Winners of Canon’s New Cosmos of Photography 2016 Announced

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Canon press release:

Winners of Canon’s New Cosmos of Photography 2016 Announced

A meeting of the New Cosmos of Photography 2016 (39th competition) Excellence Award Selection Committee was held at Canon Inc.’s Shimomaruko headquarters in Tokyo.

This year, applications were received from April 20 until June 15, and 7 Excellence Award winners and 14 Honorable Mention Award winners were selected from 1,723 entrants. Photos taken at the meeting are shown below.

The winning works will be exhibited at the New Cosmos of Photography Tokyo Exhibition 2016 in the end of October. The selection committee will meet again during the exhibition to select the 2016 Grand Prize winner.

The following are the winners of New Cosmos of Photography 2016.

Excellence Award winners: (Honorific titles omitted)

Sonoko Sakurai (selected by Anna Dannemann)
Yuu Matsui (selected by Erin O’Toole)
Kim Sajik (selected by Osamu James Nakagawa)
Takuya Matsuura (selected by Tomoko Sawada)
Kuta TAKASHIMA (selected by Hiraki Sawa)
Natsumi Kawai (selected by Toshio Shibata)
Kim Hyunseok (selected by Minoru Shimizu)

Honorable Mention Award winners: (Honorific titles omitted)

Benjamin Breitkopf, Sayako Kazui (selected by Anna Dannemann)
Takayuki Narita, Mone Kobayashi (selected by Erin O’Toole)
HIDEAKI MAKI, Hiroshi Miyamoto (selected by Osamu James Nakagawa)
Toshihiro ANZAI, Yu Nozaki (selected by Tomoko Sawada)
KOHEI FUJISAWA, SNACK SONO (selected by Hiraki Sawa)
Kenta Okamoto, Sakiko Kanno (selected by Toshio Shibata)
Hiroyuki Otsuka, Kazuomi Itou (selected by Minoru Shimizu)

Canon Welcomes Stephanie Sinclair and Jeremy Cowart to Explorers of Light Program


Canon press release:

Canon Welcomes Stephanie Sinclair and Jeremy Cowart to Explorers of Light Program

More than 20 Year Program Debuts New Members at PhotoPlus Expo 2016

MELVILLE, N.Y., October 19, 2016 – Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging, is proud to announce the addition of two new photographers to its renowned Explorers of Light program, Stephanie Sinclair and Jeremy Cowart. These new members add to the already impressive ranks of Canon’s program, expanding to align with a wide range of talented professionals that impact imaging culture and influence the way their audiences see the world. These new Explorers of Light will be on hand at the Canon Booth (#121) at PhotoPlus Expo 2016, October 20-22 at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City. For a full schedule of events in the Canon booth, please visit

Stephanie Sinclair is a New York-based photojournalist who has gained international acclaim for her attention to human rights issues. Through her photography and her Too Young to Wed foundation, she has shone a spotlight on issues such as child marriage, female circumcision, war and polygamy. “Throughout my career, I’ve used the power of images to tell stories that weren’t being told,” Sinclair remarked. “I’m honored to join Canon’s Explorers of Light program and eager to get more involved in speaking to the next generation of photographers to teach them how to do the same.”

Jeremy Cowart is an accomplished portrait photographer who has captured iconic images of some of the world’s biggest celebrities. In addition, his humanitarian work has taken him to places such as Rwanda and Haiti where he has created photo essays that helped tell the stories of those whose lives had been ravaged by war and tragedy. “I’ve always been passionate about teaching, because it is my belief that art can change the world,” said Cowart. “I’m so proud to join the Explorers of Light program and be part of such an amazing team of professional photographers who share my enthusiasm for spreading the joy of imagery.”

“For over 20 years, the Explorers of Light program has enabled Canon to align with amazing professional photographers that use the power of the image to educate and inspire, and Jeremy Cowart and Stephanie Sinclair will help us to do both in new and impactful ways,” said Yuichi Ishizuka, president and COO, Canon U.S.A., Inc.

Since the creation of the program in 1995, Canon’s Explorers of Light have been leaders in their respective fields, garnering awards and accolades for their work. These individuals work with Canon extensively as representatives, ambassadors, educators, and role models for aspiring creative artists. They participate in workshops, seminars, gallery showings and personal appearances throughout the United States.

