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(CW5) Canon EOS 5Ds and EOS 5Ds R, and EF 11-24mm f/4L Press Release Leaked


This is brought to you exclusively by Canon Watch :-) Thanks to the reader who sent the text.

Announcement will be tomorrow at 6am London time, 12am EST. I will live blog the event so stay tuned on CW tomorrow in order to not miss anything.

Press release:
Canon revolutionises resolution with the EOS 5DS and EOS 5DS R

London, UK, 6 February 2015 – Canon today transforms the EOS system with the arrival of the EOS 5DS and the EOS 5DS R – a new breed of ultra-high resolution full-frame DSLRs.

Breaking the boundaries of 35mm sensors,the new cameras offer the highest megapixels ever seen in a full frame sensor, an astonishing 50.6MP. Delivering unparalleled quality, the cameras provide an exceptional combination of resolution, responsiveness and durability, whether shooting landscapes, architecture, high fashion or portraiture, either personally or professionally. When nothing but the sharpest image is expected, the EOS 5DS R also features a low pass cancellation filter to maximise the sensor’s resolution and visible image quality.Alongside the new DSLRs, Canon also introduces the EF 11-24mm f/4L USM, the world’s widest-angle rectilinear zoom lens(1), the perfect companion for landscape and architecture photographers.

Establishing new standards for full-frame DSLRs

Setting a new benchmark for full-frame cameras, the EOS 5DS and EOS 5DS R combine fast, instinctive DSLR handling with the newly-developed 50.6MP CMOS sensor, providing the flexibility to shoot a wide range of scenes and subjects, making it ideal for large format mediums, such as advertising billboards and magazine covers, where every pixel matters. The sensor’s advanced architecture provides
ISO 100-6400 sensitivity, further expandable to 50-12800, ensuring high quality images with low noise, accurate colours and wide dynamic range. For added flexibility, the cameras’ resolution enables three new in-camera crop shooting modes–1.3x, 1.6x and 1:1. Visible through the viewfinder, the crop modes deliver outstanding results, with stills at 19 MP even when cropped to 1.6x. Built to withstand the most demanding shoots, the EOS 5DS and EOS 5DS R’s dual DIGIC 6 processors provide the rapid performance and responsiveness required to deliver first-class images with exceptional colour reproduction. Both processors are designed to comfortably manage huge levels of image data from the 50.6MP sensor, whilst simultaneously reducing image noise and providing the freedom to shoot at five frames per second.

Automatically exceptional
Created to ensure every detail of your exquisite landscape or high-fashion studio shoot is in focus, the EOS 5DS and EOS 5DS Rfeature an advanced 61-point AF system, with 41 cross-type points, delivering incredible levels of image sharpness and accuracy across the frame.
Both cameras comfortably maintain focus with moving subjects, using EOS Intelligent Tracking and Recognition AF (iTR) to track both faces and colour. To reduce image blur, Canon’s Mirror Vibration Control System uses cams to drive the cameras’ mirror up and down in a highly controlled fashion, avoiding all sudden stops and softening the shutter-release sound. Additionally, the EOS 5DS and EOS 5DS R’s 150k pixel RGB+IR metering sensor with Flicker Detection ensures images can be captured with consistent and accurate exposures under varying lighting scenarios, including florescent.

Incredible detail and unrestricted creativity

Putting unrivalled image quality at your fingertips, the EOS 5DS and EOS 5DS R include a number of customisable modes and settings to ensure stunning results every time. A new Fine Detail Picture Style maximises the level of detail that can be achieved from the sensor, enabling advanced sharpness adjustment without the need for edit ing software. Popular creative modes, including Multiple Exposure and HDR, provide instant, in-camera creativity, while a built-in timer allows you to shoot over long periods and create stunning time lapse videos, without being tied to the camera or needing advanced software and excessive kit.

