October 8, 2013
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Canon EF 35mm f/2 IS Review (photozone)

EF 35mm f/2 IS

Canon EF 35mm f/2 IS
Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Canon USA, Digitalrev, eBay

photozone reviewed the Canon EF 35mm f/2 IS lens (price & specs). The review covers technical detail as well as posting sample pics.

In the conclusion they write:

Once more Canon delivered a a high performance lens with only a few weaknesses. The center performance is very good at max. aperture and excellent to downright superb at medium aperture settings. The borders are somewhat low in contrast at f/2 but very sharp when stopped down a bit. Lateral CAs are next to non-existent and distortions are pretty much irrelevant as well. The vignetting is nothing special though so you have to live with a high light fall-off at f/2. Canon was able to fix the bokeh issue that plagued the old EF 35mm f/2 – especially the critical background blur is very smooth now and better than most lenses in this focal length class. You will be able to spot some bokeh fringing in critical scenes when shooting fully open but that’s a typical behavior for such a fast lens anyway.

There is more to read, obviously. If you are on the fence for this high performing lens then be sure to check the review.

October 8, 2013
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Canon Product Advisory: Canon LP-E6 Battery May Not Charge

This happened to me once with the battery supplied with the EOS 70D. I didn’t figure out why the battery wasn’t charged. Nothing bad, if you have the issue just follow the instructions below.

Canon advisory:

Affected Product
Canon LP-E6 Battery Pack when used with the Canon LC-E6 Charger
(Compatible with Canon EOS 5D Mark III, EOS 5D Mark II, EOS 6D, EOS 7D, EOS 70D,
EOS 60D, EOS 60Da)

In rare cases, the orange lamp on the Canon Battery Charger LC-E6 will blink rapidly at regular intervals when the Canon Battery Pack LP-E6 is inserted. In such cases, charging the Canon Battery Pack LP-E6 in the Canon Battery Charger LC-E6 is not possible.

Battery Condition
Charge Lamp
Standby for charge
Blinks once per second
Communication error
Blinks rapidly
0 – 49%
Blinks once per second
50 – 74%
Blinks twice per second
75% or higher
Blinks three times per second
Fully charged
Lights up

This symptom may occur when a Canon Battery Pack LP-E6 has been discharged due to being unused for a prolonged period of time, such as when it is first purchased.
If this occurs, please follow the procedure below.


  1. Plug the Canon Battery Charger LC-E6, with the Canon Battery Pack LP-E6 inserted, into a power outlet.
  2. Wait for 20 seconds.
    If during this time the orange lamp blinks once per second, please continue to charge the battery until the green lamp lights up, which indicates a full charge. At this point, the battery is ready for normal use, and there is no need to follow the remaining steps.
    If during this time the orange lamp blinks rapidly, please move on to Step 3 of this procedure.
  3. If the orange lamp blinks rapidly, remove the Canon Battery Pack LP-E6 from the Canon Battery Charger LC-E6.
  4. Wait for 10 seconds.
  5. Reinsert the Canon Battery Pack LP-E6 into the Canon Battery Charger LC-E6.
  6. The Canon Battery Charger LC-E6’s orange lamp should begin to flash slowly (once per second) and charging will begin.
    Please note: If the orange lamp blinks rapidly again, please repeat steps 3-5 above. If, after a third attempt, the Canon Battery Pack LP-E6 does not charge, please contact the Canon Customer Support Center for assistance.
  7. Charge the Canon Battery Pack LP-E6 until the green lamp on the Canon Battery Charger LC-E6 illuminates, signifying that the Canon Battery Pack LP-E6 is fully charged.

Use of non-genuine Canon Battery Packs 
The situation may also occur when attempts are made to charge non-genuine Canon Battery Packs in the Canon Battery Charger LC-E6. However, the procedure provided above does not apply to the use of non-genuine Canon products.

This information is for residents of the United States and Puerto Rico only. If you do not reside in the USA or Puerto Rico, please contact the Canon Customer Support Center in your region.

Please register your Canon Products. By registering, we will be able to notify you via email when future firmware updates become available for download.

Thank you,
Customer Support Operations
Canon U.S.A., Inc

Contact Information for Inquiries
Canon Customer Support Center
Phone: 1-800-OK-CANON
TDD: 1-866-251-3752
Email: carecenter@cits.canon.com
For additional support options: www.usa.canon.com/support
October 7, 2013
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Canon Rebel T3 w/ 18-55mm IS II Lens – $320

Canon Rebel T3

Looking for an entry level Canon DSLR? Top Rated Plus eBay seller bigvalueinc (98.3% positive ratings) has the Canon Rebel T3 with the EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II lens for $319.99 (click here), USA model, original packaging, free shipping.

