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Confirmed: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV will have Dual Pixel Auto-Focus

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More and more bits about the upcoming Canon EOS 5D Mark IV flock in.

We have been told (thanks) that the EOS 5D Mark IV will have Dual Pixel AF on board. This is in all truth a feature we expected and that doesn’t come as a surprise. It also was rumored in the past.

It’s two weeks to the announcement and we still know very little about the specifications of the EOS 5D Mark IV. An alleged, pretty blurry picture of what could be the EOS 5D Mark IV surfaced yesterday (update: it’s a fake).

I listed what we can expect to be announced by Canon on August 25/26 in the post below.

As I said, there are still no reliable information about the specifications of the EOS 5D Mark IV. For the time being the list below (posted by this site) is making its rounds (I added DPAF to the list).

  • 30mp
  • 7 fps
  • Compact Flash/SD Card Slots (No CFast)
  • Built-in Wifi
  • Dual Pixel Auto-Focus
  • 24/30fps @ 4K
  • 60fps @ 1080
  • 120fps @ 720
  • USB 3
  • Cable release port moved to the front of the camera where the “Mark XX” badge was.
  • A lot more touchscreen functionality than the EOS-1D X Mark II
  • Other ergonomic changes, such as a new “locking switch” on the rear of the camera.

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47% of our readers think the EOS 5D Mark IV will come with 30MP, 42% think it will have 28MP. What do you think? Sound off in our poll.

What do you think will be the EOS 5D Mark IV resolution?

  • 30MP (52%, 897 Votes)
  • 28MP (35%, 600 Votes)
  • 24MP (12%, 213 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,710

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  • MdB

    Any rumours on when it will actually be available?

    • canonwatch

      I guess it will start shipping around mid September

  • differed types of cards is fckd up.

    • Rick

      yes because all those people that bought a 1 series in the past or a 5D mark III were horrified with it.

  • Jam005

    What’s really awsome about the 1dxII video capability is “frame grab”. Will the 5dmkiv have 4k “frame grab” also? Does your source know about this?

  • Rick

    that image isn’t a fake btw.

    look at the pentaprism housing.

  • Rick

    disagree with that being a fake image. CR now has a larger one, and you can clearly tell it’s a pentaprism housing that does not exist with any other canon camera.

    • Fred

      If I am not wrong it was CR itself stating on Twitter that the img was a fake. Photo Rumors too says it is faked.
      I guess these rumor sites are getting desperate to post something at any cost

      • Rick

        except it’s the same image that CR now has up on their website.

        and in the forum thread .. CR himself states.. it’s not fake.

        • Fred

          It’s confusing. Wonder why they do this

          • Rick

            beats me..

            but unless someone photoshopped an entirely unique pentaprism housing, it’s not a fake.

            IMO .. I think the lettering is, but from my recollection it’s not unusual for canon to ship out test units without designations.

            especially if they are at events such as the olympics.

  • MdB

    I Wonder if the 4K is from a crop like the 1DC / 1DX II?

  • disqus_x71R5DjFAb

    Add 4k to 7Dmkii?

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