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Breaking News: First Specs Of Canon’s Super-Small DSLR Showed Up

The extra-small DSLR Canon is working on appears to be real. A very trustworthy source sent me a list of specifications, and it appears that there are already prototypes out in the wild undergoing testing.

The spec list I got:

  • 18MP sensor (same sensor featured on the EOS M and EOS 650D)
  • DIGIC 5 image processor
  • Touchscreen similar to the EOS M (possibly same 3″ size)
  • 9 focusing points
  • A new hybrid CMOS auto-focus
  • 98% viewfinder
  • 6fps
  • ISO up to 25,600
  • EF and EF-S lens support
  • HD video

It looks the new DSLR will feature some of the technology that is already used on the EOS M.


  • Anonymous

    What a joke. Rather get a full frame NEX-9 instead.

    • AG

      FF NEX is not announced so the NEX-6 would be an immediate option under $1k.

      Why doesn’t Canon just fix the EOS M with a better AF and include the flash module and EVF. Maybe that’s what they are doing.

    • Catnip

      Oh yes I should buy a camera that doesn’t exist and it isn’t likely it will exist in the short near future :│ that’s a really smart solution… yeah…

      If you told me:
      Buy a:
      -Fuji xe-1
      -Panasonic Gx
      -Olympus Pen
      -Sony Nex (one that exists)
      etc. I would say good advice.

      But advising to get a camera that doesn’t exist is like advising someone with flu to ride a unicorn to see a doctor.

  • Hendrick

    I tell you what this looks like…it looks like cramping old tech on a new body, tell everyone that it is revolutionary because it is small (I mean, how much smaller can you make a body when the thickness is greatly influenced by the mount flange thickness?) so then they say: “People of the World!, Listen to us, we come here offering this new revolutionary body which will still take your large SLR lenses and it is not as thin as the competition but everything else is pretty much smaller…making it look like a SONY R1 with detachable lens!!”

    That is the way to go on for a company that cannot tell its fan base that they cannot compete in the mirrorless market with a true mirrorless camera.

  • David

    Interesting. If they do make it I hope they redesign the hand grip. I find the grip on the smaller Canon DSLRs uncomfortable.

  • Drr

    Wish canon would stop procrastinating already. Just release the 70D and 7DMII. Nikon is looking better and better each day. Why work on a new, small dslr? The t4i is still relatively new. Doesnt make sense.

    • AG

      Been waiting for the 70D/7D2 forever, but now that I have a 6D, not sure if I would buy. I think Canon delayed them on purpose. There was an improvement on the T4i over 60D, enough to issue a 70D, but they figured with FF releases, they can milk us.

      Rather than a small mirrored DSLR, they would be better off improving the G1X or EOS M.

  • gummyrabbit

    Doesn’t make sense. The lenses will still be massive compared to m4/3 lenses. Also, does this mean the EOS M is being abandoned?

  • Tomas

    Please, please, please get some built in wi-fi into the EOS line. More and more point and shoots have this feature, why after forking over $800 for something 4x the size of a point and shoot can they not cram wifi connectivity into the EOS line. It can’t be a space/size issue!

  • How cool, the EOS M didn’t work so they’re doing it bigger, but smaller than a 650D.
    Can’t wait for the FF NEX

  • SF

    Keep in mind this is a DSLR, with a REAL viewfinder through the lens…

    • Sean

      I wouldn’t really consider that a plus. It will be dark and tiny. Sure it may have almost 100% coverage but EVFs are huge and have 100%.

  • Another Thought

    Canon should focus on updating and making the EOS M camera great…and let that be their small camera.

    If this rumor is true, it seems Canon is just trying everything and anything to appeal to those who want a smaller camera, but without threatening their dslr market.

    This could work, but it better be small, lightweight, and have very fast AF. Even then, it defeats the purpose of a small body if you have to use larger lenses. For something like this the only real advantage is using with a small lens, like the 40 pancake.

    Canon, just give us a good EOS M…add in fast AF, a VF…you can do it…

  • john

    A EOS-M mount DSLR would have been interesting.

  • thomas

    Canon, please forget the touchscreen! We want to have buttons and weels!

  • Bob B.

    I am underwhelmed. My MFT kit is the perfect compliment to my Canon FF system. ..Maybe someday Canon can get the small (mirroless) system right? Some day.

    • Nawaf

      My MFT kit has more DR than my 7D. They still use the outdated 18MP sensor. I’m ashamed to own Canon gear. Nikon is just miles ahead of these stubborn idiots.

      Hope the 7DII breaks the 12 stop barrier. Sounded better in my head :D

  • stephen

    sounds almost tempting to me as i’m contemplating downsizing from my d7000.. but even though the body would be smaller, youd still have those huge lenses hanging off of them…
    thats why i’m not to eager for the GH3 which is basically a near-dSLR size…

    • Bob B.