October 7, 2013
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And Here It Is: Zeiss 55mm f/1.4 Otus Lens Available for Pre-Order

Zeiss 55mm f/1.4 Otus

It was just a few hours ago I wrote about this lens, and that it could be released very soon. Well, it has. Pre-orders are possible at B&H (click here) and Adorama (click here). The lens costs $3990. More information from Zeiss about the Otus 55mm f/1.4 here, plenty of sample shots on Zeiss’ Flickr page. Lloyd Chambers had the opportunity to test the lens, and his review is more than positive.

Zeiss 55mm f/1.4 OtusZeiss 55mm f/1.4 Otus

Specifications (from B&H’s product page, more specs here):

Focal Length 55 mm
Aperture Maximum: f/1.4 – 16
Camera Mount Type Canon EF
Format Compatibility 35mm Film / Full-Frame Digital Sensor
Angle of View 43.7°
Minimum Focus Distance 19.7″ (.50 m)
Magnification Not Specified By Manufacturer
Maximum Reproduction Ratio 1:6.8
Groups/Elements 10/12
Diaphragm Blades Not Specified By Manufacturer
Image Stabilization None
Autofocus None
Tripod Collar No
Operating/Storage Temperature Not Specified By Manufacturer
Filter Thread 77 mm
Dimensions (DxL) Approx. 3.64 x 5.66″ (9.25 x 14.38 cm)
Weight 2.27 lb (1030 g)

Product description (from Adorama’s product page):

The ZEISS Otus 1.4/55 stands out with technical features ideal for all-around professional photography with 35mm DSLR cameras

With an imaging performance that has hitherto only been seen with medium format systems, the new ZEISS Otus 1.4/55 offers ambitious photographers who do not accept any compromises in image quality the possibility for a more compact gear. DSLR cameras with high-resolution 35mm sensors put enormous demands on lenses.

The Zeiss Otus 1.4/55 can deal with these demands thanks to its outstanding sharpness, high image contrast and no visible chromatic aberrations. It creates the highest-possible image quality, even with an open aperture.

The new ZEISS lens is especially suited for advertising, fashion and studio photography, and professional photographers working in these fields will not need to make any compromises in terms of performance and quality.

The Otus 1.4/55 is the first lens in a family of uncompromising professional lenses from ZEISS. Additional focal lengths will follow. Otus is the Latin name for a type of owl known for its excellent vision in darkness just like this new high-speed lens from ZEISS.

Other unique features of the Otus 1.4/55 are its high image contrast all the way to the edges (even for low f-numbers) and the consistent high-resolution performance across the entire image field.

The lens has a completely new optical and mechanical design, which was developed taking into account the special and increasing requirements of high-resolution DSLR cameras. The Otus 1.4/55 is equipped with a floating elements design with 12 lens elements in 10 groups, including a double-sided aspheric lens and six lenses made of special glass with anomalous partial

The performance delivered by the Otus 1.4/55 is especially obvious with night shots. When taking pictures with many image-dominant, open light sources, it is common for correction defects to show up. Because the Otus 1.4/55 is an apochromatic lens, longitudinal chromatic aberrations are corrected by its lens elements of special glass with anomalous partial dispersion. The color defects are therefore significantly lower than the defined limits. Bright/dark transitions in the image, and especially highlights, are rendered with no colorful artifacts.

Although it is not a traditional focal length for architectural and landscape photography, here, too, the lens can deliver very good results. The edges of the image can be used for all apertures, giving full rein to the photographer’s creativity.

For portraiture, the Otus 1.4/55 render the finest details precisely, and thanks to the maximum aperture of f/1.4, the photographer can consciously play with the depth of field and create a smooth bokeh.

The Otus 1.4/55 stands out not only for its highly detailed pictures with no bothersome artifacts, but also for its mechanical quality. The smooth focus operation with the large angle of rotation allows for the finest variations when focusing qualities that are only possible in a metal barrel. Its design as a manual focus lens allowed the engineers to work with much smaller tolerances during the construction. The lens’s robust metal barrel with the easy to grip focus ring makes it perfect for the demanding everyday situations of professional photographers, and guarantees a long product life. The yellow labels on the scales, which are borrowed from the professional ZEISS cinema lenses, contribute to better visibility.

October 7, 2013
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Update – Zeiss Apo-Distagon 55mm f/1.4 “Otus” Close to be Released

Update 2: Zeiss just published a video about this awesome lens.

Update 1: more information about the Otus 55mm f/1.4 here, plenty of sample shots on Zeiss’ Flickr page.

