March 17, 2014
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Deal: Rokinon 8mm f/3.5 Fisheye Lens – $199

 Rokinon 8mm f/3.5 Top Rated Plus seller bestpriceoptics (99.8% positive ratings) on eBay has the Rokinon 8mm f/3.5 Ultra Wide Fisheye Lens on sale for $199.

Free shipping and limited quantity. Compare to regular $299.

Specs and product description after the break.

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March 17, 2014
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Sigma Patent For 28-85mm OS Lens For Mirrorless Cameras

Sigma Patent

Will there soon be another lens for the EOS M system? The patent was spotted by Egami (translated).

At least Sigma is working on an image-stabilized 28-85mm f/3.5-5.6 lens for APS-C mirrorless systems. Exciting news, though I am a bit puzzled because of the 28mm – rather unusual for a crop sensor camera.

  • Patent Publication No. 2014-44246
    • Publication date 2014.3.13
    • Filing date 2012.8.24
  • Example 1
    • Zoom ratio 2.84
    • Focal length f = 29.01-50.00-82.48mm
    • Fno. 3.63-4.59-5.78
    • Angle of view 2ω = 53.08-31.21-19.16 °
    • Image height Y = 14.20mm
    • 92.04-103.13-116.62mm overall length of the lens
    • Inner Focus (Group 4)
    • Anti-vibration (group 2)

Sigma Patent

March 17, 2014
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Magic Lantern Coming To The Canon EOS 5D Mark III (firmware 1.2.3)

Magic Lantern

Another great achievement by the Magic Lantern team. They now developed a version of ML that should work on Canon EOS 5D Mark III (price & specs) with firmware version 1.2.3 ( the latest version).

Says Alex of ML:

Not alpha, not beta, nor zeta, just a bleeding edge that happens to work for me. It might work for you or it might not.

(note that my standards are fairly high, so what I call bleeding edge, others may call semi-stable or whatever)

So despite this is a very first port of ML to the 5D3, it seems to be a fairly usable version, with some improvements too, like the elimination of the need to mod the boot flag (Alex warns there are still issues with portions of Magic Lantern including the HDMI output in this version, better to be careful).

The whole story with installation instruction can be read in the ML forum.

[via planet5d]

March 15, 2014
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Canon EOS 70D Deals (body & kits, Adorama)

Canon EOS 70D

Another round of Canon EOS 70D deals at Adorama. Both the EOS 70D body and kits are available. The 70D is a phenomenal APS-C DSLR, and I enjoy using it whenever I can. The Dual Pixel AF is a world apart from whatever AF you have seen on other DSLR, and there are reviewers who outline that it outperforms conventional AF systems.

  • EOS 70D body only on sale for $1049 instead of $1199. 2% rewards and free shipping
  • EOS 70D with EF-S 18-55mm IS STM lens on sale for $1149 instead of $1349, 2% rewards and free shipping
  • EOS 70D with EF-S 18-135mm IS STM lens on sale for $1299 instead of $1549, 2% rewards and free shipping. This kits includes the following items for free:
    • Adorama Slinger Bag,100 – Black
    • Pro Optic 67mm Digital Essentials Filter Kit

The 70D kit with the 18-135mm lens is eligible for a $400 mail-in rebate when bought together with the Canon PIXMA PRO-100 Professional Photo Inkjet Printer. To do this, click “buy together and save” when on the product page and select the printer. Information about the mail-in rebate can be found here.

EOS 70D specs and description after the break.

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March 15, 2014
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Canon EF Lenses 101 With Matt Kloskowski (Video)

CanonUSA on Youtube posted the first two videos of a 9 part series about Canon’s EF lenses.

Canon offers a wide range of EF lenses and lens accessories. In this 9 part video series you’ll learn all about lens basics, STM lenses, Macro lenses, Fisheye lenses, Tilt-Shift lenses, Wide Angle and Telephoto lenses. Your host for this informative series is professional photographer and educator Matt Kloskowski

The video below is the second video of the series:

In this video you’ll learn all about aperture, f-stop, focal length and a lot more. Your host, photographer and educator Matt Kloskowski takes you through the various lens categories and also explains some of the Canon nomenclature.

If you feel you have to learn about Canon’s EF lenses then these educational videos are right for you.

March 14, 2014
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Warning: Canon EOS 6D – $1500

Canon EOS 6D

Top deal by Top Rated Seller 6ave on eBay (99.3% positive ratings): get the Canon EOS 6D body only on sale for only $1,499.99.

Description and specs after the break.

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