Canon EOS 7D Mark II Developer’s Interview

Canon Asia posted a four part interview with the developers of Canon’s latest APS-C flagship, the EOS 7D Mark II. Also, don’t miss the short clip above, it shows the EOS 7D Mark II in various dissection animations.

An excerpt:

Q: Does the body have a dust- and moisture-resistant structure?

A: Yes, the body is designed with considerations given to its dust- and moisture-resistance. In response to feedback on the design of the EOS 7D, dust- and moisture-resistance is about four times stronger on the EOS 7D Mark II, with enhancements made to many parts of the body, including the strap mount and battery compartment cover.


Image © Canon

Image above:

  • A: Shutter Charge Motor Unit
  • B: Bounce Prevention Mechanism for Sub Mirror
  • C: Main Mirror
  • D: Mass Damper for Sub Mirror
  • E: Bounce Prevention Mechanism for Main Mirror
  • F: Drive Lever Unit for Main Mirror
  • G: Mirror Drive Motor Unit
Image © Canon

Image © Canon

In Germany Wex Photographie is accepting pre-orders for the EOS 7D Mark II (€1,699). The new EOS 7D Mark II can be pre-ordered also in the USA. Shipment is expected for November 2014 and orders will ship on a first come first served basis:

World-wide pre-order links after the break


Reminders: Readers Photo Contest, EOS 5D3 Bundle Deals, Refurbished Lenses Deals


A few reminders.

First and foremost, take your chance and show us what you are able to do with your Canon camera by taking part of our readers photo contest.  How it works:

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Next, have a look at some killer deals on refurbished Canon lenses. These lenses are sold by Canon itself and some of them got nice price drops.


Finally, Adorama has 3 EOS 5D Mark III bundles on sale.


Oh, and stay tuned for a Canon announcement that could happen soon.


How To Make A Tilt-Shift Lens From A Broken Canon EF 50mm f/1.8

Do you have a broken Canon Nifty-Fifty (EF 50mm f/1.8) lying around and maybe want a tilt-shift lens for cheap?

Photographer Witono Halim bought a broken Nifty-Fifty and transformed it in a tilt-shift lens. While the result doesn’t exactly look beautiful it works surprisingly well. The video below gives an idea of the kind of footage you can get.

[via Witono’s Freestyle via ExposureGuide via PetaPixel]
EF 50mm f/1.8

Canon EF 50mm f/1.8

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