacement.

Latest murmurings have it that we will not see new versions of Canon’s high resolution DSLRs. Not in 2017, and no one has a hint it may be in 2018.

Then there are Canon’s innovative sensors, the 250MP and the 120MP sensors. These sensors are now rumored/speculated to go on the EOS 5Ds replacement. Both sensors are barely more than working prototypes. I doubt we will see these sensors on a commercially available DSLR anytime soon. However, these sensors were developed for a reason and they will go into mass production one day. And then it may well be a new version of the EOS 5Ds.

Stay tuned!

More Canon rumors.

These registered Canon gear has not been announced yet (EOS 6D Mark II?)


canon rumorsEos 6d mark ii

There is still a list of Canon gear that was registered at certification authorities but has yet to be announced by Canon.

Please note: some sites are insisting the Canon EOS 6D Mark II is among the list. While this for sure captures the interest of the masses, it’s also good to be honest to say that there is no hint in the list pointing to the EOS 6D Mark II (which, btw, is late on schedule). The other Canon DSLR many want to spot in the list is the Canon EOS SL2, which I am sure will be announced soon.

The Canon EOS 6D Mark II is becoming more mysterious month after month. First, there are some persistent rumors (1 | 2) that there will be no EOS 6D Mark II but a mirrorless full-frame camera instead, and second, no one had any reliable intel about the EOS 6D Mark II so far. This is a bit unusual even for a company dedicated to secrecy like Canon.

The list of Canon gear registered at certification authorities:


  • Digital single-lens reflex camera
  • Wi-Fi · Bluetooth installed
  • Equipped with latest wireless module ES202


  • Digital single-lens reflex camera
  • Wi-Fi · Bluetooth installed
  • The wireless module is the same as KissX 9i and 9000D with ES 200

PC 2329

  • made in Japan
  • Wi-Fi · Bluetooth installed
  • PC 2335

PowerShot SX 730 HS

  • PC 2329 or PC 2335
  • Color: Black / Silver

Back to the EOS 6D Mark II. Canon Watch posted bits of suggested specifications over the last 2 years. Summing it up, these are the EOS 6D Mark II specifications thar have been suggested to me:

  • 28MP sensor
  • 45 AF points (all cross-type)
  • Dual Pixel AF
  • DIGIC 7
  • Wi-Fi and NFC
  • GPS
  • Articulated touchscreen
  • 6 fps
  • HDR Movie & Time Lapse Movie
  • 4K video
  • Electronic IBIS
  • Dual SD card slots
  • 100% coverage optical viewfinder with some new features

All Canon EOS 6D Mark II rumors, all Canon rumors.

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The next Canon DSLR is the Rebel SL2 (look on the specs) [CW4]

The Next Canon DSLR Is The Rebel SL2 (look On The Specs) [CW4]

Where is the Canon Rebel SL2?

It’s a while we didn’t hear any news about the replacement for the Canon Rebel SL1 (which still is the world’s smallest DSLR). Unfortunately the rumor that came in is of the kind “there will be a SL2 in 2017”, and nothing more.

When will we see the Rebel SL2?

At least here we can give you some more intel. I know Canon will announce the Canon Rebel SL2 during Q2-Q3 2017, surely not before the new Canon EOS 800D/Rebel T7i and Canon EOS 77D have started shipping.

Will there be a new EF-S lens?

This is rumored since a while but didn’t get any confirmation nor hints so far. Canon announced a new kit lens along with the Canon Rebel T7i and Canon EOS 77D so we do not expect new standard zooms for Canon APS-C DSLRs. However, a new fast prime is always possible. We keep you posted.

What are the specifications of the Rebel SL2?

Nothing leaked so far but we can make some assumptions without risking to be wrong. The Rebel SL2 will almost for sure have a 24MP sensor, likely the same AF system of the Canon Rebel T7i, most likely WiFi will also be on board. Do not expect 4K, but solid HD video instead. I wouldn’t expect a frame rate higher than 4-5 fps. Since the DIGIC 7 made it on the Canon Rebel T7i I guess we can expect it on the Rebel SL2.

What specifications do you expect in the SL2? Sound off in the comment section.

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