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Canon Video Clip Dissects The Canon EOS 7D Mark II (update 2: we found it again)

Update: Thanks to reader Frenky who found the video on Canon Japan’s marketing channel

Edit: I don not know why but the video turned to private. It’s a pity. At least I made a screenshot (below)

This short clip by CanonUSA on YouTube showcases the new EOS 7D Mark II. The animations and dissections on how the 7D Mark II is build and assembled are cool.


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More “Canon See Impossible” Drawbacks

Uh, I do not want to write about this. It’s friday and I need a rest. Canon’s “See Impossible” campaign gets defeated once  more (after all the sarcasm that raised).

First watch the short video above, then head over to PetaPixel to get the background, they got the news and no one will mediate you the idea and tell you the issue better. I am too tired today. If you want let me know in the comment section. For me it is a “no comment” thing :-/

Well, I give you a spoiler: It appears that Canon took inspiration for the video from a real director, who uses Sony gear.

Canon’s Next Large Sensor Powershot Camera May Be Announced At Photoplus 2014

Large Sensor Powershot

Yesterday I reported about a video posted on Canon Netherland’s site, and the “groete zoom” (=big zoom) camera that gets mentioned in the video.

Today I was told that Canon will announce this camera at Photoplus 2014. Given that this camera already leaked in an official Canon video the announcement can’t be that far away. The same source also said that the upcoming Powershot will feature a Sony sensor as the Powershot G7 X does.

Canon recently mentioned this large sensor & big zoom Powershot camera in an interview. I am not sure if it will be announced at Photoplus but the new Powershot is definitely coming soon.

Stay tuned…

Large Sensor Powershot