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Canon EOS 6D Mark II to feature a 28MP sensor? :: With Poll [CW2]

Canon EOS 6D Mark II To Feature A 28MP Sensor? :: With Poll [CW2]

I got a new suggestion (thanks) saying the Canon EOS 6D Mark II will feature a 28MP sensor.

Previous rumors mostly pointed to a 24MP sensor. However, since EOS 6D Mark II rumors started coming in, it always has been said the EOS 6D Mark II would have it’s own sensor, and not just the same sensor featured on the upcoming EOS 5D Mark IV (rumored to have a 24MP sensor, and to be announced in August).

I reccomend a big grain of salt here. While it is possible that the entry-level EOS 6D Mark II will have a higher resolution than the pro-oriented EOS 5D Mark IV, it’s still unlikely in my opinion. However, so far the EOS 5D Mark IV’s 24MP resolution is a matter of speculation, no reliable rumors have emerged for the time being. Anything is possible.

The Canon EOS 6D Mark II is expected to be announced in 2017. It’s early for reliable specs. Stay tuned.

EOS 6D Mark II's sensor resolution, what do you think?

  • 24MP (40%, 330 Votes)
  • 28MP (35%, 290 Votes)
  • More than 28MP (14%, 119 Votes)
  • Less than 24MP (10%, 83 Votes)

Total Voters: 822

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  • Thomas E.

    Shoot, meant to say more than 28MP. I suspect the 6D will remain *without* DPAF. The differentiation between the 6Dii and 5Div with be AF and possibly DR and ISO range.

    A 6Dii that comes in at 30-36MP with okay AF, 4-5FPS makes for a good competitor to Nikon and Sony. Again, no DPAF, and minimal 4K video support.

    The 5Div with 24-28 with DPAF, kick butt traditional AF and 7-8FPS, very good 4K, makes for a good all rounder camera at a premium.

    We will likely be able to guess more when the 5Div is announced. But still guesses.

    Rumo[u]rs are fun!

  • I use 6D more often than 5D or 1D series. It’s light and it’s cheap. It produces pictures as good as more expensive Canon shooters. Loving it. Almost never feel the need to take my other cameras instead of it.

  • Vertex

    the 5D Mk4 having only a 24MP sensor would be a big disappointment….

  • peevee

    In the current declining market, the right solution would be just reusing 22 MP sensor from 5D Mk3 after Mk4 is announced. Mk4 should have something like 30MP to clearly separate things and position itself above Nikon and Sony cams with 24MP.

    Not that it will necessarily happen.

    Another economical solution would be to use the same sensor in both 6D2 and 5D4, something like 26-30mpix, with 5d4 having much better AF, sequential speed, 2 card slots.

  • peevee

    Much more interesting option would be a camera like 6D, only without mirror box, prism and separate AF system (lighter because of that), using the sensor from 1Dx2 in DualPixel AF only, with EVF from G3x. With a slot for rear mounted filters instead of the mirror. At $999, totally possible with the savings.

    The new 24-105/3.5-5.6 looks destined for it, but a new, special compact design with rear element going into the mount a little, with EF-S mount to prevent mounting on EF cameras, would be even better. Maybe even 22-80 to keep size down and give unique range on the wide end.

    Would bring competition to its knees – again, like Rebel did at its time.

    • nzswedespeed

      That would be a dream camera. I want an evf in a dslr body with the traditonal ef mount or fmount

      • peevee

        so do i

  • Greg Curtis

    There is no chance in the world that the 5D Mark IV will be 24mb!! If it is it will be the biggest marketing mistake in the history of cameras! After nearly five years of waiting the CANNOT offer 24mb! I don’t care if the 5DSR offers 50mb, the Mark IV must be at least in the 30’s! The compitition is way ahead, and Canon must catch up!

    • Thomas E.

      MP’s alone does not make a great camera. If so, then the 1DX and D1 would be completely waste of time for Canon and Nikon to release.

      I personally want lower noise and better sensitivity at higher ISO, so for me, a bit lower MP is likely better. Let a few more photons land in each pixel.

      • Greg Curtis

        I agree, but the compitition is creating better cameras (better noise etc) with way more MP. The Nikon D810 had been out for what like seems an age! 24mp is simply not enough. The 1DX and D1 are niche cameras for a specific function, although I still think they won’t do as great with such a relatively low mp. What high mp gives you is a great advantage, you can heavily crop while maintaining great detail. Canon have already proven that they can produce high mp’s with resonable dynamic range and relatively low noise, therefore offering their main bread winner such a low mp would be suicidal!

      • Vertex

        the 1DX does not compete with the A7 RII or the D810.. something you people always miss.

        if the 5D Mk4 would have only 24MP there would be no reason at all for me to upgrade.

        i don´t want 4K, i don´t need a better AF.

        but i want a good ALLROUNDER that is BETTER than the 5D MK3 for LANDSCAPE and STUDIO photography.

        and no the 5DS is not a real alternative as an ALLROUNDER….and has an sensor that has no ADC on the sensor.

    • Peter Kent

      The mega pickles race is over, it’s all about noise now… and video.

  • Caerolle

    I think there needs to be a poll on AF points. Think they will get all the way up to 15? More than 4 cross-type?

  • mark meerdam

    Makes sense if the 5d4 is going to be a 32 or 36 with mraw mode. There were rumors before the 6dii will move upwards. 28mp makes sense to compete with the 750d. Than the 5d range can consist of 2 to 4 models 32-50 (5d4/r) and 50-100mp (5ds/r). The rumors of a new ff dslr model could be an entry level ff model replacing the current 6d’s ff entry position. This rumors makes me optimistic about a exciting new 5d4 with just a little more than marginal upgrades. I really suspect with MF going 100mp and the ongoing mp war 32-36 will be the new 22-24mp in coming 4 years. Canon can’t afford to bet all on the older 5dsr. 5ds/r was a stop gap till the formal 5d positioning with a mid res speedy and a high res slower model.

  • Peter Kent

    I think the 6D2 needs to reuse the sensor from the Canon 1DX mark 1, it will need to compete with Sony’s A7s III and Panasonic’s GH5 which are likely to come in around that resolution too.

    The lower resolution should help it a little more with low light and dynamic range against the Sony and if the the photo resolution is exactly 2 times larger than 4K in DCI aspect ratio then they should have a really good 4K crop mode to compete against the GH4/GH5.

    Add Dual Pixel AF (again where the 2x 4k resolution should help) and a decent Phase Detect AF system this time (hopefully reusing the 5D3’s but at least 9 cross-types this time please) and Canon would have a real winner.

    If Canon could give me that for under $2,000 I would buy it.

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