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Next Canon EOS M camera coming with Dual Pixel AF? [CW3]


The Canon EOS M3. Is the next EOS M coming soon?

A 24MP sensor to be featured on the next Canon EOS M camera has already been rumored. Now I got a new tidbit, suggesting the next EOS M will also have Dual Pixel AF.

This is more likely than you may think at first glance. The sensor that’s rumored to be featured on the next EOS M is a “EOS 80D”-like sensor. While DPAF has been rumored for each and any Canon mirrorless camera since the original EOS M, this time it may indeed be true. If the recently leaked, sketchy images of a new, pro-oriented looking EOS M are real, then it might well have DPAF.

Dual Pixel AF would make a big difference, and it would make for a Canon mirrorless camera no one would complain about the auto-focus performance. Let’s hope DPAF will eventually be featured on a Canon mirrorless camera.

Currently these are the rumored specifications (via CR):

  • 24MP sensor (80D sensor or some variant)
  • Built-in electronic viewfinder
  • New AF system
  • Classical camera design, more in line with Fuji or Olympus
  • EF-M 18-150mm f/3.5-6.3 IS STM coming as new kit option

As you can see, “80D sensor or some variant” and “new AF system” are rumored, hence a sensor with Dual Pixel AF isn’t that unlikely. The images below showed up in a forum and are said to be the real thing:

We expect Canon to announce the new EOS M next week, on September 15th. Stay tuned!

  • jojo

    I would love to see something like this from Canon (and from Nikon and Sony too). But while the “sketches” seem plausible in many ways, is it likely that Canon would be changing their long established way of attaching straps?

  • animalsbybarry

    Considering the fact that no good long lenses are available for Sony mirrorless cameras, and many good long lenses are available for Canon….. If this camera can focus well with Canon long glass , and if Canon can finally build a sensor with good dynamic range, and 11 frames/second this might be a decent wildlife camera.

  • gasbubble

    It will be too late. Of the five photogs I’m friends with, zero are left on Canon. I was last to leave.

    • DKeane123

      I thought we were besties? Wow, what a way to find out.

      • PurpleHaze

        Fck you, you dumb fggot troll.

  • CaMeRa QuEsT

    This is basically the merging of the SL and high end M lines. Canon doesn’t do classic or retro (hasn’t since the New F1), and since this will replace the SL1, they have decided that it should look “cute”, too. As no EF-M lens to date has got weather sealing, I really doubt that this body will have any. The “pro” moniker will be a wide stretch for describing this camera.

  • Rick

    mmm my vote is on the AF Hybrid IV instead of DPAF.

    I’m still not sure canon can get battery management under control with DPAF. Consider the 80D with a LP-E6N battery only gets 300 shots in liveview mode.

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