Canon Announces The M15P-CL – An Industrial Camera With Nikon F Mount


Canon Japan announced the M15P-CL, a monochrome industrial camera with 15MP, and a Nikon F mount!

After the break you can read the machine translated press release, and you won’t find any mention of Nikon F mount. According to Dicahub (translated), who did a fair share of research work, Canon adopted the Nikon F mount because it is the mount type with the largest share in the industrial camera market. This is backed up by the folks at

The M15P-CL has a low noise CMOS sensor and should ship by the end of March. It is compatible with the Camera Link Interface. The Japanese product brochure can be downloaded here (hint: you can translate it via Google translator).

Below you see a pic of Nikon’s F mount (via Wikipedia), and indeed it seems the Canon M15P-CL has an F mount.

The Nikon F of 1959 embodies the original F-mount (via Wikipedia)

[via DicaHub]

Machine translated press release after the break.


Canon Quick Tips – Learn From Canon’s Technical Advisors

Canon Quick Tips

Screenshot from video

The Canon Digital Learning Center added the latest video to their series named “Canon Quick Tips“.

In our new Quick Tips series, you get to watch and learn right from Canon Digital Learning Center experts!

Each video will feature a Canon Technical Advisor offering a helpful imaging tip, sharing a unique product insight, or explaining a key technology. New videos will be added regularly, so check back to keep expanding your Canon knowledge base.

The topic of the newest video is “High Speed Sync” and how to use it with Canon’s Speedlite Flashes:

See how this Speedlite feature can allow you to shoot at any shutter speed, up to the camera’s maximum, whether in sunlight or indoors.

[via CDLC]

Canon Publishes Macro Ring Lite MR-14EX II Guidebook

Macro Ring Lite MR-14EX II

The Canon Digital Learning Center published the Canon Macro Ring Lite MR-14EX II Guidebook (download here):

Have you been intrigued by the possibilities of close-up and macro shooting, but felt limited by your understanding of lighting? Canon has long provided the EOS photographer with two specialized flashes for close-up shooting, but their operation and possibilities have been a bit of a mystery to users who haven’t experienced them first-hand.

With the launch of Canon’s latest macro flash — the Macro Ring Lite MR-14EX II — Canon, Inc. has developed a guide that explains the unit’s operation and how it can be realistically applied in different situations. Whether you simply want to document a hobby, photograph small objects to display or sell on-line, or even shoot portraits, the combination of this new Macro Ring Lite and a Canon macro lens may be all you need to get creative results.

Written for the photographer who is new to macro shooting, this opens the door to how macro flash may be a lot easier to use than he or she may have previously thought. Examples are as easy to understand as the manner in which the guide is written. Canon’s hope is that with this guidebook, the possibilities and fun of macro shooting with flash will be even more within reach of the casual EOS photographer, as well as the dedicated macro enthusiast.

The Canon MR-14EX II Macro Ring Light can be purchased for $549 at B&H Photo and Adorama.