New 5D Mark III round-up: high ISO, hands-on, and more stuff

Note: For more information about the EOS Canon 5D Mark III, including world-wide pre-order options, click here.

Engadget has a pre-production 5D Mark III, and while we wait for the full review they have posted some sample pictures shot with high ISO settings. They conclude:

As expected, the camera offered excellent performance at all of the native settings — as you can see from the image above, there’s some noise noticeable when viewing an image at full size, though considering the camera’s top resolution of 22.3 megapixels, we hardly see ISO 25,600 being an issue

For a true pixel-peeping exercise nothing fits better than this post on (Google translated). Comparison with the 5D Mark II is done using various sets of crops. digitalcamerainfo started a work in progress review (click here to read, they started with a pre-production model and will finish tech specs on the production one). Lots of sample pictures. Next, I have two hands-on videos for you. whatdigitalcamera got its hands on the 5D Mark III (at the Canon stand at the Focus On Imaging show) and shows an overview about features and specifications.

And there is another guy lucky enough to have had the 5D Mark III in his hands (again at Focus On Imaging)


I also found four videos on youtube about high ISO samples that are examined with a post-processing software.

ISO 4000 test shots (pre-production 5D Mark III & 70-200 2.8 IS II)

ISO 6400 test shots (pre-production 5D Mark III & 24-105mm):

and ISO 12800 (pre-production 5D Mark III & 24-105mm):

and finally ISO 25600 (pre-production 5D Mark III & 24-105mm):

For more information about the EOS Canon 5D Mark III, including world-wide pre-order, options click here.

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[via engadget, NC]

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