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Canon Powershot G1 X Mark III coming with APS-C sensor? [CW2]

Canon Powershot G1 X Mark III Coming With APS-C Sensor? [CW2]
Powershot G1 X II

Interesting rumor that came in (thanks). May the Canon Powershot G1 X Mark III feature an APS-C sized image sensor? According to our (new) source it will.

The rumor has some chance to be real. Actually, the PowerShot G1 X Mark II (and G1 X Mark I) features an 1.5″ sensor. This sensor is 20% smaller than an APS-C sensor (and around 5.6 times larger than the one found in the Canon PowerShot G16). Since the G1 X Mark III always had a pretty big sensor, tending towards the size of APS-C, the company may well have decided to put an APS-C sensor in the upcoming Powershot G1 X Mark III.

The Powershot G1 X III may be announced in Q1 2017. I think it will still have a 1.5″ sensor, but I can’t leave out the possibility of an APS-C sized sensor. What do you think? Sound off in the comments section.

  • Jun

    Then it might compete with X100 series. It depends on how bright the lens would be though. X100 series wide at f/2 isn’t that sharp but if G1 X Mark III has bright like that then maybe a good news for Canon side. Although EVF is must item in the camera but I doubt they’ll put one. My only wish is that Canon should make Sony RX1 like camera. Well, maybe not. But hoping.

  • Michael – Visual Pursuit

    Small sensor cameras are eaten away by smartphones. It’s only logical to switch to bigger sensors to make a difference.

  • vau

    Hmm… interesting. Wouldn’t that be an M5 with a fixed lens?

    What’s the added value? I bet it’s not the cost.

  • jimmytbc

    No way it will happen. It will compete directly against it’s own M5.

  • whensly

    APS-C, sweet EVF, 4K, IBIS…C’mon Canon stake your claim in mirrorless.

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