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(CW2) Canon EOS M3 Coming With 24MP Sensor?

Canon RumorCanon Rumor

I have been told (thanks) that the Canon EOS M3, rumored to be announced Friday 6th, may come with a 24MP sensor.

This rumor puzzles me a bit. I give it only a CW2 rating because the specs look pretty much like the supposed specs for one of the (also rumored) two models of the Rebel T5i replacement.

  • 24.2MP sensor
  • Dual Pixel CMOS AF III
  • Automatic shooting modes
  • ISO 100-12,800 range
  • 7 fps
  • NFC
  • Optional EVF

Not very much, specs-wise. I am wondering and skeptical, especially because of the 24MP sensor. To me it seems strange that Canon may introduce a new APS-C sensor (at least resolution-wise a new sensor) in an entry-level DSLR (the next Rebel), or in a mirrorless camera. One thing is sure: the optional EVF is on a lot of people’s wishlist. On the other hand, who knows what Canon is planing? :-) I also got rumors saying Canon will go serious with mirrorless (1 | 2) in 2015. Only time will tell.

I am also wondering how much Canon’s Connect Station CS100 plays a role in the company’s strategic plans. If it does, Canon may feel some urge to release more NFC-enabled DSLRs. I got some rumors saying the CS100 is an integral part in Canon’s future plans. Did not publish so far because they didn’t look reliable to me. I am sorting this out.

I hope Canon will put some efforts in their next mirrorless camera. The EOS M system is a good system with plenty of potential, and it would be a pity if Canon decides to let it down. Since Canon is still offering the EF-M lenses in the EU and USA market, there is some founded hope the EOS M3 will be available in the US and EU (the EOS M2 is not).

Stay tuned, and if you want, let me know what you think in the comment section.

About our rumor rating:

  • CW1 – probably fake rumor, not reliable
  • CW2 – rumor from an unknown/new source, but otherwise at least a plausible rumor
  • CW3 – a 50% chance to be real, coming from a known source, or from new source with good insight in Canon’s business
  • CW4 – rumor from a known source that was right in the past
  • CW5 – as good as certain to be true
  • knutinh

    I really don’t understand why people want an add-on EVF. To me it is either-or. To make a camera _really_ compact, dropping the viewfinder is a possible compromise. To make a camera really versatile in bright sunlight you need a viewfinder (like any SLR ever made).

    It seems sensible to try to do both in a single camera (a compromise between size and versatility) by having an integrated EVF. Clever engineering solutions for EVF (and flash) popping up/expanding when needed are possible (RX100M3).

    An externally attached EVF just seems like a clumsy, breakage-prone, easily-forgotten-at-home gadget that I would probably not pay for.

    • Kevin Levrone

      The fact is, the target market for the EOS M doesn’t need an EVF. I applaud Canon for not enlarging the EOS M with a useless EVF.

      • knutinh

        One may always claim that “the target market for product y needs exactly the features offered by product y, anyone that wants something else simply are not part of the target market”.

        I think that makes for a less interesting discussion over products. Of course Canon have discussed and debated camera features, cost, customer demographics internally. Of course, they occasionally find the perfect niche (and occasionally not).

        Sites like this are a great place to discuss what you personally would like to see in such a camera, and what you believe would make the camera a big hit.

        For me personally, the RX100 is a good pocket camera. If I were to buy a Canon MILF, it would be because it added quality or versatility that the Sony lacks. EVF would be one good reason.

      • eosm

        I am using Eos M. The biggest thing it needs is integrated EVF. Back screen is useless in sunny conditions.. manual focusing is a pain without evf.

        • Richard

          IMO – the biggest thing it needs is a tilt screen.

    • Richard

      not really – I’d rather have the versatility of the hotshoe than a badly positioned and ergonomic awkward EVF plunked on the corner of such a small camera.

      The external EVF can also swivel and tilt upwards at any angle.

      I actually use one M for infrared – which is always shooting in bright sunlight. programming the garbage can button as brightness solves alot of back screen issues.

      as far as your RX100 comment – you have alot more space to work with when you dont’ have to work around an ILC mount.

