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The Canon EOS 7D Mark II May Be Announced in March 2014

EOS 7D Mark II

Fake EOS 7D Mark II (mock-up)

We got a first candidate date (thanks) for the announcement of the Canon EOS 7D Mark II, and some specs confirmation too. According to our source Canon is set to announce the successor of the EOS 7D in March 2014. We didn’t get an exact date, but according to our source it should happen somewhen in the mid of March.

No concrete news about the specs. Rumors still suggest Canon is prototyping two different sensor (though both will have Dual Pixel AF), a 20MP and a 24MP sensor. Which one will do it into the 7D Mark II is still uncertain. However, all rumours suggest the 7D Mark II will not have the same sensor as the Canon EOS 70D. That looks a bit weird to me. If the 7D Mark II gets a 20MP sensor I can hardly figure out why and how it should be a different sensor than the one featured on the 70D. Maybe different aliasing filters or other very small differences in the engineering of the sensor.

For the time being the following sill is the most credited specification list:

  • ~20MP or ~24MP sensor with Dual Pixel CMOS AF
  • Auto-Focus system similar to the EOS 5D Mark III (61 points), possibly the same as 5D3
  • High frame rate, 10-12 fps
  • “high grade” weather sealing, like Canon’s professional DSLRs
  • Dual Digic V+ processor
  • Single card slot
  • WiFi & GPS
  • Innovative video features
  • Price around $2000
  • Very good ISO performance

That’s all for now. Have a great day.

  • Sky

    Hm… if it’s using exactly the same AF module as 5D MK III – wouldn’t it mean that this will be a camera with best AF coverage ever? Isn’t 5D mkIII AF module covering entire APS-C frame?

    ““high grade” weather sealing” – Canon has also a “low grade” weather sealing? That’s interesting. Anyone care to elaborate? It’s kinda like “marketing gimmick weather sealing” ? ;)

    “Very good ISO performance” – Better than D7000? And most importantly: What about dynamic range? Did they finally manage to catch up with 3 years old Sony SLTs? Or they still lag behind in APS-C market? If they did – this camera will be a true milestone for Canon!

  • Redi

    Meh, I’m not going to wait for it. BRB going to order some refurbished A-1 :D

    Srsly though, I’m waiting for 7D mk. II since the Canon 600D… The time this comes out I will have hard time deciding between this and the Canon M2 with EVF…

    On more serious note, will it have swivel screen like the xxxD have? Some say it could spoil the weather sealing of the camera, but come on, just get there two rubber O rings and the problem is solved… Or isn’t it?

    Also I think it will just have the 20MP sensor without AA filter…

  • Agree with Sky

    Sensor resolution must be directly related to video performance (aliasing & moire) and ISO performance.

    We expect this camera to deliver similar video IQ to the 5D3 regarding aliasing & moire (almost none).

    What we do expect though is a dual Digic 6 processors, not 5+.

    Canon may finally decide (for their own convenience) to deliver a better video featured DSLR camera, especially since it’s APS-C (faster fps options, improved Dual AF, and HOPEFULLY some focusing assistance like Peaking).

    Other improvements in for stills as well.

    Fixed LCD by the way. Weather sealing is Real (if you use the right lens WITH a filter attached to it).

    Hope for dual memory slots, though.

    • Sky

      O_o and… how does the swivel LCD compromise weather sealing? I washed my Sony A77 numerous times under the shower, and never got any issues with tiltable LDC – and that camera got by far more flexible LCD than on any Canon camera ever made.

      • Fixed LCD is always stronger and then better weather sealed under abuse.

        Not to mention if the articulated screen brakes.

        I wouldn’t wash the camera anyways ;)

        Sometimes it’s kind of luck (or lack of it!) I have seen 7D’s broken with a simple splash while others worked fine under heavy conditions.

