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Canon EOS 5D Mark IV specification speculation shows up on YouTube video [CW2]

A spec list taken from a YouTube video by user YannickFilms (the video is in German) is making its rounds.

Fifteen “facts” (read: specs) are suggested for the EOS 5D Mark IV:

  • Fact 1: 28 megapixel (maybe 32)
  • Fact 2: ISO 100-51200 (204,800)
  • Fact 3: 9 frames / second
  • Fact 4: 4K video
  • Fact 5: headphone jack
  • Fact 6: Price: 3500-3600 €
  • Fact 7: Touchscreen
  • Fact 8: It was already delivered to photographer
  • Fact 9: Will probably be presented at the Photokina 2016 in Cologne
  • Fact 10: 79 Digic processor
  • Fact 11: CFast 2.0 & SD card slots
  • Fact 12: Built-in WiFi & GPS
  • Fact 13: 61 autofocus points (41 cross type)
  • Fact 14: In spite of the new features Reduced weight
  • Fact 15: New kit lens (probably new version of the 24- 105mm lens)

Please be aware that the list is based on speculations, possible ones but still speculations. However, as you can see the list has some of the rumors that surfaced in the last months, along with some guessing.

I would usually not post this but I have since all the others are posting it too. It deserves a CW2 because the list is at least plausible. The whole rumor was taken from the video above.

Expect first reliable EOS 5D Mark IV rumors to start coming in towards the end of the month. Stay tuned…

  • 1o1

    yeah sure that prick knows facts… should take his pimple meds and shut up.

    • Fred

      He’s just a kid guessing stuff.
      What about those who sell this stuff as real rumor without even mentioning the video?

      • 1o1

        all these rumor websites, bloggers, youtubers know nothing.
        they are not real journalists. they only try to make money with clickbait.
        i see it as entertainment…. like the other crap that runs on TV 24/7.

        • Fred

          I agree. they’re all crap. But those who do not even tell you where they get their stuff are the worse.

        • canonwatch

          it’s pretty silly. But I have to report this stuff when others do and play this game.

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