December 18, 2013
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Sigma 135mm f/2 DG OS Coming For Photokina 2014?


Sigma 135mm f/2

Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 DC HSM
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Rumors have word that Sigma will announce a new prime lens next year, a 135mm f/2 DG OS, part of the “Art” line-up. The lens is said to be announced at Photokina, September 2014. Moreover, it appears that Sigma will  release more high performing lenses next year.

I hope the rumor is true. Sigma released some amazing lenses recently (35mm f/1.4 DG HSM , 18-35mm f/1.8 DC HSM and 24-105mm f/4 DG OS HSM) and we all hope there will be more lenses with such excellent optical properties.

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December 17, 2013
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Yongnuo RF-603 II Flash Trigger in Stock

Yongnuo RF-603 IIYongnuo RF-603 II

The Yongnuo RF-603 II Wireless Flash Trigger/Remote for Canon is in stock at the YongNuoStore for $42.99.

Product description:

Yongnuo RF-603 II adopts a global free FSK 2.4GHz wireless channel which can be suitable in many contries. RF-603 II with FSK system, can be more effective to guarantee speed, distance and stability. Within capacious areas, the remote control distance may reach to 100cm, and suitable for RF-603 Mark I.

Yongnuo RF-603 II wireless flash trigger kit is formed by two sam transeivers. It can be set to single transmit state(TX), which will be more convenient for testing flash, andcan be set to transceiver state(TRX), automatically switch transmit and receive state, adopts 2 levers button design, it will realize the awakening, flash testing, focus and shutter function in “TX” and “TRX” state repectively.

Transmitter supports single contract triggering, supports wireless wakening up and triggering the flash through the camera hot shoe, with PC sync cable(optional) can be trigger studio lights, with specially camera shutter connecting cable can realize wired / wireless shutter release remote control, supports controlling multiple cameras and flashes at the same time.

The highest flash sync speed up to 1/320 second (some of models may only reach to 1/250s or less, difference combination of models of flash and camera using may achieved difference flash sync speed).



  • Type: FSK 2.4GHz wireless remote control system

  • Transmission distance: 100cm

  • Channels: 16 channels

  • Shutter release: half-press, full-press

  • Shutter interface: 2.5mm socket

  • Studio flash light interface: standard PC socket

  • Max Sync Speed: 1/320 second

  • Battery: AAA x 2(3V)

December 17, 2013
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Amazon UK and DE Deals: EF-M 18-55mm, TS-E 24mm f/3.5L II, Walimex PRO 14mm f/2.8

Three Amazon Europe deals:

  • Amazon UK Gold Box Deal: Canon TS-E 24mm f/3.5L II – click here
  • Amazon UK Gold Box Deal: Canon EF-M 18-55mm IS STM – click here
  • Amazon DE Blitzangebot: Walimex PRO 14mm f/2.8 – click here
December 17, 2013
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Hot Deal #2: Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS – $649 (updated)

EF 24-105mm f/4L IS Top Rated Plus eBay seller bigvalueinc (99.2% positive ratings) has a bargain price for the Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS: $672.69 $648.68 (click here). This is a new item in its original box, free shipping on all US orders. The seller notes:

  • This lens is 100% brand new.
  • These are lenses that were originally packaged with Canon Camera Kits. We sold the Canon Kits in a quantity order, and we had simply removed the Lenses and placed them in their own box with all original foam packaging.These Lenses are limited quantity only.
December 17, 2013
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Hot Deal: Canon EOS 5D Mark III – $2690

EOS 5D Mark III Top Rated Plus eBay seller bigvalueinc (99.2% positive ratings) has again a good deal after some time: Canon EOS 5D Mark III for $2,689.84 for the body. This is a new item in its original box, shipping is free in US. The seller notes: The Canon EOS 5D Mark III Body may come in a kit box. The Canon EOS 5D Mark III Body for sale is 100% Brand New, Never Used. The lens has been removed from the kit box and sold on a separate listing.
December 17, 2013
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Sigma 24-105mm f/4 DG OS – A new reference standard for professionals (DxOMark)

Sigma 24-105mm f/4

Sigma 24-105mm f/4 DG OS HSM
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DxOmark tested and measured Sigma’s latest addition to their “Art” line-up, the Sigma 24-105mm f/4 DG OS. As you can see in the pic below the Sigma performs better than both the Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS and the Canon EF 24-70mm f/4L IS lenses.

Sigma 24-105mm f/4

However, while the Sigma can hold up against the Canon EF 24-70 f/2.8L II and the Tamron SP 24-70mm f/2.8 Di VC, its figures are slightly lower:

[the Sigma] can match both in peak sharpness but not quite in terms of uniformity. Although only slightly lower, the Sigma’s peripheral sharpness isn’t quite a match for either model at f4 to f8 throughout the zoom range.

The Sigma also has higher barrel distortion than the Canon at 24mm and has more noticeable pincushion than either model, which develops quite early on in the zoom range and is evident at 35mm. On the plus side the challenger has better control of CA than the Canon at all focal lengths and it’s lower than the Tamron in the corners at its widest focal length (where it’s quite noticeable with that model).

Sigma 24-105mm f/4

In any case, this appears to be an amazing lens.

[via DxOmark]

December 17, 2013
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Lomography X Zenit New Petzval 85mm f/2.2 Lens Available For Pre-Order

It started as a Kickstarter project last summer, now the Lomography x Zenit New Petzval 85mm f/2.2 Lens is available for pre-order for at the Lomography Shop. Orders are delivered on a first come, first served basis, and will be shipped around May 2014. More information, product and sample pics after the break. Read the rest of this entry →