Thanks to the reader who sent in the links! :)

Zeiss Apo-Distagon 55mm f/1.4

Looks like the high-end, manual focusing Zeiss Apo-Distagon 55mm f/1.4 (part of the “Otus” line-up, Otus means owl) may be close to be released (source: CR). Prototypes appear to be already in use by selected photographers (source: photoscala). I a new post, called “Mit einer perfekten Optik ein perfektes Bild erschaffen” (translated: Obtaining a perfect image with a perfect optic), Zeiss touts the outstanding features of their new lens. Lloyd Chambers had the opportunity to test the lens, and his review is more than positive, some excerpts:

The Zeiss Otus 55mm f/1.4 APO-Distagon is a true professional-grade lens in every respect, thinking not so much in DSLR terms as in traditional medium format terms, with the associated high expectations for optical performance and top-flight build quality. The lens is a daring move in price terms and in being a manual focus lens, and in offering the ultimate in image quality.

Sharpness and contrast wide open care unmatched by any ƒ/1.4 lens for a DSLR or rangefinder. The lens is actually sharper at ƒ/1.4 across the frame than many 50mm prime lenses offer at ƒ/5.6.

A real strength of the 55/1.4 Distagon is in delivering total image quality across the entire frame. For example, the very high performing Zeiss 50mm f/2 Makro-Planar performs nearly as well over the central areas of the frame, but it cannot deliver the same quality to the edges and corners and it doesn’t have quite the same level of flare control. Compared to other ƒ/1.4 lenses at ƒ/1.4 and ƒ/2, the Zeiss Otus 55/1.4 Distagon is in its own class of one.

The 55/1.4 APO-Distagon is so well corrected that even pushed beyond its design range into macro territory (using an extension tube), the same beautiful qualities remain intact, including its superb color balance and correction for color errors.

The review comes with lots of sample images and covers most aspects you want to learn about such a lens. In the conclusion he writes:

Photographers looking for the very best in imaging quality need look no further. When everything is considered, the Zeiss Otus 55m f/1.4 APO-Distagon is without a doubt the finest lens ever produced for a 35mm SLR or DSLR (or rangefinder). It sets a new benchmark.

The lens will be available for Canon and Nikon mounts, official release date is November, 11 – the price should be around $4000. Tech specs:

Focal length 54.5mm
Aperture range f/1.4 – ƒ/16
Number of lens elements/groups 12 elements in 10 groups
– floating element design*.
– Double-sided aspherical rear element.
– 2 elements with very low index and dispersion and large positive partial dispersion ratio deviation** +
4 elements of special glass having negative partial dispersion ratio deviation which together help to improve chromatic correction***.
Focusing range: 0.5 m / 19.68 in – infinity
Free working distance at MOD: 330 mm / 13.2 in (300 mm with hood)
Angular field (diag./horiz./vert.) 43.7°/36.7°/24.9°
Diameter of image field 43.2 mm
Flange focal offset ZF.2: 46,50 mm (1.83′′)
ZE: 44,00 mm (1.73′′)
Coverage at close range (MOD). 36 X 24mm frame 246 x 163 mm = 9.69 x 6.42 in
Image ratio at close range 1:6.8
Filter thread 77mm
Length with caps 142 mm (ZF.2) / 144 mm (ZE)
Diameter max 92.4 mm (lens only), 98.5 mm (hood)
Weight (nominal), ZF.2: ZF.2:  970g / 2.2 lb, 1040g with hood
ZE:   1030g / 2.43 lb, 1120 g with hood
Mounts ZF.2 (F bayonet), ZE (EF bayonet)

Zeiss Apo-Distagon 55mm f/1.4Zeiss Apo-Distagon 55mm f/1.4


October 6, 2013
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Super Deal: Canon EOS M Kit w/ 18-55mm and 22mm plus SpeedLite 90EX Flash for $399


This cool deal was spotted by DealsRunner. eBay seller buydig (99.5% positive ratings) has a the Canon EOS M as kit with both the EF 18-55mm IS STM and the EF 22mm STM lens, and with the SpeedLite 90EX Flash on sale for just $399 (click here). USA model, USA warranty, free shipping.

October 6, 2013
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A New Canon 50mm f/1.8 IS Coming Soon? (and some development announcement too?)

A rumor surfaced, and it has word that Canon could soon announce a 50mm f/1.8 IS lens going to replace the EF 50mm f/1.4 USM lens. The lens is said to be in line with the new(ly) EF 24mm,EF 28mm, and Ef 35mm IS lenses. Price should be higher than the EF 50mm f/1.4 USM(price & specs). THe lens is expected for 2014.

And there is more. Eventually, a new rumour came out saying that Canon could well make a development announcement before the end of 2013. However, it’s unclear what Canon may announce. The hypothesis are these: a pro camera body positioned above the EOS 5D Mark III (price & specs) and/or a new lens.

Everything is far from being sure. It’s true that there are upcoming trade shows (PhotoPlus in NYC, CES, CP+ in Jan, 2014, and NAB in April, 2014). Take all this with a grain of salt. There are no concrete signs that Canon may announce something soon, all past rumors and hints suggested that it’s over with new Canon gear for this year.

[via CR]