April 24, 2013
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Canon EF 200-400mm f/4L IS 1.4x Hands-On Preview (Available in Mid 2014?)

EF 200-400mm f/4L IS 1.4x

Image credit: Juzaphoto.com

juzaphoto posted a comprehensive hands-on review of a pre-production Canon EF 200-400mm f/4L IS 1.4x, the lens that’s still not available to the public. No sample pics have been published, it is not allowed by Canon. One interesting fact, they write:

Now it is getting close to release: if everything goes well, it should reach the market in mid 2014.

Mid of 2014? This is new! We didn’t have any hint that Canon may release the Canon EF 200-400mm f/4L IS 1.4x in mid 2014. That is another delay. Will this lens ever be released?

In the conclusion they write:

A lens like that has its pros and cons. Its zoom range is very versatile; AF is fast, and the built-in teleconverter is handy. The main cons are its weight – it is similar to the big 600 f/4 – and the f/4 aperture. In very low light a 300 f/2.8 or 400 f/2.8 have an advantage, even tough with recent cameras as the 1DX you have such great ISO capabilities that you can compensate a bit for the one stop difference.

Even though personally I am a big fan of the 300 f/2.8, I can see two potential customers for this lens: sport photographers and the nature photographer that shoots mainly from hides or car, as in safaris. In these cases the weight of this lens is not a problem, since you don’t have to carry it around, and the versatility of the 200-560mm zoom range is a great plus.

One last thought is about price and availability. Canon has not said anything about price, but it won’t be cheap – my bet is between $9000 and $10000 [...]

EF 200-400mm f/4L IS 1.4x

Image credit: juzaphoto.com

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April 24, 2013
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The Basics of Time Lapse Photography with Vincent Laforet (Setting Up The Camera)

Explorer of Light Vincent Laforet explains the basics of time lapse photography. Travel with him from the rugged canyons of Utah to the Las Vegas Strip, and learn how to make your own unique time lapse movies. In this episode, review camera setting to optimize your EOS system for shooting time lapse sequences, including Vincent’s tips on camera features to enable or disable, shooting in Manual Mode, the benefits of shooting in the RAW format, and more.

Watch the full series of Time Lapse tutorials on the Canon Digital Learning Center.

April 23, 2013
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Canon EOS 5D Mark III Deal Still Alive ($2787)

EOS 5D Mark III Deal

Just a quick post to remind you that an excellent Canon EOS 5D Mark III deal I featured yesterday is still alive. The price now is $2786.70 (it was $2813).

Top rated plus eBay seller getitdigital (>41000 ratings, 99.6% positive) has another Canon EOS 5D Mark III deal going on: the EOS 5D Mark III is on sale for $2786.70 (click here). Free shipping and USA warranty. Limited stock.

April 23, 2013
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Magic Lantern 2.3 Video-Tutorial (Canon DSLR firmware extension)

Here at Canon Watch we won’t forget Magic Lantern, the über-cool firmware extension for your Canon DSLR (well, not for all Canon DSLR unfortunately). The video shows how to install and use ML on a Rebel T2i/EOS 550D, Rebel T3i/EOS 600D (price & specs) and an EOS 5D Mark II (price & specs). However, the procedure isn’t different for the other supported Canon DSLRs. Happy hacking! :-)

April 23, 2013
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FX Photo Studio HD For iPad Free For Limited Time

FX Photo Studio HD

For a very limited time FX Photo Studio for the iPad is a free download (click here). If you want to read a review of the app then click here. The iPhone version is also free for limited time.


Hands down, the best variety and one of the largest collections on App Store, including Lo-Fi, art, frames, vintage, graffiti, tilt-shift, blurs, grunge, textures, black&white, sketches, pixelate and more.

You can customize each effect and tune it the way you like. Plus you can apply as many effects on one image as you like, creating new unique photo filters.

FX Photo Studio brings you the most powerful color splash tool available for iOS. You get a fully customizable brush, powerful zoom to work with details, possibility to preview masking and more. You don’t need any other app to create photos with selective colors.

You can apply effects to the whole image or just a part of it. With over 190 photo effects and masking tool, your creativity is truly unlimited.

You can upload images from iTunes, Camera roll or even your Facebook albums. You can share creations via most popular social networks, including Instagram, Flickr, Facebook and Tumblr.

You will be amazed how intuitive FX Photo Studio is. You don’t need any special knowledge to make amazing photos – everything is made with just a tap or two.

FX Photo Studio HD

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April 23, 2013
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Canon EOS-1D C – An Analysis By Tyler Stableford

High ISO noise test

Canon Explorer of Light Tyler Stableford felt the heartbeat of the Canon EOS-1D C and gave it some serious testing. There is a high ISO noise test, a Canon Log vs Neutral Picture Profile test, a slow motion test, and a Canon L series lens vs. Cine series lens comparison. You can watch the videos below, or have a look at planet5d’s site to learn more.

The EOS-1D C is sold for $11,999 at the following shops: B&H and Adorama, and you can rent it here.

Canon Log vs Neutral Picture Profile

Slow motion test

Canon L series lens vs. Cine series lens

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