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Canon Going Serious with Mirrorless in 2015 (full-frame MILC coming?)

Canon’s EOS M

More and ore signs that something important in coming from Canon on the mirrorless front.

I have been told (thanks) that Canon will soon announce the development of a new mirrorless system camera, something we “will really like, and that’s what we were all waiting for“. First information should come (or leak) by the end of the year.

This is not the first mention of an upcoming new EOS M camera. According to the sources (yes, I got largely identical information from two different sources), this will not be an EOS M3 that follows the footsteps of the previous two models. One of the sources mentioned a mirrorless cam with full-frame sensor on board, the other an EOS M with rangefinder.

Everything is very secretive and hold under wraps for the time being. The only thing that appears to be pretty sure is that Canon is indeed working on the release of a new mirrorless system camera. And all signs so far suggest that this time it will be a serious affair.

2015 may be an exciting year for Canon. There are two new professional, full-frame cameras that are rumored, both with suggested 50 megapixel sensors (pinch of salt here). I am not posting everything and all the rumors I get, but there is one thing I am getting sure about: there will be exciting news by Canon next year.

Stay tuned….

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