First-class professional construction, customisable features

The EOS 5DS and EOS 5DS R have been expertly constructed to allow you to operate quickly, regardless of the environment you’re shooting in. The 100% viewfinder with electronic overlay makes framing vital shots easy and can be customised to your preferred style. The large, 8.11cm (3.2”) Clear View II LCD screen, with an anti-reflective structure, minimises reflection or glare when reviewing shots and also acts as a visual and accessible dashboard of the most commonly used settings. The cameras’ new Custom Quick Control screen means that the type, size and position of icons are also easily customisable to the user or shooting scenario. Both cameras utilise Canon’s iconic design DNA–a highly durable body constructed from high-grade magnesium alloy to provide weather resilient shooting – ideal for landscape photographers who are dedicated to getting the perfect shot, whatever the weather.

EOS 5DS R: Engineered for the ultimate in DSLR image quality

When nothing but the absolute maximum level of detail possible will do, the EOS 5DS R features a low pass cancellation filter to ensure the sharpest possible results. Great for landscape photographers, where patterns are very often organic, the camera’s low pass cancellation filter produces the stunning level of detail required to turn agreat shot into an incredible shot.

Optical Expertise: Introducing the EF 11-24mm f/4L USM

The EOS 5DS and EOS 5DS R are compatible with Canon’s extensive EF lens range, spanning 71 models(2). Today Canon unveils the world’s widest-angle retilinearzoom lens (1), the EF 11-24mm f/4L USM. Perfect for photographers shooting landscape and architecture, the EF 11-24mm f/4L USM is designed to open up an entirely new world of creative opportunities, thanks to its super wide 11-24mm focal range. Boasting a newly designed optical structure, the lens features three aspherical lenses including a ground aspherical element, which maximises image quality and delivers minimal levels of distortion, while the body is rugged and robust enough to be employed in extreme weather conditions.

EOS 5DS Key features:

  • 50.6 MP CMOS sensor with dual DIGIC 6 processors
  • 150K Pixel RGB+IR Metering Sensor
  • Up to 5.0 Frames Per Second
  • 61-point AF
  • Cropped Shooting

EOS 5DS R also includes:

  • Low-pass cancellation filter

EF 11-24mm f/4L USM Key features:

  • Explore landscapes from an ultra-wide point of view
  • The world’s widest-angle rectilinear zoom lens
  • Minimal distortion – ideal for architecture and interiors
  • Advanced lens coatings guard against ghosting and flare
  • Enjoy swift, near-silent AF, with full-time manual override
  • Keep shooting even in tough weather conditions
  • Keith Reeder


    here you get the REAL rumors….

  • Peter Umbra

    I only hope DR is improved.
    I have no use for 50 MP. Around 30 MP are plenty for my needs.
    I want better Pixel not more Pixel.
    Lets hope the 5D MK4 has much increased DR, a good action framerate (8-9 FPS) and a kickass new AF.

    • Dave B

      I completely agree. It’s sad that I can pull more out of my Sony a7 photos using only one image than my 5D Mark iii solely because of the DR. We can only hope.

      • 100millionEF

        On my a7 I couldn’t shoot more than ISO 3200 and that’s what made me sell it. It’s not all about playing with shadow and highlight sliders and feel happy about it.

        • Dave B

          I’ve played with my 5D Mark iii and a7 side-by-side and can say the noise on the 5D is barely better at that ISO. “It’s not all about playing with shadow and highlight sliders and feel happy about it.”, no, it’s not, but it is about having more detail to work with. I don’t shoot high ISO, so I could care less about that, but I do shoot landscape, and not having to bracket every single shot, or shoot five brackets, just to get proper exposure across the whole image, plus then layering images in post editing does matter, a lot. So much time is saved, which equates to more time to shoot.

  • 324278976543

    No Global Shutter… :(

    • jana ina

      NO Zebras, NO focus peeking.

      • Savanna

        Yep… NO Zebras, NO Lions, NO crocodiles, NO hyenas…….

