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Canon EOS 6D Mark II not coming in 2017, maybe never?


EOS 6D Mark iiEOS 6D Mark II

Recently I got hints from various sources (thanks) that Canon may not announce nor release the Canon EOS 6D Mark II in 2017.

A 2017 announcement for the EOS 6D Mark II seems indeed getting less likely. There are still no hints or serious suggestions neither about the specifications nor for the release date. There is a lot of speculation going around the web, looks mainly to be good to keep the EOS 6D Mark II buzz on.

Last year I got some weird rumors, suggesting Canon may not release an EOS 6D Mark II, but instead a mirrorless full-frame camera (see here and here). Well, doesn’t it appear more and more likely it may go this way?

The Canon EOS 6D Mark II is long overdue

We now have reasons to think Canon is eventually taking mirrorless seriously. Canon has the skills and the know-how to build a truly professional mirrorless full-frame camera. Such a camera, if done seriously, may well take the place of an EOS 6D Mark II, both on the shelves and in the mind of photographers.

A list of possible specifications for the EOS 6D Mark II

Rumored for the EOS 6D Mark II, these specs may refer also to the mirrorless full-frame camera. Most of the specs were published first here on Canon Watch:

I am curious to learn what you think about the Canon EOS 6D Mark II and the possibility we may see a mirrorless full-frame instead. Sound off in the comment section.

All Canon EOS 6D Mark II rumors are listed here.

  • MdB

    “Taking mirrorless seriously” yeah by waiting yet another year before doing anything “serious”?

  • JetLi

    yeah well all more specific rumors you had weeks before camera release are often just BS.
    and i don´t need a rumor website or “sources” to tell me a new canon will have a touchscreen , GPS and wifi…..

    • Ben

      And yet, here you are. Again. ;-)

  • DouglasGottlieb

    This makes sense. The 6D and FF EF mirrorless would both target enthusiasts.

    Maybe Canon is finally ready to give Sony some competition in mirrorless.

    Here’s hoping for something with higher performance. More like a 5D.

    • Christian Wilde

      If it’s anywhere close to 5D performance, it won’t be under $2000. So I’d expect some features missing or tuned down. My guess would be no 4K, relatively slow continuous shooting and few AF points.

      • DouglasGottlieb

        Agreed. If under US$2k it will likely be 6D similar.

      • Stevie Jay Elmm

        At this point with Canon you either by the Rebel series or the highest priced camera. Everything else in between they cripple to the point of not even wasting time when other companies are dumping in more for the price. I love Canon but I use other camera brands as well and unless I’m getting a 7d Mark II or a 5d/1d I just stick with the Rebels which seem to add enough for the cost to work. Canon can do so much more but they don’t and for the really hardcore Canon fanboys that’s sad. I don’t care about video personally or 4k but just doing more for stills would be great. Same goes with musical instruments…either get the starter pack or reach for the high guitar..nothing in between does anything that the high end can’t do or the beginner model can’t be modded

        • Christian Wilde

          Well now their rebels (not the 1x00D line though) are ok. but until (and including) the 700D they were using their crappy old sensors, which hadn’t been updated for years. So even in the low end segment they try to get away with the least possible performance and features. I kinda feel for the Canon users to be honest. Lets hope that they’ll release some decent mirrorless options, so that Sony will stay on their game and not become lazy as well.

          • Stevie Jay Elmm

            Good point. The rebels for a while were the same old 18 mp sensor until the t6 line two years ago. The new rebels are just as good as the 80d in some areas. If I was Canon I would start dumping some of the lines and pop a pentaprism large viewfinder in the low end model as well because all of my mirrorless cameras are doing 100 percent coverage etc. as it is. It’s very 1990’s tactics that just should not be happening anymore. Canon colors, autofocus etc. still my fav.

  • Canon

    It’s coming in later 2017. They will exibit at NAB show in Oct according to my friend who works for Canon

    • Aditya Jagtiani

      How credible is this information?

      • Canon

        Very much

        • manattan

          LOL. Its coming directly from “Canon” ;)

          On a more serious note, what are the chance of Canon finally putting in a silent e-shutter?!!!

    • citrate

      Dear Canon, NAB show ended last week in Vegas.

  • dean johnson

    they are going to have the issue of making it cheaper than the 5d mk4 and deciding where to handicap the camera so that people will still want to buy the 5d mk4

    • I would LOVE to see a more useful video camera from Canon (APS-C or Full-Frame mirrorless). But to handicap it against the 5D Mk4 – Theres not THAT MUCH you can handicap such a potential camera. They need to add dual pixel AF, the newest sensor generation and 4K to compete. Maybe remove the viewfinder – Or lower the framerates. But lets be honest – Every video add-on to such a camera would be a step up from the 5D IV. Better codec, better crop factor, better video assist features (like peaking, waveform, zebras) – Everything a HUGE step up from the 5D IV …

  • Wade Marks

    Canon may do a FF mirrorless…I for one wish they would…but I don’t see Canon not doing a 6D Mark II.

    The 6D has been a great seller for Canon, and the successor is eagerly anticipated and will sell very well. Hard to abandon a product line when it is successful.

    Now granted Canon could make their 6d Mark II mirrorless…that would be one strategy to get people more comfortable with mirrorless. Better to market the mirrorless as the natural successor to a well received model.

    Should be interesting to see what happens…

  • Chris Beytes

    If it’s full frame with 4k video and touch-screen autofocus like my70D, and takes my lenses, I’m all for it.

    • Christian Wilde

      If it has 4K video the price will probably also be around 4K. Even the 5D4 has crippled 4K only and almost costs as much.

  • David Brown

    What ever they release, it would want to be good. Canon is no longer top dog in full frame cameras, they can not afford to cripple there lower end cameras like they did with the 6d. not when sony is putting so many features in there a7## line of cameras. I have wanted a new 6d for so long now, but to be honest i think they will cripple it.

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