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Some Canon EOS 7D Mark II Specifications Surfaced

Canon EOS 7D Mark II mock-up

We are getting closer to the announcement! While very few information has leaked so far, some bits managed to surface on the web [via The New Camera]. For the time being the following specifications can be considered at least as plausible:

  • Alloy body – Same as EOS 1 series DSLRs
  • EOS-1 style top plate
  • 24MP
  • Hybrid Sensor – Multilayer + Dual Pixel CMOS AF
  • No Wifi built-in
  • Not touch screen, super durable LCD cover
  • 12fps shooting (or faster)
  • New AF system

The fact that the EOS 7D replacement might not feature WiFi puzzles me a bit. Other sites were saying that it is due to the full metal body, but it’s hard to figure out (at least for me) that Canon has not the skills to make WiFi work in a full metal body. It’s just a matter of placement of the antenna.

There are at least 3 patents filed by Canon that may refer to 3 of the features in the list above. A patent for a multi-layer sensor, a patent for a new generation of Dual Pixel AF, and a patent for high frame rates for continuous shooting.

  • Eric Chan

    Canon disappointing you always

    • Wade Marks

      I don’t see how you could read those specs and label them a disappointment. If Canon is able to pull off a multilayer sensor, and at 12 fps with new AF, that’s a pretty big leap forward.

      The absence of WiFi is a minor point.

      But of course who knows if these specs are really true.

    • EarlFargis

      Not getting how a 7D Mark II is disappointing. As a Sony system owner, disappointing is what they’re doing with their SLT APS-Cs. Their entry-level a58 stagnates, they cancelled their mid-level a65, and the new a77II’s new gapless tech failed to significantly move the needle. I suspect a 7D Mark II has the potential to put a whole lot of whoop-a$$ on Sony’s 24MP APS-C tech used by their a77II, a6000, and some Nikons. Forgetting IQ, the new Canon 7D Mark II appears to be as fast FPS-wise or better than either Sony’s, the a6000 (which requires a special lens) or the a77II (fixed aperture) – their big claim to fame.

      Add to the fact, the Canon appears to be taking build quality seriously with an all-metal body compared to the cheap-feeling a6000 or not-quite-pro-grade a77II’s. The huge cherry on top is Canon’s far more extensive lens support.

      Darn… I’m starting to sell myself on switching! ;^)

      • Nevercat

        We know nothing about this camera but the brand. The specs are not very exiting at all. Yes a new multi layer sensor. But how will it perform. Will it be 24 MP like the Foveon chips are (so in fact 8MP real resolution) and will it have the same High ISO problems as the Foveon? We know nothing. People get to exited on simple specs.

        Comparing the build quality of this camera (that will cost you at least $1200 body only) with the A6000 (that cost you $600 body only) is rediculous. The fast AF on the A6000 works with almost all E-mount Sony lenses, not with a special one.

        So lets wait until we realy see what this camera is capable of, maybe it will be a real game changer, maybe it is just an other Canon…

        • EarlFargis

          My 1st reply got lost in the bit bucket apparently. Obviously, the credibility of rumors is always suspect. I got burnt bad over-estimating what Sony was going to do with the a77II. I think it’s highly likely a Canon EOS 7D replacement will be announced at Photokina because it’s pretty clear it’s been discontinued.

          I’m going to run with the notion it’ll push further towards pro territory so comparing its build and ergonomics to the a6000 isn’t fair. I’ll refer you to a video Tony Northrup did testing the a6000’s AF against an Olympus and a DSLR (Nikon D5100?). The subject was moving and the a6000’s AF hit rate was in the 20% range. The DSLR slaughtered the Sony. Period. On the other hand, I’ve seen a number of tests shifting the a6000 on static subjects where it’s very quick.

          The $60,000 question is the 7D Mark II 24MP sensor. The fact that it’s 24MP means it’ll be a significant bump in detail. I seriously doubt “layered” means Foveon. However, I suspect Canon does have something up their sleeve to boost ISO, dynamic range, and/or flesh tone accuracy. Canon is no slouch making sensors proved by how well they’ve done sucking performance from dated ones. I’ll stick out my neck and say it’ll edge out the one Sony’s featuring in its 24MP APS-Cs.

