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Canon Going Serious with Mirrorless in 2015 (full-frame MILC coming?)

Canon’s EOS M

More and ore signs that something important in coming from Canon on the mirrorless front.

I have been told (thanks) that Canon will soon announce the development of a new mirrorless system camera, something we “will really like, and that’s what we were all waiting for“. First information should come (or leak) by the end of the year.

This is not the first mention of an upcoming new EOS M camera. According to the sources (yes, I got largely identical information from two different sources), this will not be an EOS M3 that follows the footsteps of the previous two models. One of the sources mentioned a mirrorless cam with full-frame sensor on board, the other an EOS M with rangefinder.

Everything is very secretive and hold under wraps for the time being. The only thing that appears to be pretty sure is that Canon is indeed working on the release of a new mirrorless system camera. And all signs so far suggest that this time it will be a serious affair.

2015 may be an exciting year for Canon. There are two new professional, full-frame cameras that are rumored, both with suggested 50 megapixel sensors (pinch of salt here). I am not posting everything and all the rumors I get, but there is one thing I am getting sure about: there will be exciting news by Canon next year.

Stay tuned….

  • Eric Chan

    soon, announce, development

  • SteveHood

    How is a FF mirrorless and a EOS M replacement with EVF almost identical? One is a completely new FF mirrorless system and the other is just an extension of the existing APS-C EOS M.

  • AP

    When one leaves the whole year open for exiting news there is prone to be something worth mentioning. :) .. even if it’s only a new high end printer from Canon during 2015.

  • tyger11

    I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • animalsbybarry

    Sony hass a big head start in ff mirrorless but thier system will not fast focus with non native E mount lenses…except with laea4 on A mount.
    The big question…and the one that could g i ve canon the advantage..will existing Canon slr lenses have full high speed autofocus..via adaptor…with this new mirrorless ff system?

  • Richard

    Doesn’t make sense – unless they make a SL1 full frame with an EVF instead of a OVF to keep the size down to it’s current dimensions with some of the hybrid liveview DPAF/PDAF stuff we’ve seen around.
    Even though the EF-M could house a full frame sensor (it’s the same internal dimensions as the FE mount), it’s unlikely canon follows along sony’s path.
    sounds like some wishful thinking post A7II announcement like we usually see / hear to be honest.
    Canon certainly needs to goose things up with the M. Just to consider Nikon has released around 3 1 lenses per year and has built out a fairly nice small kit now after 3.5 years, and that’s with keeping up with DSLR lenses. Canon really hasn’t – they had a stumble which appears to be perhaps earthquake related, but certainly a 1 per year release cycle is pathetic and needs to be addressed in quick order.

    • nzswedespeed

      I personally think a mirror less sl1 would be great. The extra flange distance gives them plenty of wriggle room to add IBIS in thr future. Also means a decent battery and how about a huge evf? Add wifi, gps, articulating screen and put the 6d internals (or 70d if alsc model comes first)

  • nem

    wow 45 megapixels mirrorles with foveon farts.. wow wow.. aaaaand its a rebel with pink wifi badge
    weeell it has beeen a long time since d800 came out.. and canon makes high quality…. rumours. its annoying? but yea you can always buy leica

  • Nick

    I don’t really care what form factor this takes, just as long as it focuses faster. After shooting with an M for over a year, focus speed is really my only complaint. For the most part all of the M lenses are really good and are quite sharp.

    I measured my M and checked the specs and full frame should be possible. The FF NEX series uses a slightly smaller flange diameter (46.1mm vs 47mm dia.) at the same flange distance as the M. If Sony can make FF work on the NEX series, then Canon should have no problem solving any optical issues that might be involved.

    • Adam Sanford

      That’s one you can cross off the list. DPAF will 100% be on the EOS-M3. That’s a certainty. Canon took a pounding for the slow AF speed even after the firmware update, and they won’t let that happen again.

      But an EVF and a commitment to EF-M mount is still up in the air. Bolting a pickle jar of a lens via an adapter is a total fail for a mirrorless system that will live or die based on it’s complete lens + body size. We need native, small, fast EF-M lenses or this system will only be a toy 2nd body for Canon guys with a lot of EF/EF-S glass.

  • Adam Sanford

    Not buying this rumor. Canon’s struggling to adequately support 3 mounts, so going for a 4th mount seems a bit far-fetched. And Canon is not in a market trailing position in mirrorless because of their sensor size, it’s because of their poor support of the segment — two underwhelming bodies, and underpowered flash and only 2-3 native EF-M lenses is not a system many would want to opt in to.

    AF speed improvements through DPAF + the 70D sensor + an EVF + a commitment to making 4-6 native EF-M lenses = an EOS-M3 that would entirely turn the ship around. It won’t win them them the mirrorless market by any means, but it will carve out a decent sized fanbase that will commit to the mount and await future releases.

    • Ørjan Laxaa

      I would so buy an M3 if that happened. The M2 was a vasted opportunity to turn things around.

  • Christopher Perez

    Make a development announcement. Yea! I suppose this is one way to keep an entire market from shifting away from your product. But after a certain point, don’t you actually have to produce something people can buy?

  • James

    I’d welcome this – if it has better selection of lenses than Sony, and better, or equal video. Keep the retro ‘rangefinder’ styling and appeal. Winner.

  • Andy

    Mirrorless…. The wave of the future. The only issue on the table is the focus speeds. Sony is addressing that with incredible lock on speeds with the A6000 and the A77 MarkII. And now the Sony A7 Version II has 30% faster lock on focus than the original A7. I am a lot more confident in Sony right now, so I have made the decision to dump my SLR (Canon) and move to mirrorless. I recently bought the Sony A7s. Oh My Goodness!!! Everything (IMHO) is better than the Canon 5D Mark III that I have been lugging around. I own 4 Canon 5D Mark IIs and one Canon 5D Mark III. All of my cameras have over 200K shutter clicks. So I am at a crossroads… ARE YOU LISTENING CANON? I bought the Sony A7s to test it out. I am sold. Boom! End of story. Selling all my Canon gear. Going with Sony 100% Sad thing is… I feel like Canon let me down. I have been shooting Canon for 30 Years.

  • Katsu Nakamura

    After the NEX7 and A7r I am considering waiting for Canon’s answer. If they get live view. EVF and true 14 bit color right, I’ll never touch a Sony again.

  • ex canon nerd

    is it sooooo hard to bild the bEST 2015 APS-C SENSOR
    with 4k 10bit and global shutter in a <800,-$ BODY and
    stop CANON slow-speed-one-hunderd-years till i get it thinking?

    I do not care about all this fuzzi fuzii one day we will get this and that.
    I WANT A NOW AND REAL 2015..not the 123th camera with old 2008 chip.


    stop thinking ,that the c300 and its expensive old dinos are to hold
    in a reservate, the world has enough good NON CANONS and i do
    not give one cent if they do it not right 2015– it is a shame!!!!

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