      • nameless pro

        with the crappy video features.. why should canon bother about including zebras?
        it does not even have 4K or good pro codecs.

    • Sony Rules

      No 4K.
      Not even 60p recording.

      • Your father

        Who cares? It’s a god damn photo camera. If you want useless toys. buy a rebel Xti.

        • you idiot

          noone talked about wanting useless toys… 4k & 60p was the demand you idi@t.

    • Kabummmm


  • Curious

    Canon should clarify things about the who-on-earth-made-this-sensor topic…

  • Sony Rules

    You will get all that and much more in the new SONY fulframe cameras.
    And i bet you will get 4K too with the Sony cameras.

    • 34567865432

      And the will probably cost only around 2400 euro not 3400 euro.

    • Zach Ashcraft

      And the autofocus performance will be unusable. Speaking from experience.

  • upset canon user

    is this canons camera for “real photographer”.
    like the nikon DF?
    video seems to play no role anymore?
    a new 3400 euro camera without 4K… in 2015??

    • Reader

      “Delivering unparalleled quality, the cameras provide an exceptional
      combination of resolution, responsiveness and durability, whether
      shooting landscapes, architecture, high fashion or portraiture, either
      personally or professionally.”

      Read before comment, please….

      • upset canon user

        a 3400 euro camera in 2015 has to have 4K or ist simply a joke.
        your brabblings will not change that.

        • WE NEED 4K


        • Reader

          Why don’t you ask for a medium format camera with 4K videos??? ….

          • READER

            Said the genius that makes photos and videos with phones and a P&S and believes to be a pro…..

          • Keith Reeder

            No but i could you moron…. i could do it.
            BUT you and this 3000+ EURO Canon camera can NOT.. ROTFL…..

          • 546754356

            Yes it´s really a shame. Every new Camera offers 4K but Canon sticks to FULL HD.

          • Keith Reeder

            Well that ship has sailed for you clueless and jobless idiot.. that much is a fact.

          • Reader

            Whatever…. keep going on with your delusional comments if it makes you happy….


          • 3634665464

            LOL +1

          • TonyT

            I an lucky and have the money saved, my interests are in aircraft photography, wildlife ( the slow moving stuff) and macro, I do not wish to wait until August, will this serve my needs now? What I need is something fast focusing, I use a 50d at the moment with the following lenses 17-40L, 24-105 L, 180L macro, 70-200 2.8 iiL and 100-400L

            Anyone know please if this will suit my purpose? My 50D while fast FPS is getting tired with the odd stuck pixel etc.

      • Gerd

        so i need to buy an extra camera that offers 4K?
        you know that it´s often part of a professional job today to deliver high quality video?

        • Reader

          Sure…. 4K is a must these days…. You can’t be serious.

          • WE NEED 4K

            maybe not for you as an amateur.
            but please get a clue what you are talking about.
            this camer is an investment for the next 2-4 years.. and yes 4K IS important.
            not to you amateurs but to us, who make money with photography and video.

          • Read

            Rent a camera, no? LOL

          • Terapist

            You guys are just amusing…. Seriously.
            Are you paid or do you write insults and comments against canon for free?
            You are a very interesting subject of study for a psychiatrist.

          • 34532

            to bad you are just a janitor without even a high school degree…

          • Terapist

            Sure… and still I can tell you what kind of mental disease do you suffer….

          • Neuroanatomist

            well that´s because you speak from personal experience i guess…. and from watching of your retarded mother fro 50 years?

          • Therapist

            I can help you for free. I’m selfless….

            If you agree, we can start the theraphy…

          • Neuroantomist

            you should finish cleaning the rooms first….

          • Therapist

            OK…. you just missed an opportunity to become sane….

          • d00d00

            Who cares if it has 4k or not, it is a still camera for commercial and
            landscape photographers. If you want to shoot video… Buy a proper
            camera for it, not an SLR which is a compromise.

