December 21, 2013
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Canon Rumor: A New High End, High Resolution EOS DSLR With Hybrid Viewfinder (named EOS-A1?)



I am getting lots of rumors about Canon’s future plans and projects these days, and while I will not post anything because either I do not have a double confirmation or what I am told is simply not credible, I decided to post what follows because it came from two sources. However: This comes from new sources so let’s take it with a good grain of salt.

I have been told (thanks) that Canon will announce a new high end EOS DSLR in 2014, a DSLR with a big megapixel count, possibly the high resolution Canon camera that is rumored since a while. This camera is not going to replace existing models, it is a new entry in Canon’s line-up

The rumored DSLR is said to have a megapixel count that matches the highest resolution sensors out there (but no word about the actual resolution). The DSLR is optimized for the best possible still and video performance, video is said to be the best ever seen on a DSLR (better than the EOS-1D C?). And this one rocks: the camera is said to have a hybrid viewfinder, i.e. it combines optical viewfinder and electronic viewfinder. The electronic viewfinder would be for video (according to the sources). No word if we are talking about an APS-C or a full-frame sensor.

Finally, I have been told a name for the camera: EOS-A1, but one of the source wasn’t sure if the name refers to a prototype or to the final model. The DSLR is said to be announced in 2014.

I give this rumour a 30-35%% chance to be true. I write 30-35% because I received notifications that “something big is coming from Canon” (quoting a source) from various sources, and the rumour here reported fits into that.

It is getting chaotic with Canon rumors since a few weeks, with lots of rumors often contradicting previous rumors and predictions. The latest EOS 7D Mark II rumor is the best example: after all the rumors about the (supposedly) upcoming EOS 7D Mark II we were told that there will be no EOS 7D Mark II. Instead, according to another rumor that followed, there will be a new APS-C flagship, but it will not be called “EOS 7D Mark II”. I will (hopefully) soon have more to tell about that. Stay tuned.

I appreciate your thoughts about this rumor, so let me know in the comment section if you like.

December 20, 2013
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Hot Deal: Canon EOS 5D Mark III – $2699 (B&H)

B&H has the Canon EOS 5D Mark III on sale for $2699. Price shows up after checkout. A steal! Expires 12/21.

December 20, 2013
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Deal: Canon PIXMA MG6320 Wireless Color All-in-One Inkjet Photo Printer – $69.99 (instead of $199)


 1005904More More B&H Canon deals are here  B&H has the Canon PIXMA MG6320 Wireless Color All-in-One Inkjet Photo Printer on sale for the special price of $69.99 (click here) instead of $199. Specs:

  • Print, Scan, Copy
  • 600 dpi Black, 2400 dpi Color
  • 15 ipm Black, 10 ipm Color
  • Wi-Fi, Ethernet, AirPrint, Google Cloud
  • Print & Scan with USB Drive, Memory Card
  • Auto Duplex Printing
  • 2400 x 4800 dpi Scan Resolution
  • CD, DVD, Blu-ray Printing
  • Touchscreen LCD


December 20, 2013
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Canon Patent for PowerShot with 100x Zoom

Egami (translated) spotted a patent filed by Canon that appears to be for a PowerShot with a 100x zoom. 18mm-1768mm equivalent.

  • Patent Publication No. 2013-242430,2013-242431
    • Publication date 2013.12.5
    • Filing date 2012.5.21
  • Example 2
    • Zoom ratio 48.37
    • Focal length f = 4.30-13.30-208.00mm
    • Fno. 2.87-5.00-7.07
    • Half angle ω = 37.77-16.25-1.07 °
    • 94.75-94.56-138.99mm overall length of the lens
    • BF 10.40-19.43-10.43mm
    • 13 pieces of 10-group lens configuration
    • Two four-sided aspherical
  • Example 5
    • Zoom ratio 94.44
    • Focal length f = 3.60-14.51-340.00mm
    • Fno. 3.50-5.00-9.00
    • Half angle ω = 42.12-14.95-0.65 °
    • 95.91-97.40-165.41mm overall length of the lens
    • BF 10.48-21.86-2.28mm
    • 13 pieces of 10-group lens configuration
    • Three 5-sided aspherical

December 20, 2013
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New Firmware for Canon EOS C500/C500 PL Cinema EOS Cameras (ver.

Canon EOS C500

Canon released a new firmware for the EOS C500/C500 PL Cinema EOS Cameras, version Hey, it’s the camera used to capture comet ISON. The links:

Download Firmware Version for EOS C500.
Download Firmware Version for EOS C500 PL

Download the new version of the Instruction Manual for the EOS C500.
Download the new version of the Instruction Manual for the EOS C500 PL.

Canon product advisory:

Thank you for using Canon products.

Canon has released a firmware update for the EOS C500/C500 PL Cinema EOS Cameras.

EOS C500 Cinema EOS Camera & EOS C500PL Cinema EOS Camera
1. When using the Magnify focus assist function, the ability to move the magnified viewing area around the LCD has been added.
2. Maximum ISO setting has been increased to ISO 80,000.
3. Cinema Gamut mode and DCI-P3+ mode have been added to provide expanded color gamut options in RAW capture.
4. 4096×1080-pixel RAW format resolution has been added.
5. A Key Lock menu setting has been added which now makes it possible to lock all operations, including the START/STOP button.
6. Using the optional Canon WFT-E6 Wireless File Transmitter, the camera’s remote-control application allows up to two users to access the same unit via a Wi-Fi® link providing simultaneous and independent control of camera operation and metadata input.
7. Canon Log LUT support has been made possible for HD/SD SDI terminal output.
8. ACESproxy output from monitor terminal has been added.
9. [ND]/[ND-] have been added as functions that can be allocated to any assignable button.

EOS C500 Digital Cinema Camera only
10. Ability to assign the two control dials (body and grip) to operate either Iris or ISO sensitivity independently has been added.
11. Peripheral Illumination Correction Data has been added for seven (7) Canon Cinema lenses (EF mount) and eleven (11) Canon EF Lenses.

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December 19, 2013
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Off Brand: New Apple MacPro Available for Pre-Order (B&H)

Apple MacPro

It is the computer professional photographer have and use (or would like to have and use). After many years Apple finally released a new MacPro. It starts at $2999 and can be pre-ordered at B&H. They have only limited quantity in stock.