[Deal] Canon EOS 5D Mark II Down To $1799 On Major Shops, Down To $2499 With 24-105L

After yesterdays rumor about an imminent price drop for the EOS 5D Mark II and tomorrows news that Canon will extend the special rebates on DSLRs and lenses, things are getting a little confusing. However, the 5D Mark II is down to $1799 on Amazon (click here), Adorama (click here) and B&H (click here). The same instant rebates are available for the 5D2 kit with the 24-105L lens which is $2499 $2599 on Adorama (click here) and Amazon (click here), and even lower  $2499 at B&H (click here).

While not being a last generation full-frame DSLR, the EOS 5D Mark II is still an excellent professional photographic tool.

  • 21.1 Megapixel Full-Frame Sensor
  • 3.0″ High Resolution LCD Display
  • Live View Mode
  • 1080p Movie Mode
  • Dust & Weather-Resistant
  • Self Cleaning Sensor
  • Broad ISO Range (50-25600)
  • 3.9 fps Burst Mode
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Canon Extends Rebates On Speedlites And Lenses Until October 27th

This doesn’t come totally as a surprise (but thanks to the anonymous reader who notified me), there were hints that Canon would extend once more the rebates program started in August. Discounts on selected lenses and Speedlites have been extended until October 27th.


[Rumor] EOS 5D Mark II May See A Substantial Price Drop Next Week (down to $1699)

Not the usual rumor about specs and features, but about an upcoming concrete price drop for the EOS 5D Mark II. Quoting Canon Rumors, the 5D2 could go down to $1699:

I’ve been told by a couple of people that the Canon EOS 5D Mark II will see a big price drop this coming week in the USA, we should see it in other countries as well. We’re told the new price will be $1699 USD for the body until they’re all gone, which won’t take too long I don’t think.

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[Rumor] More Canon High Megapixel DSLR Tidbits (1Dx derived body)

A new rumor about Canon’s high resolution DSLR (46MP are rumored) showed up at NL.

In an update to the high MP info, we’re told […] that a camera will eventually appear in a 1D X derived body, in the same way as the 1D C. The information said that the actual designation was not known, but it would essentially be a ‘1 series’. There was also a warning that there would be a long wait between any ‘preview’ and any cameras […] being annouced and subsequently shipping.

Hope this is not made using a special firmware, as Canon did with the EOS 1D-C.

[via NL]