            If you need to
            cover both still and video from the same body… Keep in mind hardly
            anyone has a 4k TV….. More people own 720p TV’s than 1080p.. Let alone
            4k. Most TV networks are in 720, occasionally in 1080 and that isn’t
            likely to change for at least 5-10 years when 4k sets become more common
            place. Right now 4k video is a gimmick until it is widely adopted by the masses and not a fraction of gear heads.

    • Sony Rules

      Don´t worry. SONY will have 4K and 53 MP. :-)

  • Visitor

    There are too many SONY fanboys-trolls on this site.
    A little cleaning is required…


      you you like censoring.. old nazi maybe?

      • canonwatch

        no censoring. but offensive comments will not be published

        • petedthaw

          offensive to who? To the fanboy anything that disturbs the peace of mind and the reality bubble is offensive.

          • Visitor

            Question is: why some fanboys/trolls come to this site just to say canon is crap and sony cameras are better o the best?
            It’s annoying.

          • SONY RULES

            no it´s true….


            Are you even please of yourself for writing this kind of idiocy?

  • Antoine5

    I hope it’s not a Canon sensor, but if it is, then it better at least be on par with what the competition has been offering for the past 2 years, specially considering the price Canon will charge for these cameras.

    • Urghhh.. a canon sensor

      Dont get your hopes to high.
      It will have 50 MP with the noise of a 550D.


    The new SONY cameras will have a better 53MP sensor, pro video codecs and 4K recording.
    And they will cost 30% less than this Canon stuff.

    • Satire

      And your house in for sale for half the price….

  • Smity

    Details. Details, Details. No word about dynamic range in this press release. Of course is (again) ONLY a Canon sensor. This is bad Canon, bad for you.

    • jaayres

      “ISO 100-6400 sensitivity, further expandable to 50-12800, ensuring high quality images with low noise, accurate colours and wide dynamic range.”

      • SONY RULES

        Blahblah. blafasel.. blahh.. nothing but PR speak.


      Same as before. 11.2 Stops DR. It´s a joke.
      And then no 4K video.. for this price.
      Unbelievable stupid of Canon.
      The new Sony cameras will run circles around this.
      Just as the latest Exmors have compared to the 5D MK3.

      • jaayres

        So you have tested the sensor? How? You have also tested the new Sony sensor? Why do you even care about this camera, you don’t want it. I also seriously doubt what you believe will change the fact that this camera will outsell anything from Sony by a 3 to 1 margin.

        • 3456432

          who cares? a VW outsells a Porsche.. be happy with your crappy VW….
          do you have stock options or why do you care?
          i care about what offers me the most….. i am not a stupid fanboy who cares how much money my camera maker earns.

          • sony fanboy

            No, you are not a stupid fanboy… you are worse…

        • Pick

          Don’t feed the troll, please.

        • Canon DR sucks

          wanna place a bet?

  • Smity

    Yes, we have “wide dynamic range” … 10 stops DR are also wide.
    But we have details, “Incredible Detail”, “delivering incredible levels of image sharpnes”, “exceptional combination of Resolution …” bla, bla, bla … etc.

  • Lucas

    Thank you Canon!

    sincerely Sony

  • Yalım Akın

    I was really hoping the Mk IV came out earlier and I was even saving for it. there goes my plans down the drain. Too bad. These cameras are very specific to the studio or landscape type photographers and I believe what Canon needed was the a great all around camera to replace MK3 in the FF line.

    Canon is loosing more money and customer to Sony and Nikon for being slow and arrogant.
    4K, fast focusing, decent image quality, Dynamic range, low light performance, better codecs and FHD slow motion is what most of us are expecting from Canon.
    I would have burned the bridges switched to sony or nikon is I didn’t have too many canon glass.


      Look at the next Sony offerings. They will be AMAZING and offer 4K video.
      Canon is for the 50+ people who are afraid to learn somenthing new.


