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July 14, 2014
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Canon EOS 7D Replacement Will Push Dual Pixel AF To New Levels

EOS 7D ReplacementEOS 7D Replacement 

Whatever Canon is going to announce on September 5th (the most likely announcement date) it will be something groundbreaking. Most rumor sites, CW included, think there will be an entirely new sensor technology that is coming. Recent patents filed by Canon point to Foveon-like sensors (3 patents in a row), one patent refers to a 5-layer sensor.

Details about the sensor technology Canon is supposed to announce are by now in the realm of pure speculation, no serious specs have leaked so far. However, I have been told (thanks) that the EOS 7D replacement will not just feature Canon’s Dual Pixel CMOS Auto-Focus, it will push its capabilities to new boundaries. We had a patent that points in this direction, i.e. to the next evolutive step of the Dual Pixel AF technology. It is also pretty plausible that Dual Pixel AF will show all its power with a new generation of CPUs. This fits with the rumors stating that the EOS 7D replacement will feature very advanced functionalities for videography, since Dual Pixel AF delivers a lot for videographers.

This rumor sounds very credible to me. Dual Pixel AF is a major milestone in Canon’s technological sensor evolution. And Dual Pixel AF is for sure not relegated to the more affordable Canon DSLRs (as the EOS 70D, where it was first implemented): Canon didn’t waste time in offering it also on the professional-graded EOS C100 and C300 (where it was already implemented on the sensor but had to be unlocked via firmware). Dual Pixel AF is a technology we will see in many future Canon cameras, and hopefully eventually also on a serious mirrorless camera.

Note that I prefer to use the definition “EOS 7D replacement” instead of “EOS 7D Mark II”. For the time being there are no hints it will be the next iteration of the 7D, pertinent rumors surfaced in the past.

Stay tuned, there will be more and more leaks in the next weeks.


July 7, 2014
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New Candidate Announcement Date For Canon EOS 7D Replacement Is September 5

Canon EOS 7D Replacement

CR reports they got word that the NDAs (aka embargo) on the successor of the Canon EOS 7D will end on Friday, September 5, 2014 EST. That’s 10 days before Photokina 2014 starts. Sounds plausible.

Since last Sunday the EOS 7D and kits get massive instante discounts (up to $600). That’s a fire sale and a great opportunity.

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Check out all EOS 7D kits on sale at Adorama (also kits with accessories for the same price).

More Canon EOS 7D price checks: PixMania ES, DigitalRev,,

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July 5, 2014
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Is This The Canon EOS 7D Replacement?

I told you the replacement for the Canon EOS 7D was undergoing professional testing at FIFA 2014 World Cup. Now NL got an image sent in that shows a Canon DSLR that is always covered up. You can see it is a Canon because the lens is made by Canon. According to NL’s source the photographer with the concealed camera is always in the same spot, always shooting with this hidden camera.

I also got serious hints that the NDAs for the EOS 7D replacement will expire at the beginning of September, so the camera in the pic above could definitely be Canon’s new APS-C flagship, and the rumored new 100-400mm telephoto lens.

[via NL]

July 2, 2014
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Canon EOS 7D Replacement NDAs To Expire Early September

Canon EOS 7D Replacement

Fake EOS 7D Mark II (mock-up)

I (thanks) and others have been notified that the NDAs (non disclosure agreements) for the EOS 7D replacement will expire early September.

CR speculates the dates could be either September 9 (Tuesday) or September 12 (Friday), 2014. They also got rumor that a new telephoto lens could be announced along with the EOS 7D replacement.

I always thought that the rumored announcement date in August was a bit weird. It’s hard to differentiate serious rumors from the rest. Photokina 2014 starts September 16, 2014, so an announcement during the first weeks of September makes sense.

Canon EOS 7D price check: PixMania ES, DigitalRev,,

June 21, 2014
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Something Big Is Coming From Canon (And It Will Ship in October)

EOS 7D Mark IIEOS 7D Mark II

Think it is time to sum up some of the rumors I am getting.

I’ve been told (thanks) that whatever Canon is going to announce the third week of August 2014 (18th is the buzz) will be “something really big“ that will reaffirm Canon’s role as a leading imaging company.

This is the same source that contacted me time ago, saying that Canon will not replace the EOS 7D, which is part of a plan targeting a general revamping of Canon’s higher end DSLR lineup. The source repeated that what is coming is ”the biggest change in Canon’s history“.

The same source said that the camera Canon is going to announce will feature a new sensor technology. There is a lot of buzz on the web talking about a possible Foveon sensor (it surfaced previously). I got notified that a new sensor technology will come indeed, without a Foveon-like sensor being explicitly mentioned. The rumors about a new sensor technology seem to be the most reliable so far.

And then there is the viewfinder. Back in December 2013 I had some rumors about a hybrid viewfinder. Well, this is surfacing again too.  It also seems that Canon is working on a camera that is oriented to new levels of videography.

Finally, Canon’s big shot that’s going to be announced at the end of August, will be ready to ship in October (so I have been told). It will be showcased at Photokina 2014 with big fanfare, and start to ship the weeks after.

Some considerations. Canon has the research facilities and the engineering know-how to produce something totally new and innovative. A new sensor technology by Canon is at least possible given the fact that Canon’s scientific and technological resources go far beyond their conservative reputation and equally conservative approach to sensor technology of the last years. However, at this stage it is difficult to distinguish the wishful thinking from the reliable rumors.

Take everything with a reasonable pinch of salt. There will be more in the next weeks.

Stay tuned…

June 18, 2014
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Canon EOS 7D Mark II Specification Speculations Surface

Canon EOS 7D Mark IICanon Rumor
CR reports rumors by “someone who says they have spoken to a person who has shot with the EOS 7D Mark II“.  Apparently the EOS 7D (price & specs) replacement will have a high megapixel count, well over the murmured 24MP. Quoting CR’s source, the EOS 7D Mark II might have the following specs:

  • Quite high MP count
  • Vastly improved AF performance
  • Greatly improved low light and ISO/noise performance
  • Potentially a different sensor and/or technology than expected
  • Good price point
  • Very close to ‘pro’ classification, but non-compete with flagship such as 1dx
  • Release by Fall season as expected
  • Canon holding back 7Dmk2 for a reason [...]

Take all with a pinch of salt, the rumor mills yield rumors. All EOS 7D Mark II rumors here.

[via CR]