March 6, 2014
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Canon Ranked Among World’s Most Admired Companies 2014 (Fortune)



Fortune Magazine Ranks Canon as One of World’s Most Admired Companies for 2014

MELVILLE, N.Y., March 6, 2014 – Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions today announced that its parent company, Canon Inc., has ranked among the top global companies, placing sixth overall and third internationally in the computers category of this year’s Fortune World’s Most Admired Companies list. In the international computers category, Canon ranks as the top Japanese company and the sole representative of the imaging industry. Contributing to their rankings, Canon has received high accolades for innovation, quality of products/services and financial soundness.

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March 6, 2014
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How Bad Was 2013 For The Photography Industry?

Photography Industry

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The folks at lensvid made an excellent infographic about how bad 2013 was for the photography industry. Very bad as you’ll see.

They took the figures published by CIPA (Camera & Imaging Products Association), and as you can see things are possibly worse than you have thought. Last years figures show a 45% drop in compact camera sales, a 20% drop for lenses, 25% for mirrorless system cameras, and a not less than 19% drop in DSLR sales figures. And it happened in just 12 months! While the reason for this probably needs further investigation, the people at lensvid outlines 3 main reasons (see also the video below):

  • The improvement of camera phones
  • The global economic crisis
  • Americans don’t like mirrorless cameras

It is certainly true that mirrorless system cameras are not doing well in the US, and to a lower degree in Europe. The incredible drop of 40% in compact camera sales can also plausibly be connected to always better performing smartphones (the iPhone 5 and the likes take great pics with a minimum of effort). Well, finally, the economic crisis is real, lot of us can feel it, and that could explain the drops in lens and DSLR sales.

Finally, amazing to see that Japan, which makes 1.78% of the world’s population, had shipped 13% of the world’s cameras and 15% of all shipped lenses (2013)!

What do you think, which scenario are you seeing in the future of the photo industry?

[via lensvid]

March 6, 2014
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Sigma 50mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art Lens To Be Released In May 2014 (?)

Sigma 50mm f/1.4


A reader of Photo Rumors visited The Photography Show in Birmingham, UK, and asked the Sigma staff when their new 50mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art will be available for the public. The answer was: the lens will probably released in two months. That’s May 2014.

The Sigma 50mm f/1.4 is Sigma’s latest lens in the “Art” line-up, and I am sure it will be another outstanding lens. Sigma aims at the Zeiss Otus 55mm f/1.4 with the with their new 50mm f/1.4 lens. The Sigma was presented at CES 2014.

The Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 Art (see coverage here) and the Sigma 35mm f/1.4 DG HSM (see coverage here) are good examples of recent, excellent lenses made by Sigma.

For a hands-on at CP+ click here. Some time ago there was a sort of leak regarding the price.

March 6, 2014
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Tamron SP 150-600mm f/5-6.3 DI VC USD Sample Pics (Photography Blog)

Photography Blog published a set of 40 sample pictures shot with the new Tamron super-zoom, the Tamron SP 150-600mm f/5-6.3 DI VC USD (pre-order for $1069, Adorama | B&H Photo), and an EOS 5D Mark III (price & specs).

The Tamron 150-600mm is getting good critics by early reviewers, so good that the lens was called a “game changer“.

Specs and product description after the break.

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March 5, 2014
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Canon DSLR Announcement For NAB 2014 (7D replacement on its way)?

Canon DSLR Announcement

Rumor has it that Canon may announce new DSLR gear for NAB 2014. The NAB show is usually the stage where  Cinema EOS and other videography gear is presented. So the question is: can we expect the EOS 7D replacement to be announced for NAB 2014?

The successor of the Canon EOS 7D (price & specs) is said to have outstanding video features, and it is rumored to be announced before end of Q2 2014. While it is true that NAB is mainly for the professional videographers out there, I wouldn’t exclude Canon could use the show to present their new APS-C flagship to the world. If the rumors about the EOS 7D replacement’s innovative video features are true, then NAB 2014 could be a great stage to introduce such a DSLR.

What else to expect from Canon this year? The usual suspects: new Cinema EOS lenses, the Powershot SX60 (replacement for the SX50) along with other Powershots. It will be interesting to see what exactly Canon will do following their statement that they will abandon the low-priced compact camera segment.

Stay tuned, there will be plenty of leaks in the next months.

[via CR]

March 3, 2014
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New Rebates On Selected Canon “L” Lenses (and DSLR bundles discounts extended)

Canon started a new discount program on selected Canon “L” lenses and Speedlites. Savings go up to $200 via mail-in rebates. See below the eligible lenses and the offered discount:

Moreover, the discounts on selected Canon DSLR and lens bundles has been extended to 3/15/14.

March 3, 2014
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Canon Patent For 600mm f/4 Lens

Canon Patent

Egami (translated) spotted a patent filed by Canon for a new 600mm f/4 lens. Egami suggests the lens will be ready for Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020 and the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games in 2016.

  • Patent Publication No. 2014-26210
    • Publication date 2014.2.6
    • Filing date 2012.7.30
  • Example 1
    • Focal length f = 588mm
    • Fno. 4.12
    • Angle of view 2ω = 4.22 °
    • BF 56.0mm
    • Total lens length 374.7mm
    • Inner focus
  • Example 5
    • Focal length f = 588mm
    • Fno. 4.12
    • Angle of view 2ω = 4.22 °
    • BF 55.0mm
    • Total lens length 343.5mm
    • Inner focus
    • Diffraction optical element
  • Effect of the glass material
    • Fluorite (Fluorite)
      • In the long lens fluorite + total length, correction of chromatic aberration is easy
      • In short lens fluorite + total length, correction of chromatic aberration is difficult
    • Diffractive optical element (DOE)
      • Diffractive optical element can be corrected if the chromatic aberration
      • Flare caused by light diffraction