Canon EOS 70D deal – $699 (refurbished, reg. $999)

Canon EOS 70D Deal – $699 (refurbished, Reg. $999)

The Canon Direct Store has refurbished Canon EOS 70D on sale at $699.99. Compare to $999. Full 1 year warranty included.

Don’t forget to check the Canon Store’s refurbished gear listing, excellent deals can be found.

Canon EOS 70D product description after the break.

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Canon’s 250MP APS-H sensor presented at ISSCC 2016

ISSCC 2016

ISSCC 2016, the International Solid‑State Circuits Conference held in San Francisco, just closed its doors. This is a specialist conference about circuits technology, something Canon with their newly developed sensors would not miss for sure. Indeed, Canon presented their 250MP APS-H sensor, a piece of technology I reported a few times in the past.

The folks at Harvest Imaging posted a summary of the presented tech. About Canon’s 250MP sensor:

Hirofumi Totsuka of Canon presented a 250 Mpixel APS-H size imager : 1.5 um pixel pitch (4 sharing) made in 0.13 um technology node.   The device is consuming 1.97 W at full resolution 5fps.  An interesting build-in feature of this sensor is the following :  ALL pixel signals are converted by column SS-ADCs with a single ramp, but in front of the ADC, each column has its own PGA that can be switched to 4x or 1x gain, depending on the signal level.  So when the pixels are sampled, a first check is done to look whether the signal is above or below a particular reference level, and then the right gain of the PGA is set to 1x or 4x.  Simple method, but I think that the issues pop up in the reconstruction of the signal at the cross-over point between the two settings of the PGA.

I wonder when we will see this sensor technology go into production.

[via Harvest Imaging]

Canon patent to avoid image quality degradation in systems with transparent mirror



Canon patent describing a solution to avoid degradation of image quality in systems featuring a translucent mirror.

The problem: when light goes through a pellicle mirror to the sensor, the tilted mirror produces a tilt in the focal plane. The Canon patent counters this by tilting the sensor. Will we ever see this technology in a Canon product that hits the market?

  • Patent Publication No. 2016-25487
    • Published 2016.2.8
    • Filing date 2014.7.22
  • Canon patent
    • Pellicle mirror
    • Imaging device suppressing the influence of aberration by tilting the
    • Pellicle mirror the characteristics of, to determine the amount of tilt by the F-number and the exit pupil position
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Sigma teases fast telephoto lens to be announced February 23

Sigma Teases Fast Telephoto Lens To Be Announced February 23

Sigma Austria posted a teaser for a new lens on their Facebook page. The image above is accompanied by the text below (translation from German mine):

Today we can announce another world’s first, and we will show it on February 23. For the time being, we just want you to know that again it will be “sharp/fast”. What focal range do you wish? Write us and stay tuned.

Your Sigma Austria team.

The “sharp/fast” refers to a lens with wide aperture, possibly f/2.8, or even faster. The shape in the teaser image suggests a Sigma telephoto lens.

Thanks Aaron for the tip.