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Canon EOS 80D talk, another suggestion points to a 28MP sensor [CW3]

Canon EOS 80D Talk, Another Suggestion Points To A 28MP Sensor [CW3]
Canon EOS 70D replacement coming with a 28MP sensor?

I got another rumor saying that the Canon EOS 80D might feature a 28MP sensor (thanks). The source also mentioned a “new sensor generation”. This wouldn’t come as a surprise given the amount of sensor-related patents filed by Canon in the last years.

I still expect the EOS 80D announcement to happen in Summer 2016 (others expect an announcement for CP+, towards the end of February, but I guess this is nothing but a hoax). However, there are also rumors suggesting a 24MP sensor for the Canon EOS 80D. For the time being I can’t say which one is more reliable, I am working on it with my sources.

The other bit I continuously get for the EOS 80D is about a new Auto-Focus system. Here too, I do not have reliable information, just wild speculations and clear hoaxes. The EOS 80D might indeed have a new AF system, but so far no hints about its features.

The EOS 750D/Rebel T6i and EOS 760D/Rebel T6s both have a 24MP sensor, as the EOS M3 has. Common sense may suggest that Canon should raise the resolution on the replacement for the highly popular Canon EOS 70D. 28MP sounds plausible to me. All Canon EOS 80D rumors are here.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned…

  • It was just about 3 years between the 60D and 70D. I’m with you CW, I don’t expect an 80D announcement until this summer. A 6D upgrade is long overdue and it should be first in my opinion. My 80D Guesses are: Likely 24MP, better sensor (DR-Noise) and maybe a frame per second faster. Overall improved OVAF (I doubt more than 19 points) and DPAF. The new ITR (?) metering sensor. GPS. What I would like to see also…. Dual card slots and Magnesium Alloy body. But that is not likely since that’s a 7D II exclusive. I very seriously doubt 4K but hopefully better HD. Likely a typical Canon Incremental Upgrade…. LOL! CIU. New term! LOL!! ;-)

  • Wade Marks

    The 60D/70D/ and soon to be 80D series is a very important to Canon, since this type of camera generates a lot of sales and revenue for Canon. The 70D is a great camera, a lot of fun to use.

    The 70D is the one Canon dslr that gets it right with regard to having both an articulating screen, and a full touch screen that you can use for settings, AF, playback, etc. If Canon is smart they add those features to the next 5D.

    Really, the 2 most fundamental parts of any camera are the sensor and AF system: I don’t think you can issue an updated model of any camera without it including improvements in both.

  • Dragon

    28 MP and “new sensor tech”. I wonder if it is secretly Canon and not Nikon that is picking up the Samsung camera business? Canon does have the cash.

    • jeffp3456

      Canon is much too conceited to purchase outside tech, esp. from a Korean competitor, then again you never know..

  • jeffp3456

    What if the 80D had an EVF and only used Dual-Pixel AF, a mirrorless camera with EF mount!
    I know, just dreamin

    • Yeah that’s dreamin alright ;-) but if Canon were to put out an aps-c mirrorless camera with a similar size and build of an xxD body that uses EF / EF-s mount that would kick ass! EVF, DPAF and improved DR of course. I’m sure they have the technology to do it.

      As for the size…. I have the original EOS M and at times it’s almost too small. I do like the small size and it has it’s place but for more serious use I want something I can comfortably hold and use. :-)

  • peevee

    Pure speculation, but…
    I don’t see a reason for Canon to release 80D soon. Logically, 80D should inherit AF system from 7D2, like 70D inherited it fro 7D and D7200 from D300S. But it is way too early, 7D2 was released only 1.5 years ago, 70D did its thing 4 years after 7D. They would hit cannibalization of 7D2 which has much much sweeter margins. The cheap 24mpix sensor is new, but no dual pixel. Another new APS-C sensor? AND new AF system (below 7D2 though) to get upgrade over T6s? So much new R&D for not a biggest segment of the market. In the falling market?

    Don’t get me wrong, they MIGHT release 80D in the summer. But I would not expect anything spectacular, the same 24mpix sensor from T6s etc, same PDAF, just a newer processor, DIGIC7, 7-8fps to distinguish it from T6s, probably with some kind of 4k.

    They really better spend their resources on mirrorless size, light and cheap FF mirrorless with EF mount, in the shape of AE-1.

    • You know another thing I thought is that Canon might not even produce anymore xxD series cameras since they introduced the T6s. Either that or the xxD will move upscale a little more in comparison to the latest Rebels.

      • peevee

        The next xxD should be more upscale as each new version is. But they would avoid cannibalizing 7D2, Canon is market-smart like this.
        I will be surprized if they do not release the next xxD at all, as the enthusiast segment of the photo market is the most resilient.
        Splitting of the rebel into 4 lines, T6s, T6i, T5 and SL1 is very strange though in light of falling sales. Among them only T5 is very popular in the US at least, while Txi used to be champions. And T6s does compete with 70D, both in some features and most importantly price on the market, I wonder who would choose T6s at such a price.

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