Leakgate: EOS 5D Mark III light-leaking issue confirmed by Canon!

So, now it is official! And not really the news I love to hear. The light-leaking issue of the 5D Mark III we reported before (and here and here) has been confirmed by Canon USA. The press release:

To Users of the Canon EOS 5D Mark III Digital SLR Camera

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Another Canon Quality Issue Announcement (DPP)

Canon released another quality issue announcement. The issue regards problems the DPP software has with EOS 5D Mark III RAW files. A new version of DPP will be released mid-April. The press announcement:

EOS 5D Mark III – Quality Issue Announcement

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EOS 5D Mark III Hardware Change Rumor

The latest I heard about the 5D Mark III says that new batches that are shipped have a thicker top LCD panel cover that looks a little different than the one mounted on previous batches. Don’t know if it has to do with the light-leaking issue that has been observed on some 5D Mark III bodies, or if it has something to do with the rumored recall/stock delaying of the Mark III.

Inspired Portraits – Mused by EOS 5D Mark III

Our friend Mike Kobal produced this short, artistic video, and he used a EOS 5D Mark III for his work. Lest I forget: did I say that the auto-focus of the 5D Mark III is amazing? 🙂 Mike confirmed me that the AF featured on the Mark III is really outstanding, something that makes the difference. About the video:

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Should I return my new EOS 5D Mark III? – (no, you shouldn’t)

This is the main question that’s raising among new 5D Mark III owners – together with the question if you should cancel your pre-orders. The answer is: no!

First, the light-leaking issue we reported about is nothing that you should be really worried about. It’s not influencing your pics in a way that could make them useless – not in a real-world setting (i.e. >90% of what you will do with a camera). It only, if ever, shows up in extreme settings, like night shots. It’s annoying, that’s true, but if it should be a real issue Canon will react accordingly. But then: you are not shooting with a mounted lens-cap, right? 🙂

Second, don’t get scared by the rumors saying that Canon is recalling the 5D Mark III. It is just a rumor, and we need some official announcement by Canon before taking for granted that there is some real and limiting problem with the 5D Mark III. Canon recalled the 1D Mark III (I am not sure about the exact model) body in the past, and it wasn’t too much annoying for customers. If Canon decides that the 5D Mark III has a serious hardware problem, it will not left its customers out in the rain.

The 5D Mark III is an amazing camera and I have lots of reports of users who are more than satisfied by its performance (the AF is simply outstanding, and ISO performance is great too – not to mention the video-capabilities). More in one of the next posts.

EOS 5D Mark III price check (click on shop name): Amazon | B&H Photo | Digitalrev | eBay | Adorama | Canon USA

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See the latest 5D Mark III pics uploaded to Flickr (click here).

Have a nice day, or night – wherever you are.



EOS 5D Mark III recalled by Canon?

This is breaking news in this very moment.

Rumors that Canon will stop delivery of the 5D Mark III to retailers are going around, and getting louder by the minute. canonrumors broke the news and I also heard something about it from customers but did not yet have any confirmation by retailers. There is no official announcement so far. I don’t think that a firmware update could be the cause, since it could easily be applied as an update at any moment. The only plausible motivation for a recall would be a serious hardware problem.

But then this is just a rumor, nothing more. Hence, let’s wait for an official announcement.