First photo of Canon 8K Camera system

Thanks Ebrahim. A photo of Canon’s new 8K camera system (development announcement) sent in by a CW reader. He says:

Body is identical to C300II but it records externally using an intermediate module then to Four Odyssey 7Q+ 4K recorders (Four 4096×2016 signals making up DCI 8K) up to 60p.

Can’t say with 100% confidence that it is the real thing. But I guess it is. The photo was posted on Imgur.

New Canon EF 85mm L lens on its way? [CW2]

New Canon EF 85mm L Lens On Its Way? [CW2]

Canon might announce a new EF 85mm L lens in 2016, possibly at Photokina 2016.

The new 85mm is said to feature Blue Spectrum Refractive Optics first seen on the new EF 35mm f/1.4L II lens. Moreover, the new 85mm is weather sealed (as all recent L lenses), might have a new manual focus system, and it might be lighter. Will it still be f/1.2? No info so far.

We are currently flooded by Canon rumors. Take everything with a big grain of salt. The EF 85mm f/1.2L was released in 2003, a replacement is plausible.

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Canon Unveils The Future Of Imaging Technology At EXPO 2015 New York

canon expo

Canon press release:

Canon U.S.A. Unveils The Future Of Imaging Technology At EXPO 2015 New York

Once-Every-Five-Year Exhibition Brings Together Powerful Products, Cutting-Edge Technology and Inspirational Ideas

NEW YORK, September 9, 2015 – Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, today commences its Canon EXPO 2015 New York, an imaging showcase galvanized by the visionary experience of New York and inspiring visitors to see impossible by providing a peek into the Company’s vision for the future. This once-every-five-year event offers attendees the rare chance to see and experience the incredible breadth of Canon’s imaging technology, as well as a glimpse into future products, solutions and services that will transform the way customers live, work and share experiences.

“Throughout history, from roll film to digital cameras, wooden printing presses to inkjet technology, creators have relied on technology to discover new worlds and further the progress of mankind. When we embark on new adventures, we explore uncharted territories, choosing to see what’s never been seen, and doing what has never been done,” said Joe Adachi, chairman and CEO, Canon U.S.A., Inc. “As today’s creators explore their world, continuing to dream and discover, Canon will be there for the journey, ready at the helm to provide the right technology to see impossible.”

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Canon EOS 6D Mark II specifications suggestion [CW2] – UPDATE

Canon EOS 6D Mark II Specifications Suggestion [CW2] – UPDATE

Update: I just learned (thanks lw) that this rumor originated from a forumI am not downgrading it because all in all it sounds plausible and it is covered by previous rumors. But still.

Original post:

A rumor suggesting a set of feature for the upcoming (2016) Canon EOS 6D Mark II. Some of the specs leaked first here on CW. Please note that it seldom happens that spec lists leaking months before an announcement are very accurate.

  • 24mp Full Frame CMOS
  • 1.5 stops better at higher ISO
  • Low-light autofocus (centre point) at -5 EV
  • Two AF systems are currently being tested or the EOS 6D Mark II and which was chosen is unknown at this time. There will be more AF points than the current camera.
  • WiFi with NFC and GPS
  • Wireless battery charging with the Qi standard
  • Internally Canon switches from VxWorks (Could have meant DRYOS) to an Android-based embedded OS, 6D Mark II will be the first Android-based camera from Canon.
  • Dual-pixel autofocus technology
  • Touchscreen
  • Swivel LCD a-la-70D
  • Anti-flicker a-la-7DII
  • Will ship in a new box design in gold colour.

Take it with lotsa salt, but if true this makes up a pretty solid replacement for the EOS 6D. Basically, the suggested spec lists confirms many things we have already anticipated: the EOS 6D Mark II will continue to be Canon’s entry level full-frame DSLR, it may have a tiltable touchscreen, WiFi and GPS, and Dual Pixel AF. Having an AF system able to focus even at -5EV would be a game changer to me.

The quoted rumor also suggests two AF systems are currently tested. I was told there are two 6D2 models undergoing tests. I think my source then likely got confused. Finally, I am bit sceptical about the EOS 6D Mark II being an Android-based DSLR.

See all Canon EOS 6D Mark II rumors here. What do you think?

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Canon EOS 7D Mark II Firmware 1.0.5 Released – UPDATE

Canon EOS 7D Mark II Firmware 1.0.5 Released – UPDATE

Update 3: the firmware is now online at Canon USA.

Update 2 (thanks Niklas): firmware 1.0.5 can be downloaded from Canon Japan: Windows | Mac OS X

Update: firmware 1.0.5 doesn’t appear to be online. For the time being I can’t say if it was removed, or just hasn’t been put online.

Original post:

Canon released a new firmware for the Canon EOS 7D Mark II, version 1.0.5 (download). Canon’s advisory:

Thank you for using Canon products.

Firmware Version 1.0.5 incorporates the following fixes:

  • Improves AF accuracy when used in combination with the EF 16-35mm f/2.8L USM lens or EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM lens.
  • Fixes a phenomenon in which, in very rare cases, the “Peripheral illumination correction” is applied inconsistently.
  • Fixes a phenomenon in which, while performing an EF lens firmware update, the progress bar displayed on the LCD monitor may freeze at 100% even though the update has been completed.
  • Fixes a processing error in relation to the leap second for the “Geotag information appended to image” and “Log data” GPS functions.
  • Fixes a phenomenon, where at the time of shooting in very rare cases “Err 70” occurs, or the shutter does not release.

Firmware Version 1.0.5 is for cameras with firmware up to Version 1.0.4 If the camera’s firmware is already Version 1.0.5, it is not necessary to update the firmware.

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