Do You Love Photography? Then You Are Right for Canon’s #LoveDSLR


Canon launched a new website designed to put your love of photography into practice, helping you to learn how to take better images and to get inspired by others. The site is, the hashtag is #LoveDSLR.

Canon press release:

United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, 19th December 2014 – Today launches, a new website designed to put your love of photography into practice, learn how to take great images and be inspired by others.

Whether you’re looking to take pictures of family & friends, travel & landscapes, special occasions or animals & wildlife, photographers who are new to the world of DSLR will find everything they need to know with

Share your favorite shots with the community on Twitter with #loveDSLR for the opportunity to be featured on the site.*

To see what other DSLR users are snapping and gain photography knowledge, simply visit or join the conversation on Twitter using #loveDSLR.

#loveDSLR is supported by Canon to inspire a love of DSLR photography.
*If your image is selected will be in touch to gain consent

Canon Officially Confirms the High Megapixel Camera and Commitment to Mirrorless (UPDATE)

High Megapixel Camera

In an interview with DC.Watch, Canon’s Masaya Maeda confirmed that Canon is working on a high megapixel camera, and that the company is still interested in developing mirrorless systems. If I got the machine translated text right, the talk is also about new lenses.

That’s what I got from the interview:

  • Lenses are important and Canon will continue to develop new and better lenses. Outstanding EF lenses make users want to have an EOS system.
  • Canon is researching how to get even higher/better optical performance
  • Canon is investigating if mirrorless cameras should have interchangeable lenses (this could point to large sensor compact cameras with fixed lenses). However, Canon is exploring both scenarios, mirrorless cameras with fixed and with interchangeable lenses
  • Canon takes mirrorless technology seriously and is committed to further develop mirrorless systems
  • Mr. Maeda did not want to confirm or deny the possibility of a full-frame mirrorless camera
  • Canon is actively researching a new kind of camera
  • Canon realizes that there are users that need higher resolution, and thus will develop such a camera. To me it sounds as if Canon may announce a high megapixel camera soon
  • Canon is working on algorithms for better in camera processing of images
  • Shutter technology may change from mechanical to electronic sometimes in the future
  • There is a possibility Canon may develop a medium format camera on the long term

UPDATE: Someone in the dpreview forum made a quick translation/sum-up of the review:

  • The decline in DSLR sales is coming mainly from the entry level, as the evolution in that segment has slowed. He admits that they have not been able to introduce new entry class products that would spur people to change models (the original statement can be seen as an indictment of either Canon, or the entire DSLR industry). However, he does note that developing countries like Brazil and India are still seeing double digit growths.
  • He speculates that maybe part of the mirrorless needs can be met by high end compact cameras, as the latter type gets more and more zoom range. Canon is trying both options.
  • On the other hand, he also speculates that mirrorless may replace the Rebel line in the future.
  • Annual updates of entry class models are no longer likely. (Canon never did annual updates of mid- and high-end models anyway.)
  • He sees electronic shutter as the future, saying “global shutter makes more sense.”
  • Canon will apparently stick with “glass” based IS for the time being, and believes it still has room for improvement. (Curiously, the other alternative the interviewer suggested was electronic IS, and neither side seems to talk about IBIS.)
  • Durability against e.g. shock and drop, in addition to “uncompromising optics,” is a focus point in developing new EF lenses these days.
  • Full size mirrorless? “Uh, I can’t answer that now.”
  • Medium format? “The 35mm format has so much potential left. Although I don’t deny the merits of a larger sensor, there are many other things we need to be doing right now.”

All that sounds very interesting, and confirms some of the rumors that surfaced recently. What do you think?

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Deal: Canon EOS 6D (refurbished) – $1,295 (Canon Store)


The Canon Direct Store has refurbished Canon EOS 6D bodies on sale for just $1,295.28 (all Canon warranties given). Excellent price. There is more: by using code RUDOLPH you get a $9 flat rate for overnight shipping. Not bad. You can get the 6D, new and not refurbished, for more or less the same price on eBay. Never the less, I would go for the refurbished one from the Canon Store.

The Canon Store is an underestimated place for very good deals; they have a lot of excellent deals, you just have to look out for the deals. Check refurbished Canon DSLRsPowershot cameras, and lenses, as well as Canon’s special deals page.

Don’t get scared by the term “refurbished”; this is gear refurbished by Canon, and it comes with warranty. You get this gear by the manufacturer itself, not from some dubious seller on eBay.

More deals on our Holiday Deals 2014 page.

Canon EOS 7D Mark II In-Depth Video Tutorial Series

CanonUSA on YuoTube posted a set of in-depth tutorial videos about the top features and functions of Canon’s brand new EOS 7D Mark II. The video above highlights the broad coverage of the 7D2’s auto-focus system. The other videos:

Want to know more about the game changing EOS 7D Mark II? Read more about the EOS 7D Mark II’s excellent weather sealing, the highly advanced AF, and the industry leading high ISO performance (have a look here too). All our coverage on the EOS 7D Mark II can be seen here (and there is a lot).

Canon EOS 7D Mark II price check: Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Canon USA, Digitalrev, eBay EOS 7D Mark II Tutorial

Canon CINE-SERVO 50-1000mm T5.0-8.9 Lens Overview Video

CanonUSA on YouTube posted this video where Canon USA’s Larry Thorpe discusses features and benefits of the Canon cine-servo 50-1000mm lens. The lens is yours if you have some $70,000 you don’t need (better you ask your wife before purchasing).

  • Covers up to Super 35mm Sized Sensors
  • 50 to 1000/75 to 1500mm Zoom
  • ENG-Style Zoom, Focus, Iris Servos
  • For Broadcast or Cinema Shooting Styles
  • 180° Focus Ring with Knurled Grip
  • Double Focus Markings in Feet and Meters
  • Detachable Drive Unit
  • Zoom Speed: 1.5 to 180 Seconds
  • Programmable Zoom, Focus, Iris Positions
  • 11-Blade Aperture Design


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Canon EF 24mm f/2.8 USM IS Review (Photozone)

24 reviewed the 2 years old Canon EF 24mm f/2.8 IS USM lens. The lens didn’t score very well.

From the conclusion:

The Canon EF 28mm f/2.8 USM IS and EF 35mm f/2 USM IS delivered pretty impressive results in our lab. Can the Canon EF 24mm f/2.8 USM IS continue this tradition? Unfortunately it doesn’t quite convince as much. The image quality is far from being bad in general but it could be clearly better at f/2.8 at least. The quality in the image center is great but the corners are soft and there’s a quite massive degree of vignetting. At medium aperture settings the quality is much better but it doesn’t provide anything extraordinary here either. On the positive side, the lateral CAs are low and bokeh fringing is not an issue. The bokeh itself is very decent within its class. Image distortions reach a slight to medium degree only.

Never the less, the build quality is excellent and this is a light-weight lens that may appeal to many photographers. The lens has a $50 mail-in rebate to take advantage of, and sells for $549 at Adorama and B&H Photo, but not on Amazon (where it is $599).


  • EF Mount Lens
  • Aperture Range: f/2.8-22
  • Aspherical Lens Elements
  • Optical Image Stabilization
  • Ultrasonic Focus Motor
  • Rear Focusing System
  • Fulltime Manual Focus Override
  • Lens Coatings Minimize Ghosting & Flare
  • Minimum Focusing Distance: 7.9″
  • 58mm Filter Thread Diameter

EF 24mm f/2.8 IS USM price check: Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Canon USA, Digitalrev, eBay [via] 244