  • Al

    The 70D sensor is sort of a version 1.0 work in progress. I surely hope that by the time 7D2 comes out they would improve upon it and not keep that same sensor for 3 years…

  • 3114r4

    you can’t figure why the sensor would be different? that would be because it would be a better technology. one befitting the flagship aps-c body

  • dsdsds

    it could be that the 7D II filter is manufactured in a new process.
    we all know by now that cnaon 500nm process is getting abit long in the tooth.

    and to put more electronics onto the sensor canon needs to shrink the process.

    now with 2 pixels for dual pixel AF there is even more canon has to put into the aps-c sensor area. so maybe… and i realy hope so… the 7D II sensor is the first of a smaller manufacturing process.

    it couls also be a sensor that works more like sonys (Column-Parallel A/D).

    • dsdsds

      sorry, of course i meant SENSOR not FILTER.

  • Bengt Nyman

    Enough DSLRs already.
    When will we see a high resolution, FF, mirrorless Canon camera with snappy autofocus?

  • George

    I will take a look at Sony A7/r soon

  • george

    I am sure the camera will be nice, but I think Canon really needs to look at the future ASAP. Re-designing the same body with slight improvements is not going to cut it. Flash synchronizing is slow, auto focus is poor at best, and many L lenses have fringing problems when backlit. The new Sony may be a glimpse of where things are going, small and powerful.

    Seems that all Canon has done since the 5D is re-work a game changing camera over and over with very minor improvements.
    (i have owned the 5d 1&2 and now 6d as a professional user)

    Without some major landmark improvement, there is no need to upgrade from something that is working.

    • Sky

      FYI new Sony got much worse AF than even current 7D, worse synch and underwhelming flash system. Not to mention ridicioulusly small choice of native lenses. And the lenses that they got are uber-overpriced (800 euro for 35 f/2.8 is a joke – we don’t live in ’60s anymore)
      And how you know it’s just a rework of the old camera? From this rumor ir seems like new 7D will be completly new beast with pretty much everything re-worked inside of the body.

      I really hope that what A7(r) is isn’t a direction we’re going to – overpriced systems with sub-pair choice of lenses and accessories, poor AF and underwhelming customer service (good luck with waiting for firmware upgrades on your A7).

  • Mr. Crypy

    Lots of Fony guys around here… fun to see how they make serious statements about a product that doesn’t even exist… not happy with your own super-specificated toy cams?

  • @george

    The 5D Mark 3 has a completely different AF than 5D and 5D MK 2. Also it has new features that none of them had

    So, sometimes Canon do rework and implement new features. Although they always cripple cameras for business conveniences…

    BTW, the 5D3 was and still is overpriced. Canon took advantage of the huge success of previous 5D2..

    Canon has (already told) and will suffer cut on DSLRs sales.

    It is time for NEW and fresher and open minds on Product Managers’ chairs… (since long ago).

  • Timothy

    Its so disgusting see canon focusing their efforts improving VIDEO auto focus in their photographic cameras instead make it take better in terms of ISO or dynamic range.
    Please Canon guys, if you are not capable to make better sensors, buy it from Sony, such as Nikon did.

    • Andrew K.

      Timothy nailed it on the head! So wish Canon would up the DR of their sensors. These body “tweaks” are no motivating me to open my wallet. sigh.

  • Brandon

    I think the 7D II will be more a kind of 1D series with APS-C sensor. As a sport/nature focused camera series, it maybe will have a “in body” grip … There is many photographers talking about the dificulty of non 1D series cameras to move supertele lenses.
    I will be very dissapointed if Canon announces this camera with only video improvements.

  • roguery

    2100$ I expect the 7Dmk2 to be close in dynamic range to Black Magic 2.5. If it does this, doesn’t over heat like the 7D. I will consider it do to the construction and it takes great pro photos to boot. and…YES, I still love DSLR’s for VIDEO. They are STEALTH, un-assuming and lightweight and take photos as well. LIKE CRAZY (the movie) shot on a &D a couple years ago and sold to paramount for 4 million and won Sundance. Cant wait for the 7DMk2.

  • Ryan Tower

    7DMK2–we want better DYNAMIC RANGE to rival your competitors. That is cinematic video! And 60p@720 minimum. Come on Canon~! Kill it :)

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