August 22, 2014
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The Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 Art Lens Now Supports The Canon EOS C100

Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8

Sigma released a new firmware for their amazing Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 DC HSM Art lens, and now the Canon EOS C100 is supported. Very brief statement by Sigma:

Autofocus is supported at any aperture value when used with the Canon Digital Cinema Camera EOS C100.

Fine! Before updating the lens’ firmware you have to update the SIGMA Optimization Pro software to version 1.2.0.

Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 DC HSM Art price check: Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Canon USA, Digitalrev, eBay

August 22, 2014
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A Canon Rebel T5 w/ 18-55mm IS II & PIXMA PRO-100 Photo Printer for $399? It’s Possible!

Adorama has a great bundle on sale after a $400 mail-in rebate. The perfect starter kit, a 18MP DSLR, an image-stabilised lens with Canon’s Stepping Motor technology, and a printer capable to put on paper all the great shots you are going to make. This is no joke, this is a great deal.

See what you get:

  • Canon EOS Rebel T5 DSLR Camera with EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II Lens ($499.00 value)
  • Canon PIXMA PRO-100 Professional Photo Inkjet Printer ($398 Value)
  • Canon SG-201 Photo Paper Plus Semi-Gloss, 13×19″, 50 Sheets ($38.41 Value)

All these gear is on sale for $399 after a $400 mail-in rebate (details here). And it expires 8/30, or when supply runs out!


See the specs of the Canon Rebel T5 after the break.

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August 22, 2014
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Most Canon EOS 7D Replacement Specs Leaked So Far Are Not The Real Ones

EOS 7D Replacement

The glorious Canon EOS 7D – to be replaced soon

This comes from a source that got it close to right in the past. That’s why I agreed to post it.

I have been told (thanks) that almost none of the so far leaked specs concerning the replacement for the Canon EOS 7D are reliable. Canon will “announce something big and innovative” but “it’s far from what you think”, the source wrote. The announcement is expected in September, a week or 2 before Photokina 2014.

The source confirmed that the EOS 7D replacement will be build like a tank (“extremely robust and durable body”), that there will be a new sensor technology (but no multilayered sensor), and that the EOS 7D replacement will feature a new generation of Dual Pixel CMOS AF. But that’s all I have been told, and it’s nothing really unheard. Unfortunately the source did not send any detailed specs, so we are still in the stadium of pure guessing.

Just to remind you, these are the latest, rumored specs for the EOS 7D replacement, the specs the source said are not the real ones (except for what is listed above):

  • Alloy body – Same as EOS 1 series DSLRs
  • EOS-1 style top plate
  • 24MP
  • Hybrid Sensor – Multilayer + Dual Pixel CMOS AF
  • No Wifi built-in
  • Not touch screen, super durable LCD cover
  • 12fps shooting (or faster)
  • New AF system

According to the rumor I got, most of what is listed above will not find it’s way into the EOS 7D replacement. My take is that the new generation of Dual Pixel AF might be the most reliable of all rumored specs (there has been a pertinent patent I reported about), followed by the new sensor tech. I am still somewhat sceptical about the rumored high build quality.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

August 22, 2014
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Canon Patent For 55-300mm f/4-5.6 IS STM Lens With Inner Focusing

Canon Patent For 55-300mm f/4-5.6

Egami (translated) spotted a patent filed by Canon for a 55-300mm lens with image stabilisation and inner focusing (lens does not extend when focusing). The patent ale refers to a EF-S 55-250mm F4-5.6 IS STM lens

  • Patent Publication No. 2014-145960
    • Published Date 2014.8.14
    • Filing date 2013.1.30
  • Example 3
    • Zoom ratio 5.20
    • Focal length f = 56.80-135.16-241.32mm
    • Fno. 4.16-5.18-5.88
    • Half angle ω = 13.52-5.77-3.24 °
    • Image height Y = 13.66mm
    • The overall length of the lens 153.89-191.28-208.89mm
    • BF 38.57-57.95-65.38mm
  • Example 5
    • Zoom ratio 5.20
    • Focal length f = 56.37-133.75-293.01mm
    • Fno. 4.16-5.18-5.88
    • Half angle ω = 13.62-5.83-2.67 °
    • Image height Y = 13.66mm
    • The overall length of the lens 155.00-190.52-210.00mm
    • BF 38.40-54.49-65.40mm
  • Canon patents
    • Inner focus
    • Vibration control
August 21, 2014
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Interview With Yoshiaki Sugiyama, The Man Behind The EOS-1 DSLRs


Canon Professional Network Europe published a long interview with Mr. Yoshiaki Sugiyama, the engineer that worked on the design oc Canon’s SLR systems since 1978, up to the EOS-1 series (introduced in 1989).

From the interview:

CPN: What do you see as the future for EOS camera design encompassing? For example, can cameras get smaller and even easier to use? If so, how might this be achieved?

YS: “I previously said that I believe the optimum size among Canon cameras is the AL-1. I believe that the trend towards compact, lightweight equipment is a certainty among categories encompassed by advanced amateurs, and even professional equipment, [so] the entire [EOS] system will move toward a more lightweight form.

The technical challenges are: lighter, stronger materials; glass materials with a high refractive index and high permeability; improvement in low power consumption design and compact, high-capacity battery; electronic parts with a higher degree of integration.”

Read the interview at CPN –>

August 20, 2014
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Save Up To 35% On Refurbished Canon DSLRs (Canon Store)

Refurbished Canon DSLRs

The Canon Store has discounts up to 35% on selected Canon EOS DSLRs and kits – click here to see all discounted cameras and kits.

You can save on the EOS 7D, Rebel T5, Rebel T5i, Rebel SL1, EOS 70D, and more cameras. Good deals waiting for you!

Refurbished Canon DSLRs


August 20, 2014
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Canon LOG vs ACES Proxy LUT On Canon EOS Cinema Cameras (C100 and above)

Canon LOG vs ACES Proxy LUT – grab the differences in this video by CanonUSA.