For more information about the Explorers of Light program, visit:

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Canon patent for curved image sensor

canon patent

Canon’s labs are working on new technology without any pause. Here is another interesting patent that may hit the market ine day.

Canon files a patent for a curved image sensor. According to patent literature, this is…

[…] an optical system which makes an object image image on an imaging surface of the […] image sensor. A driving means which incurvates an imaging surface of the aforementioned image sensor, a control means which controls the aforementioned driving means and incurvates the aforementioned image sensor so that it may become the curvature according to curvature-of-field aberration and a photographing condition of the aforementioned optical system.

Cool, eh?

  • Patent Publication No. 2016-173496
    • Published 2016.9.29
    • Filing date 2015.3.17
  • [0005] However, generally a dark current is generated by the image sensor, especially since the time of or during long exposure sensitivity is sometimes noise due to dark current are noticeable, various noise reduction process is performed. On the other hand, the imaging surface imaging element is curved in the imaging element curved dark current generated by the imaging device is known to be reduced by the tensile stress at the time of the.
  • Canon patent
    • Curving the imaging surface drive means
    • Driving means magnetic force
    • curvature
      • Curvature of dark current noise is reduced
      • Curvature priority to the correction of the curvature of field aberration
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Canon Introduces Three New Premium Fine Art Papers Ideal for Professional Photographers

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Canon press release:

Canon U.S.A. Introduces Three New Premium Fine Art Papers Ideal for Professional Photographers

Key Features Include Rich Color Reproduction, Longevity and Detailed Expression of Gradation

MELVILLE, N.Y., October 18, 2016 – Photographers have a wide range of paper options when printing their work and choosing the right paper to match the work is key to professional and amateur photographers alike. Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, continues to show their commitment to the professional printing market by announcing today three new Premium Fine Art papers — Premium Fine Art Smooth, Premium Fine Art Bright White and Premium Polished Rag. Designed to produce, rich-color reproduction, and detailed expression of gradation, these new papers will help photographers take their images to the next level and create works of art.

“Canon continues to be committed to our professional printing audience and these new papers are a great example of providing the tools needed to create great artwork,” said Yuichi Ishizuka, president and COO, Canon U.S.A., Inc. “Having a wide range of versatile media support for our printers allows users to choose the best paper to create their masterpiece.”

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Canon contributes to cosmological observation by expanding the range of observable infrared frequencies


Canon plans to develop an immersion grating from materials suitable for frequencies close to visible light (0.8–1.2 μm). With the successful development of its InP immersion grating, the Company is one step closer to achieving that goal. By developing a lineup of immersion gratings using a variety of different materials, users can choose the optimal grating based on the frequency range it will be used with to make possible a wide range of applications in the field of infrared spectroscopy. Canon anticipates applications in the fields of medicine, communication and, of course, astronomy.

Canon press release:

Canon successfully develops world’s first indium phosphide immersion grating

TOKYO, October 18, 2016—Canon Inc. announced today the successful development of the world’s first* indium phosphide (InP) immersion grating.† Strengthening its lineup of immersion gratings, which includes gratings made from germanium (Ge) and cadmium zinc telluride (CdZnTe), Canon is contributing to even greater progress in cosmological observation by expanding the range of observable infrared frequencies.

In order to retrieve information contained within light emitted from space, astronomical telescopes and man-made satellites are equipped with spectroscopes—devices that incrementally divide light by its different frequencies—that play a vital role in cosmological observation. Compared with typical reflective elements, immersion gratings enable spectrometers that are smaller in size and realize higher levels of performance. With the addition of an InP immersion grating to Canon’s lineup, spectrometers could be reduced to approximately 1/27th the volume of those equipped with typical reflective elements that cover the same frequencies. Overcoming restrictions on size and weight, which, until now, made it difficult to launch man-made satellites equipped with high-performance spectrometers, is expected to further expand the possibilities of cosmological observation. What’s more, the application of this grating to next-generation large ground-based telescopes, which face the problem of ever-increasing sizes, could lead to reductions in size without sacrificing performance.

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