  • Kevin Levrone

    I am a bit afraid that the EOS M3 will utilize a Sony 24MP APS-C sensor and won’t have dual-pixel AF. This spares Canon from doing another sensor. I am a huge fan of Canon color rendering and I have seen that feature ruined in the G7X with the Sony sensor. If the EOS M3 will have a Sony sensor I will probably hang on to my EOS M, or just buy Sony since the color advantage is gone.

    • jojo

      You’re “afraid” of it having a Sony 24MP sensor…? I’d be absolutely delighted if it did…..

      • guest

        I agree that the white balance and color rendering are inferior on my a6000 when compared to my 550D. The a6000 files take a lot longer to process and get interesting color shifts on occasion. For reference, I use DXO Optics Pro 10 for raw conversion…

    • Ahmad Al-Joboori

      Totally true, I never liked my A7 color rendition, the colors are not the same with what my eyes see, and the photos had that digital look especially with skin tones. When I shot nikon I had the same problem with skin tones but at least the photos don’t look too digital.
      ain conclusion, it’s not strange to see Canon dominating the wedding and portrait photography so far.

  • jojo

    Canon’s original plan was one eos M without VF and a higher spec model with EVF, but the 2nd model never materialized. An optional add-on EVF seems more like a compromise to widen the appeal of one model so as to avoid the need for a second production line. While an add-on is sometimes better than nothing, it invariably leads to compromises in handling and use.

  • SteB1

    I think if Canon did use a 24mp sensor, it would likely be a Sony one. It would seem odd if Canon has just developed a 24mp APS-C sensor, why they’d release the 7D mkII with what appears to be an older sensor from the 70D. Especially as the 7D mkII will have a much longer product life.

    Canon have previously put a higher megapixel sensor on an xxxD model, than appeared on an xxD model. The 450D received a 12mp sensor, when the semi-pro 40D only had a 10mp sensor. This situation persisted for some time until Canon released the 50D. The 40D appeared before the 450D, and the 400D appeared to have the same sensor as the 40D.

    There have been rumours before about Canon using Sony sensors. I think at the very least, from a commercial point of view, that Canon will have considered using Sony sensors. It made sense for Canon to make their own CMOS DSLR sensors, when Canon had the lead with CMOS sensors. However, this lead pretty much ended with Sony’s 12mp APS-C CMOS sensor. Since then no Canon CMOS DSLR sensor has ever had clear a lead over a Sony sensor (for a while the 7D sensor was the highest res APS-C sensor). So there is a question whether it is good business for Canon to carry on producing their own sensors, when they could buy off the peg sensors from Sony that are at least as good.

  • CaMeRa QuEsT

    I love the form factor of my EOS M, the sharpness of its 2 original lenses and the color science lifted straight out of the EOS DSLRs. But the darn camera is way too slow and its video capabilites are too far behind. These are the reasons why I also own a Nikon D3300. If Canon can manage to make the next M to be at least as fast as the D3300 in DSLR mode and rise its video quality to be at least on par with the D3300’s, I’ll then have no good reasons to keep the Nikon. Give me a native 85mm equivalent fast prime M lens and I’ll kiss my whole Nikon system goodbye!

  • Marco

    Canon is surpassed by all other manufacters. No good sensor no 4k no low light. Ridiculous video codecs ecc ecc….. And a thieves price. Consider EOS D1-C cost 10000 Sony A7S 2000

    • Richard

      the EOS-1Dc was the first ever interchangeable lens camera with 4K shooting capability – and can record it internally back in 2012 – three years ago. it’s still the only SLR that can record 4K and the largest sensored camera that can record 4K internally.

      It’s bound to be more expensive. show me a 4K TV four years ago – do you think that was more expensive than one now? Oddly enough recording 4k internally is something even the current A7S still cannot do.

      h.264 is a ridiculous codec? really?

  • Stewart Shields

    Not unless it’s a Sony fabricated Sensor. If Sony and Canon shared tech to pair up as another rumor suggests for FF, then I suppose they could have shared it here too….but in an M??? Ehhh… this one is fishy. We JUST got the APSC flagship 7D2… and this theoretical M3 looks like its a better buy than the 70D shy of AF…

  • ryan

    Considering canon uses a different apsc sensor size 1.6. Not likely to be a sensor from any existing camera.

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