          I also expect the Canon to meet or beat the a77II in FPS since I suspect it’s targeting a slightly higher-range market. I also expect it to have highly competitive AF. I think that’s why the rumor points out the near certainty of a 7D Mark II incorporating dual pixel technology.

          If nothing else, Canon and Nikon are providing us with some interesting pre-Photokina rumors to chew on. Sony sucks thus far. My heart be still over the entry-level a5100 now available in designer champagne!

    • Kallai Iosif Gavril

      Yes that is why they have almost 50% market share. That is really disappointing.

  • Ms.KrystalMeth

    It will be Full Frame…to compete against Nikon’s new FF coming out the same time.

    • Zach Ashcraft

      That would make it a 1Dx….

  • Guest

    Now you’re stealing content from Canon Rumors with direct copy+paste and sourcing someone else, who also stole it from CR without credit. This web site is a joke.

    • canonwatch

      Sorry but you are wrong.
      I think it is correct to give credit to the site that posted the rumor first. If you check the dates of the posts you will see I am right.
      There is no stealing content here. Again: I think it is correct to cite those who post first.
      Hope that helps

      • Kallai Iosif Gavril

        canonwatch posted aug 16 and canonrumors aug 15 . No content stealing here. It is the same post just changed here and there.

        • canonwatch

          and TNC posted on Aug 14

          • Kallai Iosif Gavril

            My point was canonwatch was not the first and it seems that not even the second just copy paste from other sites.

          • canonwatch

            Your just wrong.

  • Wade Marks

    If this is true, then this will be a groundbreaking camera indeed. It will be interesting to see the reality unfold. Right now there’s high expectations for Canon.

  • Guest

    did Canon finally gave up and surrendered to Sony? are they finally using sony technology for their sensor?

    • Wade Marks

      My guess is that Canon will continue to produce its own sensors, and that sometime, maybe with this release, we will see what Canon has up its sleeve and they will produce an amazing sensor that will compete very favorably with the Sony sensors.

      Canon has the resources…it’s only a matter of if they want to. My guess is that at some point they will want to, owing to market pressures.

    • Kallai Iosif Gavril

      Finally gave up? Who is Sony? Canon is the leader in the dslr market? When is the leader giving up to a wannabe ? Never.

  • Alex K

    If it has C300 quality video with dual pixel AF and 24MP stills… I’m sold. Come on Canon… Amaze us! It feels like the Canon technology has been increasingly lagging behind the other manufacturers at a price-point that still commands a premium for the Canon badge.

    • Jedy

      Err, don’t be silly, Canon would never put video quality like that into a dslr (assuming its possible) and potentially hurt sales of their C series cine cameras. All cameras have specific specs to suit their price point. The 6D, for example, has enough compromises to stop it taking away potential sales from the 5DIII. Canon aren’t known for shooting themselves in the foot.

      As for lagging behind, you are aware that Canon cameras like the 5DIII are leagues ahead in the video dslr market! It is Nikon (and others) who are lagging behind.

      • Alex K

        Well… six months ago I might have agreed that the 5Diii was leagues ahead – perhaps in part thanks to the work of Magic Lantern (not Canon themselves) – but now I think it’s up against some pretty stiff competition from certain Panasonic and Sony products.

        Can you get C100 quality video in a small-form-factor? Sony seem to manage it with the A7S… yes, there are compromises (rolling shutter and 29 min record limit), but in many ways the image is nicer than the C100, with the added deliciousness of 4K to come.

        I originally bought the 7D because it did video and stills. Okay the video quality wasn’t great by modern standards, but at the time Canon were leading the way of what was possible in the form factor. It was one of my favourite cameras over the years, but now I feel that one of Canon’s biggest challenges is that they created too many levels of market segmentation and they have too many products they’re trying to protect…

        I would love the 7Dii to have the video quality of the A7S (without the rolling shutter), with the formats and quality options of the GH4, with the lovely colour rendering and colour science of the 5Diii… But, I don’t think it will happen – not because it’s not possible – but because (as you say) Canon are far too protective of their product line.

        Come on Canon… don’t deliberately cripple your lower end offerings! Make the best camera ever and we’ll all buy it! :-D

  • Moulyneau

    It looks so promising that one of them will have my name on it (and with it the mighty – I mean sharp, light, cheap, 55-250mm STM to give some rest to my heavy 70-200 for travels…). Just waiting for final specs, keeping fingers crossed!

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