      The Olympus OMD is great …and is dropping in price as a few new cameras are coming soon from Oly and at years end.
      The IBIS in the OMD is incredible.
      There is also the EPL-5 if you want to get really small and still have IBIS (not the same as the OMD tho).
      The great thing about MFT is that there are some really good lenses and they are so small.
      ..are you getting FF quality?….no…there are definitely some trade offs, which is why I maintain two systems..but I gotta say MFT is pretty damn good.
      Fuji is also starting to iron out its AF issues…and if that happens with their ILC cameras (only the X-100s right now), they will also have a very impressive set of cameras and lenses. There are a lot of great mirrorless cameras and it is getting better daily.
      Seems like Canon is slumbering thru this whole micro revolution….I think they are missing the party completely.

      • Al

        Canon’s response to the mirrorless camera reminds me of Wintel’s clumsy attempts at keeping up with Apple’s iMac and OSX. They were victims of their own legacy. They couldn’t break free of their past. They also lacked a designer of the caliber of Jon Ive.

        Canon waited too long to change and now are playing catch up. I’m hoping they succeed.

        • Bob B.

          Yeah…they were last to the mirrorless party…and I thought that they were watching an waiting and were going to dumbfound us with their entry….but they have been fast asleep. Everything you say is true….to much management, commitees etc……they are so off the mark…I don’t think that they know how to catch up. Kind of baffling?

          • alan

            it’s because canon makes too much money from their lenses to give up the dslr legacy. and the video dslr phenomenon has breathed new life to the lenses also. a true embrace of mirrorless would mean investing seriously in r&d of an entirely new set of lenses. even sony’s NEX lens offerings remain meager, despite its head start.

  • RichRich

    Great idea! Even street homeless would know DSLR are worth some money, those point and shoot alike does not worth anything in the pawn shop.

    I will buy into small DSLR, but not into those finderless Mirrorless

  • CanonEOSPunk

    This sounds like a Rebel… wow.

  • Physica

    actually this is a smaller 650D only , nothing special…. cheap AF… cheap CDAF….that’s all…..

    If the small DSLR is too powerful …. then 650D are meaningless and will be remove from the line….

  • shiva

    fuck–off 18mp sensor. *CANON BIG TIME SUCKS*

  • Rico

    I want an updated EOS-M with built-in viewfinder, flash, and maybe an extra button or two. Keep the touchscreen… I tried the current model in a store and it works well. Please Canon… Don’t disappoint.

  • RA

    How much longer will Canon try to milk that outdated sensor from 2009? Not only Canon is behind Sony sensors now, it is also lagging behind latest Olympus M43 cameras! DOA, just like EOS-M.

    • Mustag


      it´s a shame. canon was once a inventor now it´s going the same way SONY has gone with TV´s.

  • M Kinsman

    They lost me as soon as I read 9 AF points. As a long time Canon shooter, I see this as more missteps. I now use a full OMD system to compliment my 5DMKII and L Glass kit. Nikon, Sony, Fuji and Olympus/Panasonic are more appealing everyday. It may be time to sell the L glass, take the hit and jump Brands.

  • Euthenics

    The 9 focusing point is crap. It should be higher.

  • Samony

    The need to beat the lastest APS-C plus 3/4 cameras, but the problem is they will also beat themselves in the entry D-SLR market while they’re doing it; a market which they’re doing very well in. Catch-22 for Canon. BTW, I’m looking for a Canon 7s rangefinder…

  • JeffS

    What I think this may be is essentially an improved EOS M with viewfinder. To make it as small as indicated I think the base lens would be the M lens, and as with M it can accept EF lens. If it is a better EOS M great. If not then the EOS M is pretty much deader than it is already.

  • Jayo

    As a longtime Canon user(40 yrs), I feel they have let down their fan base recently with very few improvements. I’m now selling off much of my ultra-expensive L lenses. I’m more than happy to sacrifice a little noise (vs FF) for equally sharp images in a much smaller package…my OMD-5. Lenses and the body are about 50% of the size and about 30% of the weight. After a photoshoot, my back and shoulders no longer hurt. I’m still hanging on to my 200 F1.8L and 135 F2L for specialized shots…but can’t wait till OLY comes out with a M4/3 150F2.

  • peevee

    Same old DIGIC 5.

  • Hmmm

    I sold my Canon DSLR and lenses last year and don’t regret it.

    I own a NEX, and just bought an Olympus OMD and some lenses (great rebate going on). Great cameras, great lenses (MFT especially). The OMD is particularly great, especially because of the lens selection. They’re tiny, but with great quality and IQ.

    This compact Canon DSLR, no matter how small, still uses the big DSLR lenses. It could be a great little backup camera for DSLR owners, but I would still rather have my OMD. I also doubt the Canon compact DSLR will be weather sealed like the OMD.

  • Eric Chan

    Keep up the “good” decision, and we can all abandon Canon.

  • TonyL

    Anyone else notice that the width and height dimensions are almost the same as Canon’s SX50? Not a stretch to think it MAY be a camera similar to that except with interchangeable lenses. Both the SX40 and SX50 seem pretty popular.

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