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Canon EOS 7D Replacement Specs Update, Build Quality Not At EOS-1 Level

EOS 7D Replacement

Fake EOS 7D Mark II (mock-up)

More came in. The same source that sent me the EOS 7D replacement specs of my previous post, had something to say also on the build quality.

The EOS 7D replacement will have a very high build quality, but nothing that comes close to the EOS-1 series. The EOS 7D Mark II (if it is going to have this moniker) will have a build quality comparable to the venerable EOS 7D with some enhancements due to new materials that are used for the weather sealing.

The update EOS 7D replacement spec list is:

  • the EOS 7D replacement will feature a 24MP sensor (no mention if it is a new sensor tech, or not)
  • a new generation of Dual Pixel CMOS AF is implemented thru the sensor and via the increased CPU power of the EOS 7D replacement
  • auto-focus system similar to the EOS 5D Mark III’s AF will be on board
  • GPS and WiFi will be on board
  • still not sure if it will be named “EOS 7D Mark II”
  • very high build quality and weather sealing, but not EOS-1 series level

Stay tuned, there is more to come…

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