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Canon Powershot SX60 HS To Be Released Soon (and some specs)

Canon Powershot SX60

Canon Powershot SX50 HS

From a new source (thanks) comes the rumor that Canon will soon release the successor of the popular Powershot SX50 HS IS (price & specs), the Canon Powershot SX60 HS IS. The announcement is expected before summer 2014, possibly in the next two months .

There are some new tidbits on the specification front. The Canon Powershot SX60 HS is said to have a 15MP sensor, and to get faster on the wide end. While the SX50 has a maximum aperture of f/3.4, the Sx60 HS is rumored to have f/2.8. The SX60 HS is also said to be wider, 20-1200 in 35mm equivalent instead of the current 24-1200. That would be a 60x zoom, and it fits with the naming scheme: the SX50 had a 50x zoom, so it sounds plausible the SX60 might have a 60x zoom. Finally, there should be improvements for the auto-focus (which is already pretty quick on the SX50).

That’s all I have for the time being. Stay tuned for more.

  • bibi

    Nice to hear the first rumors on this bridge camera ! Could be an interesting travel or backup camera to come if Canon is making ” a serious product a la Olympus Stylus 1″…

  • Nicole

    Nearly 2 years after the realese of the sx50 I wonder what Canon thinks it’s doing with such a minor update when all the concurrents have gone for longer or brigther zooms (Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Kodak).
    Is this going to be some kind of entry-level low-priced bridge in Canon line up ? . And could the real replacement for the sx50 be due later, more than two years after its release ? In 2015 ?

  • Dotty

    Have you heard if Canon is adding a focus option that is smaller than the SX50? I LOVE the SX50, particularly for bird photography, but there are many times when the size of the focus area is just too large! I get a perfect chance for a shot of a warbler, and then the camera wants to focus on the twig just in front–and except for switching to manual, I can’t do anything about it! Even my little point-and-shoot had a Dot focus point. Thanks!

  • Charles Levy

    If the SX50 was 1200mm then the sx60 at 60x should be more than 1200mm otherwise it is not a zoom improvement and is a waste. They mentioned a patent to 100x so they should at 60x be at least 1600m or something better than the SAME max optical zoom range as the SX50HS.

    • Adham

      you took it from 24mm while he took it from the 20mm side.
      wider angle means less zoom
      you can search the web to know how to calculate those “mm” at any zoom

    • Roger Adams

      Adham is right. Unfortunately the camera companies use zoom as a
      marketing tool, and by “marketing” you might think “betraying the
      customer”. There is nothing in zoom that equates to maximum telephoto
      power. You want to always look at “35mm equivalent” and then divide by
      50, which gives you approximate magnification power. Outdoors, a 50mm
      lens is roughly a human’s “normal” view of the world. (Indoors, about
      35mm.) A 24mm lens “pushes the world away” so everything looks half its
      size—and you see twice as much; hence a wide-angle. Zoomed out to 400mm,
      divided by 50, you get a telephoto view of 8 times. At 1200mm, divided
      by 50, you have 24 times. Typical binoculars are 8 times (or 10 times).
      Better glass and more favourable light-physics (sensor size and sensor
      magic) play important roles in actual results. This is all “Photography 101” and is interesting stuff, but the companies so very sadly distort their own customers’ comprehension.

  • eli

    phh if its only 60 optical zoom no one giong to buy it. so it is giong to be at least 70 optical zoom.eli

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