Do you want to contribute to the development of the COSYSPEED Camslinger Outdoor bag? You can!

Do You Want To Contribute To The Development Of The COSYSPEED Camslinger Outdoor Bag? You Can!

If you follow my blog you likely know that I am a big fan of COSYSPEED CAMSLINGER bags. I own a CAMSLINGER 160 Street Edition and it always is my choice for run and gun photography with the EOS M3. It’s a smart concept, it looks cool, and it works well for me.

I am happy that my friend Thomas from COSYSPEED wrote me asking to involve you in a new cool project they have: a CAMSLINGER Outdoor bag. A first prototype is already under development, and is being tested by Swiss climber and photographer Stephan Wiesner.

[At COSYSPEED we] are developing a CAMSLINGER bag for outdoor active photographers, like climbers, hikers or bikers. The CAMSLINGERs are especially designed for mirrorless cameras. The first step of a „CAMSLINGER Outdoor“ prototype is currently under a field test by Swiss photographer and climber Stephan Wiesner. It would be really cool, if your readers could support us with their comments, ideas and suggestions. So we could develop the next step of prototypes using your readers comments and share the results. It would be  great if you could share the video Stephan Wiesner made during a mountain tour in the Alps [editors note: the video below, the same video in German can be found at the bottom of the post]. 

Note: the German video is at the end of the post.

You can sound off your suggestion in the comment section, or visit COSYSPEED’s Facebook page. Below is a small gallery with images of the CAMSLINGER Outdoor prototype.

X-Rite ColorMunki Display deal – $99.95 (reg. 169.95)

X-Rite ColorMunki Display Deal – $99.95 (reg. 169.95)

X-Rite ColorMunki Display at a glance:

  • Ergonomic: 3 Integrated Functions
  • Advanced Filter and Optical Systems
  • For Virtually All Modern Displays
  • Field-Upgradeable for Future Technology
  • Rotating Diffuser Arm / Tripod Mount
  • Easy and Advanced Modes
  • Ambient Light Measurement/Smart Control
  • Flare Correct
  • Intelligent Profiling for Color Accuracy
  • Automatic Hardware Adjustment

Pretty good deal in today’s B&H Photo DealZone: the X-Rite ColorMunki Display on sale at $99.95. Compare at $169.95. Only for today. Free shipping.

Laowa 105mm F2 STF lens announced

Laowa 105mm F2 STF Lens Announced

UK Optics announced the new Laowa 105mm f/2.0 STF lens. Press release:


UK OPTICS (LAOWA UK) is pleased to present the Laowa 105mm F2 STF Lens. STF stands for Smooth Trans Focus, in reference to its special optical system, which is intended to deliver smooth transitions between crisp in-focus areas and creamy defocused background or foreground areas. This unique manual focus only lens has an integrated apodisation filter that provides superior bokeh rendering and crystal sharp images.

Full frame compatible lens featuring 11 elements in 8 groups with a 14 blade aperture* and a minimum focus distance of just 0.9M. All metal alloy construction housing multi-coated glass elements throughout. At a focal length of 105mm and with the inherent softly diffused bokeh, this lens is perfect for portraiture.

The Laowa 105mm F2 STF lens is one of only a few lenses currently offering an apodisation effect. Available later in March with an MSRP of £649.99, in the following mounts: Nikon, Canon, Sony A, Sony E and Pentax.

See us at The Photography Show, NEC 19th to 22nd March Stand B91. For more details visit




Canon Rebel T6 (EOS 1300D/Kiss X80) images and specifications leaked

Canon Rebel T6 (EOS 1300D/Kiss X80) Images And Specifications Leaked

Images and specifications of a soon-to-be-announced Canon Rebel T6 (EOS 1300D in EU, Kiss X80 in Asia) leaked over the web. Announcement is expected soon.

  • Sensor: 18MP CMOS
  • Sensor size: 22.3mm x 14.9mm
  • Image processing engine: DIGIC4 +
  • ISO100-6400 (extension ISO12800)
  • Wi-Fi, NFC
  • Video: Full HD
  • Video Snapshot
  • Scene Intelligent Auto
  • Creative Filters
  • Continuous shooting: 3 frames / sec.
  • Monitor: 3 inches
  • Size: 129mm x 101.3mm x 77.6mm
  • Weight: 485g

Rebel T6Rebel T6

[via Digicame-Info]

Beefed up Canon EOS 6D Mark II instead of Canon EOS 5D Mark IV? [CW1]

Beefed Up Canon EOS 6D Mark II Instead Of Canon EOS 5D Mark IV? [CW1]

I got an EOS 6D Mark II rumor I want to post in its completeness. While I do not think this rumor is reliable, I decided to post it for two reasons: 1) it’s a scenario that’s at least possible, and 2) it will make the rounds sooner or later. The rumor (slightly modified from the original):

Canon is going to make some changes to its full-frame line-up. The replacement for EOS 5D Mark III is going to be the same camera which will replace the EOS 6D, and its name will be EOS 6D Mark II. That’s right, there won’t be an EOS 5D Mark IV, and the EOS 6D Mark II will be upgraded in its market position compared to the EOS 6D but at the same time downgraded compared to the EOS 5D Mark III. I personally find it odd that Canon took this decision and I haven’t been told why it did so. My guess is that this would be a reasonable decision if and only if a lower-cost model derived from the EOS 1D line hit the streets as a replacement or upgrade to the EOS 5D Mark III. I have no information regarding the EOS 6D Mark II specifications except that a dual-pixel autofocus sensor is under last-stage testing at Canon, but I’ve no idea whether it will make it in the end product, this will depend on the testers’ feedback. However, a non-DPAF sensor is also in last-stage testing, so it cannot be said at the moment whether the EOS 6D Mark II will feature DPAF or not. The engineering team had significant difficulty incorporating DPAF capability on the full-frame sensor within the cost constraints they were told to honor, so it’s not guaranteed that the result will pass the requirements if the “shortcuts” taken by the engineers to stay within the cost constraints didn’t work. I also learn through another less-trustful but still believable channel that the price point of the EOS 6D Mark II will stay at the same level as that of the EOS 6D.

No EOS 5D Mark IV (all rumors) but a beefed up EOS 6D Mark II (all rumors) instead? What do you think?