Is Your WiFi Enabled Canon DSLR Spying On You?

There is a security issue when using WiFi on a Canon (or other brand) camera. The rather long and very geeky video above explains it all. The WiFi issue could allow someone to steal photos from your camera, or let hackers upload images on the camera. But most scaring: one could get in control of you camera and use as a spy camera (through Live View mode)

Daniel Mende and Pascal Turbing, both researchers at the German-based IT consulting firm ERNW, discussed their findings in a presentation at last month’s SchmooCon 2013 hacker convention. They used a Canon EOS-1D X (price & specs) to show the issue. If you are not in the mood to watch the 53 minutes video, then the sum-up of YouTube user BobHousedorf2 is the least you should know:

OK, so I watched your WHOLE presentation. Basically, it comes down to:


If you buy a new Canon 6D, USE WEP, or, if the 6D doesn’t support WEP, don’t buy it.

(Or if it doesn’t support some form of advanced network connection encryption, like WPA)

Well, yes, basically: use WEP or WPA if possible. I suggest you have a look at the video, it is instructing although probably longer than needed. So before shooting your WiFi enabled Canon EOS 6D check that all settings are ok. :-)

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[BoingBoing via Imaging Resource]

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