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Fun fact: Canon EOS 77D and EOS 80D kit with 18-135mm IS USM lens have same price

Fun Fact: Canon EOS 77D And EOS 80D Kit With 18-135mm IS USM Lens Have Same Price
Canon EOS 77D

Is that weird? The Canon EOS 80D and EOS 77D kits with the EF-S 18-135mm lens have the same price, $1,499 (80D | 77D).

I am not sure I get the reason ;-)

The Canon EOS 77D was announced today and is available for pre-order.

Given the same price for the EOS 77D and EOS 80D kit, which one would you get?

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  • Maier Robert

    “Given the same price for the EOS 77D and EOS 80D kit, which one would you get?”
    I think, I will take the Fuji X-T2.

    After many years, I feel like leaving Canon now.
    This pricing is strange but the new kit lens is a joke. F4-5.6?????
    Why should I carry around a big DSLR with a mediocre lens on it? There is hardly any decent lens for the APSC nor for the M-line.
    I don’t need, don’t want the so called full-frame. I don’t want to step-up, it is overkill.

    I am looking for a good APSC body and lenses for fair prices. Canon should make some good APSC and M lenses in stead of these oversegmented product strategy. As the pricing example shows, even Canon has difficulties to distinguish between them.

    • CW Steve

      c’mon that’s nonsense ;-)

    • Rick

      so you’re whining that canon has two camera bodies around 1k each, and going to show them by buying a camera body that is $1600…

      because canon doesn’t make cheaper aps-c options.. got it.

      the fuji 18-135 is also 3.5-5.6 .. good grief what are people smoking lately?

      hardly any decent lenses for the APS-C or M line? really?

      • Stevie Jay Elmm

        You won’t go wrong with the Fuji. I left Canon and bounced around. I do have a Canon t6s now but it’s for the once in a while need of a dslr with long lens. I have the Fuji XT-1 and it smokes the Canon crop cameras. The lenses are made with actual metal frames, the glass is good and the feel of the body is nice. Now of course the Canon 7d Mark II is a beast and built tough but again you really need to throw full frame 2000 dollar lenses on that camera like a 70-200 or 100-400 to take advantage of it. The 7d is not for a casual person to walk around for snap shots. Canon is a great company that is just very very conservative to themselves.

        • MdB

          The saving grace of crop DSLRs are third party lenses.

    • EOS-M has quite good lenses and the collection will surely expand in the future. The advantage is that it keeps the amazing Canon colors – a good starting point in simulating either Fujifilm or Kodak emulsions.

      But, if the price and availability of APS-C lenses is really a problem, then is more logical to go Pentax route. You get an amazing body and great lenses.

      But yes, if you wanted to advertise (or to convince yourself once more) for Fuji, none of the above arguments matters to you. Fuji is a great system, but with prices for lenses from moderate to expensive – there are no cheap lenses. In my opinion, Fuji will be extremely attractive when they will release the organic sensor (but then, there will be Panasonic as well).

      • MdB

        Yeah Fujifilm cameras are rubbish at producing Fujifilm colours ;)

        Besides the colours on the latest Canon cameras are all borked Sony colours. No thanks.

    • free_variation

      You won’t regret it — I haven’t looked back either. When I saw the output a much smaller Fuji body with a normal lens compared to a Canon DSLR with the equivalent lens — well it was over. I’m not a sports photographer …

  • Rick

    not that weird.. the 80D is a year into it’s lifecycle.

    the 80D is bigger, heavier,etc – that could play a factor in many people.

  • Dragon

    Not so weird. The 80D is on sale with $100 off the body and $200 off the lens. Give the 77D a month or so and the package with that lens will come down as that lens was overpriced to begin with (probably just so they could offer “great” deals. Right now, the 77D package is asking full boat for that lens so it is a bad package. If you want a 77D out the gate, get it body only or with the 18-55 and then it is a couple of hundred cheaper than the 80D (even on sale).

  • Europa and JDM

    So is the real difference between the two buried somewhere in the spec sheet? They seem to be basically the same camera.

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