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Canon Rebel SL2 coming for CP+, announcement end of February? [CW3]

Canon Rebel SL2 Coming For CP+, Announcement End Of February? [CW3]
The world's smallest DSLR may soon be replaced

Is Canon set to announce the Rebel SL2 at the end of February, just in time for the CP+ show? I’ve been told that the Rebel SL2 may indeed be announced in a few weeks. We are not going to see the EOS 80D for CP+, as suggested by others, but most likely the Rebel SL2.

The Rebel SL2 is rumored to feature the same 24MP sensor as other recent Canon DSLRs (namely, the EOS 750D/Rebel T6i and EOS 760D/Rebel T6s). Beside being suggested by the source, a 24MP on the Rebel SL2 sounds pretty plausible to me. There have been few rumors about the Rebel SL2 as of late. The SL2 was expected to get announced in 2015, but nope. Will we eventually see the Rebel SL1 replacement at the end of February?

For the time being, these are the supposed Rebel SL2 specs I got and consider reliable:

  • 24MP, same sensor as T6i/T6s
  • Smaller than SL1
  • Wireless battery charging, old charger still supplied and works as before
  • 19 point AF system
  • Hybrid CMOS AF III
  • Digic 6
  • New battery type

All Rebel Sl2 rumors are here. Stay tuned…

  • DouglasGottlieb

    I wish they’d do a pro spec camera in this size

    • SoapyEyes

      everyone does

      -on-sensor phase detection
      -minimum shutter speed
      -3x zoom during video
      -60FPS in full HD

    • Christian Wilde

      You mean like the A6300?

      • SoapyEyes


      • DouglasGottlieb

        Yes, almost exactly like the A6300 but with a FF sensor, weather sealed and a touch screen. :)

    • Oliver

      I wish too but It will most likely be plain boring with just a little progress over the previous generation. Canon style. Sony just announced a set of nice 2.8 lenses today. I’ll wait for the review on those and the 5Dmk4 before jumping definitely to Sony if Canon keeps making 2010 Cameras.

      • Eric Calabros

        I’m Nikon shooter but I’m sure none of mirrorless cameras could even compete with upcoming 5Dmk4 AF. If you only shoot portraits or landscapes, maybe, but anything with action, no way.

  • Caerolle

    I heard there is going to be one of these tucked inside a little door in the bottom of each 1Dx MkII as a little trinket, and that can also be used as a back-up if the photog gets a sprain or something from using the big honking dSLR and lenses. Maybe they will include that new little 24mm pancake with it.

    • tyger11

      I heard that the 1Dx MkII will actually be MADE UP of multiple SL2 cameras, which come together Voltron-style. Conflicting rumors on exactly how many SL2s make up one 1Dx MkII, though. [CW3]

      • Caerolle

        Too funny!

        • Nah, A couple of M3s to make all the mirrorless folks happy too! ;-)

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