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Price increase for Canon gear coming June 19 [CW4]

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As anticipated a month ago (though we were wrong on the exact date), Canon will raise prices for their products after June 19.

According to my information there will be a general price increase by 2.7% on all imaging products, with some exceptions. Six mid-range DSLR models will see an increase between 6% and 11.5%, and 38 lenses will increase between 11% and 12.7%.

Mail-in rebate schema may also change.

  • Tad Bootle

    Who cares, they can raise prices all they want, I won’t buy them ’til they come down.

  • Mr.Ota

    I guess is all due to the weak yen… :(

  • HowardLive

    Just got a refurbished 50mm f/1.4 for $250. I got mine!

    • You can’t beat Canon’s refurbished deals! I’ve bought several lenses and a 70D that way. Full warranty and no problems. The best times to buy are holiday events and around Christmas.

  • Wade Marks

    I get exchange rates, perhaps temporarily lower supply due to earthquake in Japan, etc…but it seems like an interesting business strategy to raise prices in a down market.

    Perhaps they think that either way their sales are limited, better to get more profit per sale. Perhaps even with the current discounts/ rebates, they aren’t seeing much action.

    But it just seems a bit odd.

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