        Are you paid or what?
        Just curious…

  • Videographer


    • Bye

      FAREWELL and DO NOT come back

      • Kumbala

        you are alone here in 2 years… still waiting to get 4K in a 3600 euro camera… you idiot….

        • Bye

          You’re crazy

  • jaayres

    Sounds great!

    • anti-troll

      Actually it says you are an IDIOT. Very clearly….

      • Anti Anti Troll

        your mother is as ugly as you or only as stupid?

        • kil1

          Shut up. He was right…. It’s wrong to insult girls.

  • Canon Sensors Suck

    DXO SCORE = 81
    LOL.. CANON IS SO 2010…..


      don´t forget the artistic shadow noise banding!!!
      no real canon sensor without that banding…


    Will these Camera have the famous CANON SENSOR BANDING?

    • Rotfl

      Will you shut up sooner or later???

  • Kevin Levrone

    Do these camera support video at all ? Nothing is mentioned about video.


      1920×1080 30 fps…. with the typical mushy canon quality and lousy codecs.

      • Sams

        Sony output instead is really great…. C’mon….

  • andy

    Mark 3 has DIGIC 5+ image processor,does almost 2k Video..
    5DS has Dual DIGIC 6 CPU with 50.6 Megapix . it should be able to do 4K easily …
    1DC has Dual Digic 5 CPU and does 4K . something does not add up here


      canon wants you to buy 2 expensive cameras, not just one.
      wait for SONY.. you will get the best features in one body.
      and you will get a noise free, iso less, banding free sensor.

      • d00d00

        To be honest you have to move into Sony’s pro video gear to get anything worthwhile, none of their slt/mirrorless can compete with a 1Dc. Sony might make something with high MP and 4k video, but they will also leave out too many important things for serious still photography as well as videography making it a massive compromise that doesn’t excel at anything. Swiss army knives never do anything in a superior way.

        Also real pro’s own 2 expensive cameras at a minimum. I would think anyone serious about video would want something tailored specifically to that type of work like a 1Dc, Red, Sony CineAlta etc… Not a swiss army knife for cheapskates.

  • Hannes G.

    another camera from canon that lacks innovation.
    just raising the MP is not innovative.
    the only cameras that seem to bring new ideas and new features are mirrorless cameras.
    what about the rumored global shutter?
    now THAT would be something to talk about.
    or at least 4K video and s-log2.

  • Eric

    THIS IS NOT A VIDEO CAMERA! Wtf? How do people not get that? This is designed for landscape, studio, portrait professionals , not video. All these people sayin “sony is better ” by all means, go buy a sony and shut up, nobody forcing you to buy anything. You complain like you already know what the camera performs like.

    • 1

      dont you get that people want video in it?
      are you stupid or just as ignorant as canon?
      it matters what the cutomer wants.

      • Eric

        Nobody who is actually the market who will buy this gives a shit if it has video or not. Professional landscape photographers and fashion photographers aren’t like, hum let’s shoot photos for Victoria secret today and maybe do some tv show production tomorrow. It’s clearly a stills landscape & high end portrait camera. If you don’t know what you are, this camera isn’t for you anyway. So why complain, just go buy your sony and be happy.

    • Jackson Photography

      It´s simple.. no 4K video = no DEAL.
      And yes if Sony offers me 4K video i gladly take that offer.
      I have waited long enough for Canon to get it´s sh-t together.
      Only to be disappointed again.

      • Jackson Pornography

        I’ve already changed idea…. I’ll buy one of these DSLRs

    • fed up with canon…. :-(

      So what cameras Canon offers to those who want/need 4K?
      The overpriced 1D C?

  • Olen

    But will it BAND? :)

  • strangeshape

    Can somebody tell why they would bother making a version of this 50 MP camera WITH a low pass filter? At that resolution the risk for moiré will be zero, zip, zilch, nada.

  • Alan Paone

    excited to see if any lenses (canon or otherwise) hold up to 50MP

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