(Update) Next Canon APS-C Flagship Will Come For Photokina, Prototypes Tested At 2014 FIFA World Cup


Canon APS-C Flagship

Fake EOS 7D Mark II (mock-up)

Little correction: the source contacted me again. Not prototypes are tested during 2014 World Cup in Brazil, but preproduction models undergoing last tests (in the field). I think it’s more about firmware fine-tuning or similar issues.

I have been told (thanks) that selected photographers will test prototypes ofthe upcoming Canon EOS 7D replacement during the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brasil. The source (known to me) also told me that the EOS 7D replacement will be announced for Photokina 2014. Apparently Canon is going to announce a pro-grade APS-C camera, and wants to be sure to do everything right.

It is still not sure if the EOS 7D replacement will be called “EOS 7D Mark II”. According to my information it will not be named that way. The high-level video features rumored previously have been confirmed by the source. I still have no hints about the rumored hybrid viewfinder, though none of my source has ever told me that it will not be featured on Canon’s next APS-C flagship.

The EOS 7D (price & specs) has been announced in september 2009. If Canon announces the replacement for Photokina 2014, that would be 5 years after the 7D. A long time, and some people starts wondering if Canon will ever announce a new APS-C flagship. I think they will. Canon has the knowledge and the research facilities to produce a milestone APS-C camera. If only they want to do.

However, be aware that all the EOS 7D replacement rumors I and others reported so far are pretty vague, and sometimes contradicting. For me there is only one sure thing: Canon will announce a new APS-C flagship. Eventually.



Adobe & Canon Announce New Digital Publishing App On iPad for Canon EOS Photographers


From Adobe:

There is a new free iPad app in the Apple App Store based on the Adobe Digital Publishing platform. This great app has been created by Canon and goes in the whole Canon camera eco-system. It’s got a wealth of content and interactivity, including which lenses to use for what style of photography (Macro, Wedding, Portrait, Food and many more), tips and techniques when using the Canon EOS system, but also interviews with leading Canon Ambassadors and Explorers. The app is available here in the Apple App store, and is available in EMEA only.

EMEA means Europe, Middle East and Africa. The app is available only there.

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