Adobe Lightroom 5.5 Available For Download

Adobe Lightroom 5

Adobe released Lightroom 5.5 (Mac | Win).

The update supports the Canon G1 X Mark II, and the following third party lenses for Canon: Sigma 50m F1.4 DG HSM, Sigma 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 DC MACRO OS HSM, Tamron 16-300mm F3.5-6.3 Dill VC PZD MACRO.

Bugs fixed in Lightroom 5.5:

  • Improved responsiveness in Develop module while Lightroom mobile sync is occurring.
  • Custom Develop module default settings were not syncing correctly to Lightroom mobile.
  • Initial rendition in Develop would sometimes appear posterized.
  • Undo function failed and applied a preset instead.
  • Scaling looked inaccurate when scaling to 200% in Windows.
  • Manual slideshows sometimes did not advance to the next slide as expected.
  • Aspect ratio changed when modifying the crop rectangle and when rotating the crop
  • Image flips between portrait and landscape after switching orientation while shooting tethered with Leica S cameras.
  • Fixed issue with Fujifilm X-T1 raw images appearing too bright at high ISO settings when using Dynamic Range 200% and 400%. Unfortunately, this fix may affect the appearance of existing images captured with this combination of settings. It is recommended that you (1) purge the Camera Raw cache via the Preferences dialog, and (2) review images shot at ISO settings higher than 1600 for unexpected brightness changes.
  • Fixed image quality issue (noisy result) when applying spot healing to floating-point (HDR) images.
  • Fixed issue with reading lossless compressed Nikon raw files (NEF files) from the camera models listed below. Previously, some images could be read but would appear as random noise, whereas attempting to open others would result in an error dialog. You will need to purge your Camera Raw cache via the Preferences dialog.

Adobe Lightroom 5 price check: Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Canon USA, Digitalrev, eBay

Canon Patent For 100-400mm f/3.5-5.6 STM And 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS STM Lenses

Canon Patent

100-400mm f/3.5-5.6 STM

Canon Patent

55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS STM

Egami (translated) spotted a patent filed by Canon for 100-400mm f/3.5-5.6 STM and 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS STM lenses.

  • Patent Publication No. 2014-102462
    • Publication date 2014.6.5
    • Filing date 2012.11.22
  • Example 1
    • Zoom ratio 4.24
    • Focal length f = 56.90-133.00-241.28mm
    • Fno. 4.12-5.04-5.83
    • Half angle ω = 13.50-5.86-3.24 °
    • Image height 13.66mm
    • 154.33-176.38-191.20mm overall length of the lens
    • BF 41.21mm
  • Example 5
    • Zoom ratio 3.73
    • Focal length f = 104.59-199.99-389.99mm
    • Fno. 4.58-5.03-5.87
    • Half angle ω = 11.69-6.17-3.18 °
    • Image height 21.64mm
    • 245.09-285.06-308.91mm overall length of the lens
    • BF 68.73mm



Canon Digital Photo Professional (DPP) 4.0 Available For Download (and it’s only for full-frame DSLRs)

Digital Photo Professional

Thanks Sally

Canon’s all new Digital Photo Professional (DPP) 4.0 RAW processing software is already available for download. Canon Australia posted the download link for Windows, and Canon New Zealand for MAC OS X. And what most of us were hoping would not be true turned out to be.

DPP 4.0 supports only Canon’s latest FF cameras, these: EOS-1D X, EOS-1D C, EOS 5D Mark III, and EOS 6D. RAW files from other Canon cameras are not supported. Not happy about that. Want to use it with the RAWs of my EOS 70D and EOS M, and the other Canon DSLRs I have. C’mon Canon, don’t forget all your other customers! :-) Is this an elite DPP?

A CPN article about Canon’s DPP 4.0 and its new features can be read here.

Canon EOS 7D Mark II Specification Speculations Surface

Canon EOS 7D Mark IICanon Rumor
CR reports rumors by “someone who says they have spoken to a person who has shot with the EOS 7D Mark II“.  Apparently the EOS 7D (price & specs) replacement will have a high megapixel count, well over the murmured 24MP. Quoting CR’s source, the EOS 7D Mark II might have the following specs:

  • Quite high MP count
  • Vastly improved AF performance
  • Greatly improved low light and ISO/noise performance
  • Potentially a different sensor and/or technology than expected
  • Good price point
  • Very close to ‘pro’ classification, but non-compete with flagship such as 1dx
  • Release by Fall season as expected
  • Canon holding back 7Dmk2 for a reason […]

Take all with a pinch of salt, the rumor mills yield rumors. All EOS 7D Mark II rumors here.

[via CR]

Tamron Set To Announce 18-200mm Di III VC Zoom Lens With Native EF-M Mount (EOS M)

Tamron 18-200mm Di III VC

Who say’s the EOS M is dead? Another zoom lens is coming soon.

Digicame-Info (translated) just broke the news. Tamron is going to announce a super-zoom with native EF-M mount for the Canon EOS M system (price & specs), the image stabilised Tamron 18-200mm Di III VC. According to the reported rumor the lens should be announced tomorrow, June 19. Color is black and silver.

Tamron has a 18-200mm F/3.5-6.3 Di III VC for Sony E-Mount. Possibly the 18-200mm that Tamron is supposed to announce tomorrow has similar specifications.

Yesterday Canon announced the EF-M 55-200mm IS STM, a few days after Tamron is going to announce their own telephoto zoom with native EF-M mount. Good times for EOS M users :-)


CPN Article On Canon’s New Digital Photo Professional (DPP) 4.0 Software

Digital Photo Professional

Canon DPP 4.0

Canon Professional Network posted an article on Canon’s all new Digital Photo Professional (DPP) 4.0 RAW processing software. DPP 4.0 is free and will be available for download starting June 26.

Canon has launched Digital Photo Professional (DPP) 4.0, the first sweeping overhaul of Canon’s RAW processing software since its launch. The latest version of DPP has been updated with a raft of key changes to satisfy the most demanding of digital photographers.

Canon software engineers – having the unique advantage of being able to directly harness the power of the Canon sensors, DIGIC processors and lenses – have made the all-new Digital Photo Professional 4.0 a much faster, more dynamic, linear and feature-packed image editing software solution, thanks to the ability to fully utilise 64-bit architecture. The latest version of DPP has been designed and developed from the ground up, tailored to the workflows of professional and high-end amateurs to help them realise the key EOS System concepts of speed, ease of use and high image quality.

Read the rest at CPN –>